and id like to change my life and you know i would just to be with you tonight baby if i could, but i got my job to do and i do it well so i guess that’s how it is.  its a quiet night gentle readers and i was in a chicago state of mind earlier along with roger hodgson easy does it / sister moonshine and im listening to it again now.  he is aging well for slightly older than my generation lol.  roger is such a wonderful singer/songwriter – why cant there be more like him?

cause the more i look at him i realize he is so TOTALLY my type and if you put him in black leather, id be lost.  lost in a total world of lust and fantasy and you add a harley – and well im sure you can imagine the rest <seg>.

but the question is oh no your not coming on next asshole what tune do i want to listen to to put me in the mood to talk.  i wish there was a random ah ah- hold on. thank god for pandora radio.  good stuff.  the current tune playing  is converted by a3 (alabama 3).  good band. i have this as my a3 channel and it gives me not only a3 but other artist in this same genre but there is only one genre for a3 and that’s their own loll.  next tune i want all of you by the verve pipe.  hmm.  not sure if it works for me. done with it.

next tune more like it – aint no rest for the wicked money dont grow on trees by cage the element.  now thats in interesting band name. wonder how they came up with it.  they actually caged the elephant?  did they have to tranq it?  hmm.   ahhh cool loser by beck.  i used to really like this tune and i still do but it annoys me  after a while now lol.  aaaaah a3 the Hypo Full of Love (the 12 step plan) just came on. this, next to the sopranos theme totally turned me onto them.

hmm white trash beautiful by everlast.  ive always dug everything he’s always done.  hes raw, puts it all out there, its a very good tune. but i sit here, while my beloved sleeps the sleep of a hard working man.  what else could a woman ask for?  i turn the lights low to keep costs down, turn on the bathroom, his night light lol and sit here and wonder.  oh how fucking awesome the mercy seat by johnny cash -the man in black.    ill never forget my parents taking me and my sisters to see johnny cash, the man in black live, first row seats at the valley forge music fair!. i remember him as being such a big man and was all in black and june’s hair – awesome.

i just dont have much to say today.  my life is currently uneventful which, and i state which is going to change drastically affording you, my gentle readers into the insanity that is my holiday season and how much i hate it.  you will get sick of me bitching about it. i dont give a fuck if you dont like me bitching about the dread cold for 10days in a row, move here and try it for your self.  i dare you .  i double dog dare you.   cause they’re saying its going to be the coldest in a very.long.time.  probably back from when the Themes froze in London several hundred years ago.  i know my leather wont be enough, its time my full length coat with the faux fur fully lined gets broken out. its a beautiful tan paisley which explains why its in mint condition lol.

but i will bitch about the consumerism, the kids, the old man, the dogs, the cat, having to write this blog, having to put on sox as soon as i get out of bed, grab my robe and put it on as i head to the kitchen.  the house is slightly warmer so you make your cuppa and head to the thermostat and turn up the heat (all the while watching dollar signs fly out the window), put down coffee cup so i can put 2 dogs on leads and put them out, noticing every day its a little colder and i think damn you fall. dam the falling of the leaves and the chilly weather that gets chillier every day.  i want 98 hazy hot and humid!

and with those thoughts in mind, i’ll leave you with jimmy buffetts cheese burger in paradise….