to feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow…  that gentle readers is the opening act of Roger Waters, The Wall tour. forgive me please, but i had to watch the video again to relive those few completely and utterly glorious hours of my life.  i waited patiently (or as patiently as i can possibly be) for the couple of months that we had the tickets for the show but this last week, the excitement grew exponentially by leaps and bounds – I WAS GOING TO SEE THE WALL!!!!  and i drove my friend pat absolutly nuts with my countdown – and omg i’m going to see the wall, im going to see the wall and all my friends at the bar were subjected to the same abuse – im going to see the wall, im going to see the wall lol.  and the countdown T-5 etc lol.

finally it was D-Day and logistics had to be ironed out as i was going with my best buds who live north of me – should they come get me from here, should i ride up to their place, but seeing that we were on a mission from God the logistics worked perfectly – my buddy rick came and got me and was finally able to meet my beloved who had heard stories of my best friend of my youth!  He even told him he was Legend in this house lol.  we split back to ricks place, stopping only to get a six of golden monkey beer giving ricks fiancee cath time for a power nap.  and on the way we were telling stories of our youth and how much crap we put tone thru – and laughing uproariously – i mean by the time we got to ricks place, they have a 3rd floor apt and we were laughing so hard and loud cath knew we were back lol.  i had tears running down my face i was laughing so hard.

we hang at rick and caths place and i tried on of those beers (which can be purchased at the Victory Brewing Co in Downingtown pa) and for someone who doesnt drink beer, it was very good!  it time to split the mission from God has begun.  we gave ourselves PLENTY of time to get there and had a gps system but somehow we managed to get stuck on backroads.  time ticking away and im praying PLEASE LORD DONT LET US MISS THIS!!!!

boom – we’re on 422 and only had  a few slow ups.  get cath to 95 north and i told her to feel free to floor it, there was no traffic.  till our exit naturally.  tick tick tick and we’re quasi freaking lol.  finally get to the whatever name they’re calling it now center’s parking!  YIPPEE WE’RE HERE till we find out parkings $15!  i gave cath a $20 and said lets find a spot!!!  i seem to remember parking only being $10 but that was 30 years ago lol.

we’re blazing a path to the guess the name center, get in and for the first time in my concert going life, i was not searched!!!  shocked. shocked i say! but hey – lets go lets go lets go. i check the entrance we came in so i know where to get out and see we need to go upstairs – and fortunatly the stairs were right ahead and our seats were only 4 blocks away!  we even managed to get in and out of the ladies room in record time.  im tellin ya – again – in 30 years and a new and ‘Improved” center – they provided for the ladies in the ladies room lol.

cath and i get out and find our section and rick goes in search for a beer.  i told cath – im going to our seats – im not missing a damn thing lol and she said im right behind you, but this way, rick knew where to come back to after waiting for a year for a $13.50 beer!!!!

queue vid 1 – above.  when i wasnt singing and chair dancing, air guitaring,  my jaw was on the floor.   and i have to say – in 30 years, the crowd has improved (or mebbe we grew up a bit lol).  everyone was in their seats, staying in their seats – i believe it was because they didnt want to miss one iota of the show.  im going to skip a tune or two but when another brick in the wall came on….oh my fucking god.  as you can see, they”re building the wall behind  them and in the moon, stats of soldiers lost were portrayed.  it was amazing yet watching the stats brought tears to my eyes.  not for the first time during the show either.  im skipping ahead to good bye blue sky.  wow “Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs?
Did you ever wonder why we Had to run for shelter when the Promise of a brave, new world Unfurled beneath the clear blue sky?”   holy shit this tune gave me the goosebumps.  that was followed by the all time classic happiest days of our lives... <seg>

roger then followed with mother, but with a brief explanation that he would try to sing it as more enlightened now then he was as a narcissistic youth.  this tune has always ripped me to shreds.  except for brief shouts from the stadium, you could almost hear a pin drop.  he did it basically acoustically and it was so fucking good i could barely stand it.  just swaying in my seat, playing my guitar, head dancing and in another world entirely.

after mother, he sequed into Empty Spaces; What shall we do now; Young Lust. HOLY SHIT!  the wall is almost completely built and the videos are freaking outstanding!!!   what was really cool is the fact that roger incoroprated parts of the movie The Wall into the show.  notice how the wall is nearing completion but not quite yet…. and then One Of My Turns comes on.  wowowowowowowow.  parts of the Wall movie are playing and  if you look closely at the vid, you can see them putting up the Wall…  why are you running away????  sigh.

im skipping the next tune for Another Brick In The Wall 3 and ya damn right im spliffin and singing and dancing my ass off!!!  the Wall is now completely built. The videos shown were spectacular and the wall now begins to fall away…  goodbye cruel world, im leaving you today, goodbye good bye, good bye.  good bye, cruel world, there’s nothing you can say, to make me change my mind, good bye.  wow.

Hey you, out there in the cold getting lonely getting old will you feel me?  if you havent figured it out by now, this was a phenomenal concert – quite frankly the best concert i have EVER seen and i have seen well over 100 concerts.  Im a pro.  I know whats good, i know what sucks and i know whats really bad.  Roger – damn son you did an amazing  job.  im writing this 2 days later and i still ache from the chair dancing, singing, occasional screaming and just the fact that i am seeing something i would have killed to see 30 years ago.  Notice the Wall is built again..  Together we stand, divided we fall…

This was a fantasic sight song – Nobody Home, Vera and Bring the Boys Back and jeez – the video was amazing.  the guys audio isnt the greatest but holy crap the video!!!!!!!  During Nobody Home, EVERYONE was singing along, completely in unison.  During Vera – when the little girl started crying at the sight of her daddy who’s come home from the war and surprised her at school made me, and probably everyone cry along with cheering!

naturally the song sequed (i really like that word) to my favorite state of mind  Comfortably Numb and naturally EVERYONE sang along in unison  one neat little tidbit, roger wrote this tune in philly when he was sick on tour.  cool stuff.  i had my friend take a pic of me with my camfone which takes shitty pics of me simply titled HAPPY! as i was VERY happy at this time. and chair dancing and air guitaring. i was so in my element, a place where i havent been in 15 years.  the coolest thing about everyone singing along with the songs is that we didnt overpower roger – the respect was evident.

We then turn to The Show Must Go On, In The Flesh, Run Like Hell. wow wow wow.  lol im sure you can tell by now that i am basically giving you a blow by blow video of the concert for those of you who missed the event of the millennium.  I loved his leather trench coat.  Are there any queers in the theater tonight,put him up against the wall…Get them all! There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me, Get him up against the wall!
Get them all!  That one looks Jewish!  And that one’s a coon!   Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?  There’s one smoking a joint, And another with spots!  If I had my way, I’d have all of you shot!  OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!!!!  and Run Like Hell was for all us paranoids out there lol.  and again, another most freaking awesome video show on The Wall.  YOU’D BETTER RUN!!!

Followed by Waiting for the Worms, The Trial, Outside the Wall.   this is a 14 min vid so expect delays while it loads – but its worth the wait!  but at the end, the Wall was torn down, exposing pink to the world he built the wall up to escape from. i cant say it enough, this was the best concert if have ever seen, worth the wait, worth everything.  Roger Waters – i simply can not thank you enough for the most memorable night of my life.

All in all we’re just bricks in the wall…..