keep my things they’ve come to take me home.  sometimes gentle readers, the title you intended to use just doesnt flow with what your listening to.  and boy do i love peter gabriel.  i can easily say the show i saw him do was one of the finest shows i ever saw.  i could go with rainy days and mondays always get me down considering i had my chiro appt this morning and seeing as its raining, been raining all night – i over slept and totally forgot about my appt.  there is nothing like having your doctor call, seeing the name on the caller id and going OMG I MISSED MY APPOINTMENT DIDNT I???  thank god they have a sense of humour and rescheduled me for 11.30.

i cant believe im sitting here listening to the carpenters, but hey – i was raised in the 70’s.  i was a kid then at that time and the carpenters were a big hit then.  and if i sit here quietly enough, i can sing along with the song.  and it does go along with the smell of chili wafting through the house. if its cold and it rains, i make chili.  but i will NOT play the captain and tenille lol.  i do have some standards, few and far between but there they are lol.

ahh – another favorite just popped on cable music – supertramps school.  while i adore supertramp and roger hodgson, this is an area i prefer not to talk about.  the memories, while decades old, still are an open wound and some of the friends of my youth are long dead and missed dearly.  Gordon – i’ll always miss you.  always.  you will never know how much your suicide hurt me.

life ive found is a cruel mistress.  things will seem to be going along just fine then wham – out of nowhere comes the hurdle from hell.  kinda like yesterdays post.  and today i ran into that person at the club.  when i checked in, the owner nodded her head towards the circuits and i looked over.  i said is that her?  she said yes.  i said dont worry, i will NOT cause any trouble in here, i was raised better than that, you have nothing to worry about with me, and began my circuit paying absolutely no attention to her.  when we got to the part where we were basically across from each other she said something to the effect are we still friends?  now remember, i can not hear well – i have gone to entirely too many concerts, i have permanent hearing loss to a certain degree.    i looked at her dead in the eye and said to her:  you have ceased to exist for me, my back to you.  i then turned my back on her and continued my cardio as that is where i was on the circuit.  she threw some kind of hissy fit (i refer you to the previous sentence lol) and went to the owner blahblahblah and left.  after she was gone, the owner came up to me (she already knew the truth of the matter from us from last week) and told me that she was bitching about fair weather friends and other things i couldnt hear clearly (the music is loud in the club).  i told the owner exactly what i told psychobitch.  she no longer exists for me.  i dont need that kind of drama in my life, but i was worried that she would do something to larry.  she went out and checked, larry was fine.  when i left, i checked all 4 tires, just the same.

i had an errand to run so i stopped at a local grocery store for chili fixins lol and decided i was hungry so off to the local watering hole i go cause tim makes AWESOME sausage egg and cheese sammiches on a toasted muffin and i figured it would go down nicely with a drink lol.  oh god, a sucky eagles song.  sigh.  some friends were there who knew the scoop where there and naturally its the talk of the bar/town.  i told my one bud that im going to ask butch how long i’ll be flagged if she starts shit with me in there.  i just want to know how long which will be my deciding factor.  she’s not a good drunk hence the fighting with her om.  my bud started laughing and said you wont be flagged.  it helps when your well liked and respected by everyone at the bar lol.  to date, neither my friend nor i have received an apology for what she’s done and put us thru.  and im not expecting one.  had she any decency, that would have been the first thing out of her mouth to me and my friend.

but enough of the rantings of a lunatic mind.  its still raining and it sucks.  my chili awaits the peppers and mushrooms that go with it and i have plenty of colby or cheddar cheese to top it off with.  my my hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay.  its better to burn out, than to fade away.  thats always been my inner mantra.  how i segued from chili to neil is beyond my comprehension.   no – its not.  music is and always will be my first love.  i could be in the middle of this sentence and a great tune will come one and i will instantly change direction.

i have forgotten how much i enjoy writing.  that month i took off was a much needed break, i had a lot going on and still do, but at least im writing again.  aw c’mon not aerosmiths sweet emotion.  gimme something good, like back in the saddle, lord of your thighs – anything but sweet emotion.  Get your wings is my all time favorite aerosmith album and i’ve been known to use “well well lordy my god what do we have here” when checking out an interesting specimen of alphamalehood.  mmmm tasty.  ive actually told a local ph to take his time walking out of the bar so i could enjoy the view.  talk about a belly laugh lol.  but he did… 😉

it was a nice segue to the bands up on cripple creek, but im not going to search for the tune as im getting ready to wrap this up.  i still have peppers and shrooms to cut up for the chili.  perhaps i’ll make the texas toast i have in the freezer.  that should go well with the chili.

if only i could get the dogs from trying to kill me, life would be a tad less interesting.  a large black dog who likes to lay in the shadows…. and a small white one who lays where your attempting to put your feet so as not to fall, life is interesting in this house – but i wouldnt have it any other way.  i’ve got a man who loves me for me and stood by me when things were bad for me and we’ve been together 15 or 16 years now.  i have two of the most magnificent kids a mother could ask for.  to quote joe walsh, lifes been good to me so far.