i slowly close my eyes…protect the ones who hold you, cradling your energy. i need serenity.  good lord gentle readers how i just adore sully. i dont know what it is with little guys but man they do it for me lol.  and sully’s got it goin on.  i was talking  with lips about this – im 6foot and dig shorter men, she;’s 5’3 and digs men my height or taller lol.  its amusing how things work out like that. but i just wanna crawl all over sully lol.  i wouldnt know what to do with a man my height lmsao.

bummer, tunes over.  perhaps i’ll hit reply or choose another godsmack tune as that seems to be the mood im in. i have NO smokes, i am very displeased about that so my music generally reflects my moods. such as they may be from time to time, day to day, and at times minute by minute – ah doobies – gotcha! i actually prefer the doobies pre michael but you get what you get.  but these are the tunes of my youth and they still rock today.

i was sitting here a few minutes ago, freezing my ass off for about 2 hours when it struck me- turn on the heater dumbass lol.  its getting nice and warm in here now. but oh the oil bills….so far we’ve been able to make 200 gallons last 2+months so we normally only get 2 deliveries which in this economy is a very good thing. ive budgeted it in the books and sigh. i knew i was coming.  but perhaps i should have put socks on along with my slippers….   :/

slight intermission while kilo demands my full attention lol.

still waiting (the paw of demand)… and while i was giving kilo my full attention (which he makes sure of by pulling my arm over with his leg to where he wants to be scratched) the pez, our westie with separation anxiety issues came over and wanted loves too.  other than my beloved and my brats, my dogs are my life.  but mommy loves kilo most and he knows it.  right now his head is laying across my left arm.  i think he’s reading what im writing.  i wouldnt put it past him – he does watch tv and the day he annihilated my bible is a day i’ll never forget.  we think he got to Deuteronomy and read something he didn’t like and then methodically ripped each page into thirds.  every page.  thirds.  it was EVERYWHERE.  i have never seen such a mess.

Mommy's baby

aka the heinous hound

But this is my Kilo, mommy’s baby.  He gets so upset when daddy comes home and hugs mommy lol.  growl growl growl and i have to go over to ki and tell him that mommy loves kilo more than daddy, more than minime, more than manchild, more than pez and bones, mommy loves kilo more than anything in the whole wide world.  he gets happy after that lol because he gets his treats.  but you can see what a huge hound we have.  if it was up to him, he would take up the entire sofa. i have to remind him that everyone, including him, gets only one seat per couch.  and then i get the equivelant of the dog raised eyebrow.

please, if it didnt work with my sons blue eyes, do you really think its gonna work with you kilo?? but sadly he’s a runner so i have to put him out on a lead for him to do his business and to just hang outside. he LOVES early spring and fall – he will NOT come in until he feels like it so i leave him out there lol.  pez has developed the same trait – but niether dog likes the heat. at all. period.  they go out, do their thing and are banging on the door in what seems like seconds. and now i can post the pic of ki and the pez, back when the pez was still a little pez lol.

mommy's babies The pez was a little pez when this was taken and the look on ki’s face is priceless.  its as if he is sighing at the intruder on his back lol.  when we initially got the pez, we thought that he would be a companion dog to Kilo.  its the other way around, ki is pez’s dog lol.  but there is no greater life than a life with dogs and i dont trust anyone who doesnt like dogs.

then there are the people who are too stupid to have dogs much less breed.  last week as i was going to get smokes, i see a dog on the side of the hill all caught up in the trees/brush.  i hollered across the road to see if anyone was there – nothing.  so… i go get my smokes and pull right into the driveway.  i pounded on the door – no answer.  i pounded on the next door and was told that the dog belonged to the neighbors and they werent home. i looked at him and just said rescue mission.

so i walk along the fence to where it ended and then climbed behind it moving brush and trees out of my way, hoping to god that this wasnt a biter.  i slid down the hill and made my way to him – lick lick love love is what i got.  i scout out the chain and he’s hooked around a tree.  so i grab his collar hoping he’ll stay put, unhook the chain and yanked it as hard as i could to me and got it right back on.  he started climbing back up and was stuck again.  im scrambling up the hill and see the next tree he was hooked on.  i couldnt move the tree down enough to move the chain over it or break it so grab the collar again i did, unhook the chain and with another heave, get the chain to me still hoping this dog wont make a break for it or bite.  that was it and off he went back around the fence.  im climbing back up to the top of the hill and im hoping again, Lord – please dont let this dog be a biter or protector of property.  the pup was waiting for me still on this side of the fence and as i got close up he jumped nad i got all sorts of loves.  im fairly sure he was a pitbull and i do NOT like pits.  but i gave him lots and lots and lots of loves and made my way out of his chain length.  it didnt occur to me later = what kind of asshole puts a dog on a say 30 foot chain with a 15 foot fence???  and then i thought, why didnt i fix the chain so it didnt happen again?

my good deed for the day done – i was off to enjoy the day. and then in true socially unattractive fashion, you get the post from about 2 days ago that no good deed goes unpunished lol.  i swear that tree jumped right out behind me. and thats all i have to say about that.  other than only me lmsao.

i am still smokeless and im getting antsy. this is not good.  i need godsmack – it puts the antsies away – and i dedicate this to suzanne....better fuckin go away. im doin the best i ever did ((much better than you bitch) better fucking go away), im doing the best that i can (better fucking go away), im doing the best i ever did now go away!!  it so fits her – and my mood cause i dont have smokes and suzanne….   i wanna kill, i wanna see blood n gore n guts, veins in my teeth,beat dead burnt bodies, KILL! God bless Arlo Guthrie.  I have been lucky enough to see him several times in concert, but i ‘ve never seen him to Alice.  I HAVE seen the story of the pickle though.  This is a must see please video.  Its the motorcycle song (story of my life) but here he explains the significance of the pickle.  and as im sitting here listening to this vid, it just brings back so many wonderful and fun memories.  i turned on all my friends to arlo – and within a week i guess we had that entire song down pat. oh ricks room.  the soundtrack to my life.

why cant i reach into a pocket and find a fivespot?  im not kidding here gentle readers, i am a starving writer and any donations to the cause of being socially unattractive would be appreciated.  then i can get a better cellfone that takes better pics and video and can then post all the wonderful and embarrassing things that go on around me. i could show you telegraph road which, during peak fall season is so pretty it takes my breath away -= and then during that first quasi heavy snow – it literally glitters over and around you. i so wish i could share all this with you.  but we’ve just past all hallows with no issues and now its going to start getting cold. sigh.  i dont like the cold.

hmm i want chicken quesadilla’s (or however thats spellled lol).  now thats a helluva way to end a blog lol.  have an excellent day and dont forget – be socially unattractive!!   its ever so much fun <sseg>