oooooooooo i got a blister on my foot, ooooooooo, in the city, OOOOOOO.  lol.  i was fortunate enough to spend a day in the city with some very good friends of mine last weekend.  two of those friends of mine i only knew from online (one i had never posted with at all lol) and one is my best bud online and off.  but we had planned this trip for some time – to do the constitution center tour which included the American Soldier tour and a lot of olde city tours.

so let me start this from the beginning which leads to the blister on my toe.  i had set my alarm for 6.30am which would give me PLENTY of time to get up, have a leisurely cuppa or two before getting a shower, taking my time blowdrying my hair, having another cuppa, carefully choose my outfit (one must look thier best when meeting new people) and get my sneaks on as this was a whole day of walking.

the music of my alarm goes off and i hit the mute button.  or so i thought.

i wake up, stretch and look at the clock.  7.30 OHMYGOD covers flying i leapt out of bed and all but jumped into the kitchen to inhale a cuppa as im taking the 9.04 train out of PAOLI which is a good40 minuets away.  to make the train, i have to leave no later than 8.15!!!  as im inhaling the coffee i notice my beloved sitting on the couch – WHY DIDNT YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER?????  he ever so sweetly said i tried to wake  you up at 6am.  BULLSHIT MY ALARM WAS SET FOR 6.30, DIDNT 7AM, MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?  but running around like a chicken with its head cut off i was, took the fastest shower in all of history, blew dry my hair and managed to have a good bang day and dumped a half a can of hair spray on as i was looking good, it was going to be windy and there was no way in hell i was letting this good bang day go to waste.

ive got seconds to go and i look at the clock, my sneaks and my clogs.  clogs it is and i kiss my beloved and i ran out the door – see ya sometime tonight babe – have fun he hollers back and be careful!!!!  i get into larry and made a new landspeed record from my home to the paoli train station, with 2 minutes to spare. VICTORY!!!!

the train ride was a study of the life of jen, walking down memory lane as each station rolled by.  Paoli and beck and mert, bedoin my old stompin grounds, strafford, wayne, villanova – all have their places in my memories.  i remember when they were making the movie aw crap, brain freeze (probably because its a tom cruise flic) that was set at the valley forge military academy they were shooting a scene in downtown wayne and a bunch of friends and i went to watch the filming.  no one was in it – it was just where the train rolls by.  mebbe someone was in it, im not sure but the director was a jackass lmsao.  and here’s a shout out to piece of pie pizza shop.  excellent pizza.  right on rt 30 – excellent.  i got married to my ex at wayne presbyterian church (i waited for the ground to open up and for me to fall into the pits of hell – or better yet, my ex but alas, no such luck lol) but its a gorgeous church nonetheless.

but the stations flew by each with their memories and before i knew it i was at market east station – my stop.  fortunatly its in the galleria mall so as soon as i got outta the station and into the mall i found the nearest coffee kiosk, which, naturally was a starbucks.   now i have a starbucks prejudice and said look – all i want is a cuppa coffee.  would it kill you to give me just a cuppa?  the barrista was sweet and gave me a nice hot cuppa.  aaahhhhhhh. coffee……  so i go out up to 6th and market and walk down to the constitution center where we’re meeting up.

now im at the entrance trying to explain to the gentlemen that a bunch of us are meeting up before we enter the exhibits and i have to find my friends, here search my purse, but please, allow me into the lobby.  he did and i called my friend lisa whom i have never met lol.  apparently im on one side of the lobby, she’s on the other and as we’re walking towards the middle we see each other on the fone talking to each other and i holler MARCO!  and we ran to each other for a great big hug.  i swear, it felt like we have been friends for ever and we just hadnt seen each other in ages and had picked up right where we left off.  Now we’re waiting for tony and derb.

so let me try to put in a pic of me sitting outside the constitution center prior to going in and see if it works









for shits and giggles

holy crap, i can figure out how to insert pictures (im editing, they dont fit two up)!  and the crowd goes wild!!!  now understand, the weather was to be 64 and WINDY so im wearing my full length leather as i abhor the cold lol so thats what im sitting on on the bench there and the hairy eyeball..  note please, the clogs…..

finally, sign and derb get there and i got to meet sign and again, it was like meeting an old friend who i havent seen in ages and we picked up where we left off.  so we pay for our tickets to the exhibit (American Soldier) and in we went.  Now note- they plainly state NO PICTURES.  do we listen, uh no.  we wouldnt be us if we listened lmsao.  but the exhibit was informative and an artists rendition of combat as during most wars, with the exception of the Korean war i beleive, the army sent artists into combat to record what they saw.  what they saw in some scenes were heart breaking, some were at times fairly funny and to find that the artist who did Sad Sack (for those of you old enough to remember that cartoon in the sunday paper) did many of the art for WW2.  along with, if im not mistaken (and im sure it will be pointed out) the artist who did peanuts.

after the tour of the american soldier, we had a few minutes to spare (or so we thought) until the next exhibit and god bless sign, he smokes so out the door we went.  It is so nice to have a smoking buddy lol.  we finished our smoke and attempted to go back in the door we went out of – no suck luck, the button apparently was disabled. uh oh – we’re screwed.  we had to run all the way around the constitution center to get back in, showing our band and ticket and ran into the next exhibit which was naturally dark.

MARCO…….. POLO!  we knew where to look lol (remember this, it is a recurring theme).  we sat thru that exhibit, what it was im not sure – most likely a history of how our country started but i found it to be very informing and interesting.  so we’re done the events and did the tour of the rest of the center, which was neat – a couple exhibits allowed you to leave notes, one was send a letter to a soldier, which i left for a soldier, God Bless Our Troops.  A couple others, if they can be traced back to me, might get me locked up lmsao.  they were politically motivated.  nuff said lmsao.  then we headed into what can only be termed as the representation of the signing of the Declaration of Independence – lifesize bronze statues of all the signers.  methinks you may enjoy this… ;P

heh  heh  heh

so we then headed to Christs Church cemetery where Ben Franklin is interred. I hadnt been there since i was a kid so it was neat seeing it all again.  but it was sad as well as so many of the tombstones had eroded away so you had no idea who was buried there.  a few had been restored but the majority had faded with time.  Now as we did this trip a week ago today, my minds memories are a tad faded so bear with me.  Somewhere along this line we did the betsey ross house which was really neat (again, i havent done this since i was a child and my perceptions of it have changed now that im 6 foot tall and bullet proof).  the stairs sucked, i believe derb and i both commented that we would fall down the stairs on a regular basis if we lived back in those times.  They did note that the ceilings were built low – not because the people of the time were shorter as they were not, but because it was easier to heat.  interesting.

Im fairly certain that after betsey rosses house that we decided we were FAMISHED and decided we needed to eat.  We asked someone for a recommendation and went in search of it but then found this absolutely awesome little restaurant around 4th and market i believe. Cant remember the name naturally but the food and service was fantastic.  I had my first taste of a dirty martini (which was very tasty) and since this place didnt carry yukon jack (uh HUH?) i had a beautifully prepared mudslide. allow me to show you my drink with home made bread with an awesome oil and vinegar dip.  Next is me holding my drink with a lovely shot of my engagement ring, its dark but i have a good man and in the light, it grabs it and shoots sparks in every direction.

Drink with awesome bread and oil and vinegar..mmmmmmdrinks and rocks

and last but not least – here is a pic of the most fabulous chicken pesto paninni i have ever had!

you know who this is for...

we dont buy our own jewelry

after an awesomely good meal and exceptional treatment from our waitress we meandered forth looking for a specific church that was on signs list of places to see, apparently it was filmed in the movie the 6th Sense (i dunno, i never watched it).  we walked what felt like MILES lol to find the church to be closed.  i did offer to break down the door so sign could go in and take all the pics he wanted but they nixed that lol.  but we walked all around the church nonetheless to see if ANY door was open.  i was sort of taken aback by a church that was closed. thats never been a part of my experience – churches have always been open, but then again, i live in the country not the city…

then it was time to walk down to ellsworth alley???? (i think thats what its called).  in the following pic you will see how tired i am starting to get lol and most of it is because of, wait for it…… my feet.  again, i do not recommend a walking tour in clogs.

who's who???



im getting tired lol

after touring ellsworth alley we took a very.long.walk. to penns landing so sign could get a looksee at the river, one of the navy’s ships and then trying to figure out if that was the ben franklin bridge (it was, i know that damn bridge by heart lol) and the tweeter, now susquehanna center across the river in camden.  I think sign liked it even though there was nothing going on, its still neat to walk down there.  i told him about how Rolling Thunder has their POW/MIA rally every year that starts out in my area and rides down to the landing with all roads blocked by the state police and its incredible to see all the bikes lined up down front street and then to listen to the speeches from Vets about how we should NEVER FORGET OUR VETS WHO ARE STILL MIA!!!  that is one of very few causes that i wholly support.  along with the Patriot Guard.  but thats for another post.

by now, my feet are telling me they are never going to forgive me for this day as we have to walk UP a crapload of stairs lol and it is getting fairly late in the afternoon and we decided it was time for dessert at the hard rock cafe which happened to be right at my train station.  which was a good oh, say 6 – 8 blocks of walking. i didnt really mind, walking is good exersise and sometimes i do enjoy being downtown.  but thats few and far between and i dont plan on going downtown again for a loooooong time lol.  but it did bring back many memories of my youth and i would have had a heart attack had i ran into seth and frankie again.  oh how much do i miss them.  i was telling my friends stories of my youth hanging downtown in independence park after school, chillin at the galleria – the fun stuff.  we did try to make it to reading terminal market but it closes at 6 and we didnt make it there on time.  thats another trip as reading terminal ROCKS!!!!

so to the hard rock we go and we were seated immediatly which was a shock.  as we were doing desserts, we were served quickly as well, but i still cant wrap my head around a key lime pie served in a shot glass.  a plate yes, shot glass no.  but it was still one of the best pieces of key lime pie outside of what my aunt mary used to make.   so we inhaled our desserts to give us energy to move lol and off we went to my train station.  the only hitch – the NBPP was staging outside the galleria.  this is slightly out of order so forgive me = this happened on our way to the hard rock.  but i wont go into it as i am not easily intimidated and one or two of those punks tried their intimidation factor on me and i gave it right back.  took a couple steps towards them, stood up straight in my black leather trench coat and crossed my arms in front of me – mirroring them but i also projected the fact that i am 10 foot tall and bulletproof. the little fucker caved after a few but derb came and grabbed me and pulled me away lol.  it came very close to being ugly.  i’ll leave it at that. but dessert was fabulous and it was time to head to the train station.  Saying goodbye to my friends was bittersweet- ive made new old friends and had had a simply fantastic day with them.  I am looking forward to doing this again with them – hopefully when its warmer lol. and im wearing sneaks.

i managed to make the 6.40 train somehow – it was late – go figure lol and again, the memories came flying back – the times when the trains had a smoking car and all the times going to concerts the smoking car was full to standing room only and thick with, uh, smoke, yeah, thats what it was. and my poor tootsies were crying, especially the blister that popped under my big toe.  again, walking tour of the city is not recommended in clogs lmsao.  finally the train made it back to paoli and it was time to find larry and head home.  ahh homeward bound, i wish i was, homeward bound. home where my thoughts escaping, home where my musics playing, home where my love lies waiting silently for me.  i finally pull into my driveway, exhausted but happy.  happy that i spent an incredible day with my friends and eager to tell my beloved all about it.  derb, lisa, sign – i would like to thank you for showing me a wonderful day downtown in philly.  it is a day i will never forget and they are memories i am happy to add to the file in my graymatter.