Good evening gentle readers and welcome back – or rather, you should be welcoming me back to the wonderful world of writing!  Its Stuporbowl sunday, the Packers are up by 11 i think and the commercials – the ONLY reason i watch the stuporbowl.  ok, i like football too, who doesnt – but its the stuporbowl and poor Texas Stadium has had it hit hard by inclement weather that usually only hits the northeast.  I feel for all my texas friends who are having to deal with this as, naturally (and no insult to you my friends) but those who dont get this weather panic the worst.  flurry – empty out the stores but i’ve been reading where some of my friends have been getting up to 8′ of that nasty white shit.  their weather has been our ice, thanks guys!!! lol.

the commercials so far have been ok, one doritos commercial let me down totally, the first one where when asked if the guy sucking the crumbs out of the bag had any more and said no, his buddy grabbed his finger and sucked on it.  BAD TASTE DORITOS.  the Budweiser Clydesdale’s made a decent first showing, an old west style commercial that broke out into the bar singing Sir Eltons Tiny Dancer.  not sure how well that fit but it was decent enough.  Go Daddy FINALLY got rid of danica mckellar – but in favor of joan rivers face superimposed on a smokin body lol.  i was amused.

2.24 left in the first half, its 21/3 in favor of Green Bay!  both teams have all their time outs but i may just switch over to the puppy bowl early, and like i said in my last stuporbowl post, if you arent touched by the puppies, there is something wrong with your heart.   ive seen several movie trailers for flicks – one, with harrison ford – cowboys vs aliens looks to be interesting.  the darth vader commercial (it was a car commercial lol) was very amusing lol.

ahh sitting here drinking a cherry vodka and orange juice while watching the game is my favorite way to do it. we dont go out on rookie nights, its not worth the aggravation of any issues getting home.  besides, i cant sit at the bar in my jammies (although i know they’d love it lol) and relax enough to watch the game.  its much more comfy to sit here, in my comfy clothes with my husband next to me (who’s not to interested in football or any sports for that matter) and just relax.  you should have seen him on new years, honey, its new years, its philadelphia, ITS MUMMERS TIME and you have no say in hte matter.  i’ve been watching the mummers for 40 years now.  its a philly tradition!  for those of you who are interested in teh mummers, i dont have a link, it could be but do a mummers search.  its awesome.

but that just leads me to tell you that we dont go out on new years either – rookie night.  cop trap night.  sorry mon, i dont need the hassle. well whaddya know, rothlisburger just set up for a field goal.  who’d have thunk it.  TOUCH DOWN STEELERS!  damn he pulled it off! oh an 8 yard throw, hell i can throw that.  one commercial i really liked, until they showed the obummers was michael douglas’s commercial in the beginning.  the obummers had no business being in that commercial as they have affected NO change with the exception of shifting the power of this country firmly towards socialism. but the rest of the commercial was excellent.  MLK’s I Have A Dream, Emmancipation Clips, it was an outstanding commercial, and little john john saluting  his fathers hearse as he rode by.

ahh an american idol commercial.  oh stephen – honey.  i LOVED you back in the late 70’s early 80’s when you were still a toxic twin with joe but dude, you look like a mee maa w/o your make up and that breaks my heart. but your still smokin hot.  and jlo – who’d have thunk it that you’d make it past being a fly girl???

lmsao ROYAL CARRIBAN CRUISE – TOM OVERBOARD LETS PARTY!!!  that, lips. was my tribute to sombrero tom lmsao.  man we were txting fools yesterday morning lol  but now the question is – do i feel like listening to the Black eyed peas or flip over to the puppy bowl?  since they’re going to talk for a while its puppy time!  or actually kitty half time.  i love my cat bones with all my heart but i can only take so much kitties.  ok cute black eyed peas commercial – ick but now they’re playing. tonights gonna be a good night… we’ll see <seg> AAAHAHAASLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ID KILL TO BE FERGIE RIGHT NOW!!!  holy crap this was totally an extremely erotic surprise@!

is that me or is that usher who just came down on a rope? i do believe it is.  this is turning into a good show.  i had HAVE TO throw out serious props to eminems commercials – I DONT DO COMMERCIALS!!  holy crap that was funny as hell lol.  oh dear god not the crap from dirty dancing.  i had to put up with it once, PLEASE, dear god dont make me go thru it again and it appears He heard my plea!

I keep seeing these “cloud” commercials.  i must do some digging into that and see how that can apply to me.  so much to learn so little time and with my munitions expert long dead i have someone else to turn to lol. i like big booms and i can not lie… (thank you sir mixalot lol).  ahh back to the puppies and all my violent tendencies that clash with my pacifist personalities climb back down into the closet where they belong because you cant think anything bad while watching puppies.  and then again- there is that all important puppy breath lol.

i think ive given you a glimpse into the life of socially unattractive jenny and a slight insight as to how my mind works as i dont think i am going to be staying up all that much later.

to those of you who are out on this rookie night, PLEASE be safe and have a designated driver.  throwing your life away on that one extra drink, or not calling a cab is a mistake that will haunt you the rest of your life.   I hope most of you are at home but im doubting it so please, have a designated drinker or have your host call you a cab. losing your life or anothers is something you dont want to carry around on your shoulders.

and with this i bid you a fond adieu until next football season!