and no gentle readers, i am NOT going to lift the vid from the Sound of Music – which is amusing as the majority of my blog is musically oriented lol.  but that has been going thru my mind the last coupleafew days which tells me ITS BLOG TIME!

what to say, what to do, what to post, where to begin lol.  hmmm – i guess i’ll start at my favorite watering hole.  my bff and i go there after we work out to have something to eat and just hang with our friends for an hour or two.  the best part about it is that i never have to worry about getting punched in the face like a psychotic sociopath i know lmsao – mainly because i know how to treat people.  we all know she instigated it but we dont hold it against her, we just laugh at her, she’s quite laughable in more ways you can imagine.  but the song Bartender by Rehab is the quintessential bar tune and every time  someone puts it on the jukebox, it just makes me giggle and the vid i posted does have a couple of edits but thats ok, they fit the song.   Well technically its not my bartune, my bartune is whiskey drinking woman – tom plays that everytime we go to our cheers bar.  why you ask?  i sit there and do shots of whiskey all night lmsao.  then start shooting pool.  Charlie Brown wont play me anymore….   =(  perhaps the last time i kicked his ass and did the L for loser on my forehead had something to do with it – but Charlie plays a damn good game and i like a guy who can give me a run for my money on the pool table. which makes me wonder  why do i shoot pool better after doing shots all night.  i could understand it when i was a teenager and being up for several days chemically speaking, then i’d run the table for hours.  but now – i guess i have whiskey balls – and i’ve got big balls lol.

I have been recently been turned onto Florence and the Machine Dog Days – and it so totally rocks i cant stand it.  Its a staple now at the bar thanks to megan lol and apparently is the theme tune to some new movie = hey, dont hold it against me, i dont watch movies.  im short attention span theatre thank you very much.  if its over an hour, forget it.    but this tune is a headbopper tune, of if you are my daughter you are called a headbobbler lol.  i must have taught the brat how to mock too well… *sigh*  but i wouldnt have her any other way.

I am still roger watering out – i am still blown away by the theatrics, the sound, the sights the entire fucking show.  i waited 30 years to see the wall and it was everything i wanted and then some.  my cam fone takes totally shitty pics but l dont think i can copy the pic from my social media site over to here – its a picture of me totally happy!!! that rarely happens, but there i was, with 2 of my bestest friends at the concert of a lifetime and so incredibly happy!!!

lets see if it works – you may have to manipulate your laptop to really get an idea of my pic lol:  it dont get much better than this! see i told you my cam fone takes crappy pics lol.  but again, these are a few of my favorite things and roger waters was one of my all time favorite things.  and lets see if anyone can pick out the incongruity of my pic……. <seg>

i have since found a new blog that i am totally enchanted by and linked to already – hyperbole and a half by allie bosch.  holy shit that woman is damn near my hero.  i wish i could draw like her much less write stories like her.  i used to write somewhat like that but got pulled away from that by things beyond my control but i think i will aim to get my writing back to my usual storytelling at times sarcastic and the occasional character assassination style (i have a couple of deserving targets) of writing.  its more fun with me.  although after reading parts of her bl0g, she’ll hate me because i dont capitalize, i rarely use apostrope’s etc – grammar isnt my strong point but at least i get the point across lol.  i wish i had her ability to edit my theme so that i can make my text box bigger.  mebbe i’ll play around with it one day and you’ll have no idea what happened to Socially Unattractive.  mebbe it’ll be the new and improved Socially Unattractive, mebbe it’ll be a screwed up Socially Unattractive – you never know where i’m concerned lol.

in case you noticed my tags, i added mockery to it – but that was solely due to the comment about getting punched in the face at the bar.  it actually happened to a most deserving c*nt.  but thats my slight bit of mockery for the day, i just wanted to let you know why mockery is tagged and were wondering where is she mocking anyone lol.

I got the good news about my dear friends C’s horse Zenith!   she’s gone thru the wringer with Zenith and FINALLY had someone give her the correct diagnosis rather than crudely insist on putting him down.  a broken pelvis!!!  so completely treatable and such a relief for my friend.  he’s on stall duty for 6 months while he heals and my dear friend is getting him toy’s to play with in his stall but in no time, Zenith will be back to his normal, if crafty self lol.  He’s a gorgeous horse and my dear friend introduced me to him – apparently he doesnt do many people well but horses, like dogs know their own kind and he allowed me to give him loves and nuzzles and rested his head on my shoulder.  what an amazing horse he is!!!

i would so like to post the pic of the tattoo i bought my son for his birthday (it is one of my favorite things) but due to the c*nt who got punched in the face at the bar because she instigated it, she and her friends monitor my blog (how pathetic is that) so i wont post a pic of either of my children.  she has an unhealthy obsession with minor boys so i’m keeping my sons tat to my self but damn boy – you did good.  your momma is very proud of you and how well you took it!  we’re considering (slightly) a family tat for christmas this year! lol.  again, favorite thing……  i know what i want, its a work of art by Bob Venosa from the book Manas Manna.  the books incredible in and of itself artwork notwithstanding.  what i want will make an excellent back piece.  and i will find a way to put ekto gamut somewhere… <seg>

i would also love to post the pic of minime from turkey day as she’s simply stunning but again, i dont want it lifted by those with agenda’s and jealousy.  or i could put code in it that would allow me to track it…. hmmm. thats a thought. <veseg> but christmas is coming up and i have a special gift for that someone special.  we’re planning on doing christmas at dot and jbirds – it doesnt get much better than that.  man can dot cook!!!!!  what makes this one of my favorite things is that she is patti’s husbands ex wife and we all get along so well.  mebbe cause we’ve grown past the bullshit that some people just cant get past.  the past is that, the past, and we love dot and jbird for who they are – simply and utterly wonderful people.

aw who am i kidding – we love our regulars at the bar as if they were family.  i know that if i am the recipient of unwanted attention,  if i cant get rid of him (rarely happens) all i have to do is look at one or two of the guys and i’m instantly left alone.   one of my all time favorite PH’s did that for me unwittingly.  i was caught in the sights of two wolves.  so i got up and went over and sat by my friend and started talking all the while keeping an eye on the wolves.  when they saw who i was sitting with,  i was out of their sights instantly.  later i bought him a drink and thanked him.  he probably doesnt remember this nor read my blog lol but honey – thank you for being wolf repellent lol.  and a helluva man.  and always remember to walk out of the bar nice and slow so we can enjoy the view <seg>.  and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see you so happy!  you deserve it.

all of which brings me back to Bartender, i really did it this time…… lmsao