are what you are or what? to continue quoting edie brickelle, im not aware of too many things, i know what i know if you know what i mean.  and to take it even further, its good to be the king… 😉

oh how i wish i had the drawing abilities of hyberbole and a half, what is quite frankly, one of the funnier blogs on the net.  but alas, i dont, or i just am too lazy to get the software, learn how to use and and add them into the stories of my sordid past (my character assassinations are usually directed inward as i had a lot of fun, which is not to say you shouldnt have a lot of fun either, just not the way i had it).  and then there is what is possibly my all time favorite blog – sleeptalkinman.  god bless adam and karen.  i simply have to buy the shirt that says:  Your Blue Sky Thinking is Blighted with Dark Clouds of Piss Poor Ideas.  outstanding.  how can someone not like that?

and my pal’s favorite:  Gin helps, everything.

please understand, they are much funnier when your on sleeptalkingman actually listening to adam speak aloud his sleeptalking. he is truly funny as hell.  and god bless karen for being an insomniac like me but having a captive sleeptalker, a computer with autorecord and a helluva sense of humor.   if only grumpy talked in his sleep…. but no, i get the vietnam flashbacks and occasional kicks and punches lol.  it breaks my heart however, not just for me, but for the other army wives whos had husbands come back from combat, be it in the jungles or desert and suffering from ptsd and not being able to get any help or the help they get is halfassed like it was when tom got back from nam.  i understand its better now to a degree but still, my heart goes out to our Soldiers who suffer.

i’ve been enjoying the afternoons after workout at the maple with pat – when we’re done our workout, i find my self to be RAVENOUS and a blt is just what the doctor ordered.   monday’s is dottie smoothie day which is always fun as i enjoy dottie and jbirds company very much – and tom bought dot’s sporty when we hooked up.  we rode the shit out of that bike for a good 5 years.  tom didnt realize how ridiculous we looked on that bike with my knees up by my ears until he saw a pic of us.  after that, every 20 min he would stop so i could get off the bike and stretch.  i never told him how much it hurt to ride back there lol.  but ride that bike we did and we found every back road in chesco and lanco lol along with what turned into my cheers – the wayside.  hell i remembering an afternoon of riding when in doubt go left, when in doubt go right and next thing we knew, we were on a dirt amish road with no idea of where it went, did it go all the way thru – where the hell were we and it was sunday go to meeting for the amish and they were all outside playing volleyball and watching us ride by.  it was a big meetin…

hmmm mebbe i’ll work on putting pictures up here first.  lets see… k, not gonna work this time. next time perhaps.  i have found what is going to be the most utlimate christmas present for my best friend.  and no, im not going to tell you kdkd.  you’ll just have to wait and find out like everyone else does on their christmas morning lol.

hmm.  620  words.  well more now than that but are they the right words.  are they in the right order.  does it really matter?  this is just a blog and its mine and this is how my mind works.  i guess its a good thing i didnt go into writing like everyone said i should have done.  and i think its fortunate that i did not end my last sentence with a preposition or my pal would have apoplexy.  if my attorney father couldnt beat grammar into me in my formative years, what makes her think she can teach me grammar?  does she not realize i could care less?  im fairly certain you all who read my blog can figure it out.   its a blog about nothing in particular, a walk down memory lane before i forget my memories completely, the story of jen.  harsh at times, snarky as hell at others, and if you are demented like me, it’ll be a whole lotta fun.

and seein as tomorrow is bobby’s birthday, i’ll bring you shakedown street tonight but tomorrow’s always gonna be i need a miracle every day….. God Bless the Grateful Dead!

Happy birthday Bobby!!!!