good afternoon gentle readers.  its official, summer is over, im spending a lazy sunday afternoon schlepping around the house in my comfies and slippers (oh they feel so good) and there comes grumps with our first container of kerosene for the winter.  good thing i am totally stocked up on vodka, Kahlua white russian mix and kamora, just in case lol.

but how does all this fit in with the post title you ask?  well, its a long, well not really, drawn out saga that im finally able to process and put into words so i can move on and forward.  im generally an excellent judge of character, even with online personalities.  lets start with the online personality first.  i was friends with a woman for many years, someone i cared very much for so when she claimed that her husband was trying to kill her, i was ready to move heaven and earth to get her out of that relationship even though she lived in another state.  that didnt matter to me, a woman was being abused and i would do whatever i could to help.

she eventually divorced her husband because i told her that i didnt want to hear about it until she came to her senses and got him out of her life.  it took a while, but she finally made the decision to say goodbye to the relationship and i was thrilled.  my friend was safe.

however, karma being what it is, i came to find out that she had been arrested twice for domestic abuse – SHE was doing the abusing, not the men in her life.  for all i know, she could have been abusing her husband (i did hear how she talked to him while being on the fone with her and was not impressed – if i spoke that disrespectfully to my husband, i would be deserving of a serious tongue lashing to say the least).  i came to the realization that i had been conned, in many ways.  lesson learned – or so i thought.

so – my friend and i joined a local exercise club on the recommendation of a friend of my friend.  im loving it – circuit training and i keep the cardio high between machines.  but thats not what this is about, technically.  i pick up my friend, stop at her friends house to get her and off to the club we go.  now we begin to hear tales about her om. (old man for those who dont speak biker).  he treats her like dirt, wont fix her car, keeps her under control, can i take her to the bank after work out, sure no problem.  then one day we showed up and she’s got a black eye.  uncool.  apparently they got into a fight and he punched her.  my friend and i were floored – how can you put up with this – apparently this is not the first time.  blahblahblah. ok we left it at that.

we’re on my second week at the club and she asked if i could take her to the doc/surgicenter so she could get cortisone shots for her back.  uh – ok but im thinking why isnt her om doing this.  she said she told her om she’s got someone to take her.  now im getting really wiggy feelings about this whole situation but i push them aside.  however, for the 3 days prior to this, she had been telling me and my friend that she wanted to leave but had nowhere to go, then one night her om punched her in the face at the local convenience store,  my friend went to get her and she slept on my friends couch.  after exercise one day we stopped up at hte local bar et voila – we got her a place to stay – rent free and the use of a car until her car was fixed, we had arranged that as well.   my friend and i can work miracles when necessary.

so i take her to the surgicenter and spent the afternoon there with my friend waiting for her to get her shots.  still that nagging feeling in the back of my mind, something just isnt right but i couldnt put my finger on it.  we get her home (she swore that her om would take great care of her, he’s done it before when she’s had the cortisone shots) and home we go.  later that night, she txted my friend to ask her to bring duct tape for the boxes, apparently something had happened when she was incapacitated.

my friend and i were at her apt at 9.30am and ready to get moving.  she wasnt dressed and was acting all wishy washy about it so i sat her down and told her just what happens on the abuse path and she said lets do it.  im making boxes, my friends filling them up and i’m carrying them out to my truck (im a professional packer after taking minime to camp and college).  my only question was Is there a gun in the house?  yes.  (oh fuck was my first thought) ammo?  no.  good.  my friend and i already had contingency plans in place just in case her om showed up.  we get my truck  loaded and were out of there by 10.30 (damn we’re good lol).  all we were waiting for was her soon to be roommate to get home so we went out for brunch.  finally my friend gets the roommate on the fone who said come on over lets get her stuff in.

so off to the roommates we go and had her unpacked and stacked in her room in 10 min.  she and her roommates were already good friends which helped.  all she had to do was take care of the house in exchange for her room and board.  not a bad deal dontcha think?

so my friend and i leave and we decided a drink was in order, it was one of those days.  we stop at the local watering hole and not 10 minutes later, our friends walked in the bar.  sirens went off in my head.  she’s in pain from the shots the day before and moving yet shes at the bar?  and her om is sitting at the end of the bar.  serious sirens are screaming in my mind.  i looked at my friend and motioned with my head down the bar.  her eyes narrowed.  thats not a good sign for a woman who can beat the bumper off a cadillac.

the lady we just moved out started going down the bar and talking to her om.  we’re staying out of it.  whatever is going to happen is what is going to happen.   a little later my friend and i split for home, me thoroughly disgusted.  but a bit later my friend went back down to the bar.  and here is where the story gets really interesting and im really glad i wasnt at the bar that night.

apparently our “friend” had been going in and out of the bar with her om fighting outside all day/night.  at one point my friend went out to find out what was up and just walked away from it.  several other people did the same thing.  people who had been firmly on our friends side believing she was being abused by her om.  we come to find out that she is the one doing the abusing and her om was defending himself.  she even had the balls to come up between my friend and the lady who was taking her in and saying that they had given her more grief then her om ever had.  my friend said something because the lady taking her in is in poor health and the lady we were trying to help actually had the balls to get up in her face and said i aint afraid of you bitch.  now this lady is not someone you want to do that to, ever.  remember – she’s the one who beat the bumper off a cadillac.  my friend was shaking with rage but got up and went to the jukebox and the bartender came over to her and asked if she was ok.  she drank on the house the rest of the night because everyone knew what my friend and i had done for her and were conned big time.

suffice it to say, our now not friend left with her om that night. and her former roommate is yelling at my friend CALL JEN, CALL JEN (i could hear her in the background lol), which she did and told me  the entire story.  i actually had to pick my chin off the floor.  it apparently was a very ugly scene.  later our ex friend did have the dignity to call the lady who was going to put her up and apologize.  however, she called my friend to see if they were ok yet did not apologize to her at all and was brushed off.   the next day she came up to her at the bar to give her a hug which was quickly shot down.  i have yet to hear from her and if/when i do – my back to her.  she’s been to the club we all go to, but not at the same time as my friend and i.  if she does, it wont go well for her. at least inside the club. i will not sink to her level but i can do a great deal of damage just the same.

everyone one who goes to that particular watering hole no longer wants anything to do with her, or her om, but they will tell him they’re sorry for misjudging him due to her but thats it.  no one wants anything to do with them and the consensus is that she’ll kill him one night.

I should have listened to that voice inside that said jen… somethings not right, remember the last time?  i havent given that bitch the opportunity to screw me twice, and neither will i give this current bitch the opportunity to screw me twice.

but i will be more hesitant in the future to help someone out.  aw who am i kidding, i see someone down and in need of help – im the first one to reach out my hand no matter what.  those psychobitches couldnt change me – no one can.  i wont allow it.