to you, old man winter.  gentle readers, this has been a winter from hell. not as bad as it was last year with 2 foot of snow every week for 3 weeks, but we’ve had shitloads of ice and today, as i put the heinous hounds out when i got up i opened the door and went oh, nice, snow.  didnt think anything of it.

so my morning goes as it usually does, i mainline my coffee (wawa’s columbian and dark roast mixed together – heavenly) take care of what little needs to be done so i can get my ass up and ready to go do my circuit training.  i truly enjoy circuit training exercising – it feels good inside and allows me to work out some of the rage i feel inside. specially when im doing squats  hence the refrain:  i hate you, i hate you, i hate you.  30 second of squats will hurt you.  carol the owner was laughing at me as i was doing them, she told me she used to say much the same.  i told her that when i was kickboxing, my mantra was dave i hate you, dave i hate you lol.  i would so love to get back into kickboxing along with circuit training.  i loved kickboxing for the exercise it gave me, but also for the ability to defend myself – and i can put a hurtin on someone if need be.

but the results im getting from the circuit training are impressive, cept for the usual holiday poundage  and a kickass fundraiser we had for some friends of ours who are in need.  it was basically a last minute we need to do this gig and we pulled it off with around 10 bands, a crap load of food (i made my world famous potato salad – 10lbs of it lol and there was only a bowl full when we cleaned up lol) and conning money out of everyone we could and never let it be said that there are some people you cant get money from.  my boy’s were told to give till it hurts nad i danced in front of them harassing them till they cracked open their wallets.  i dont care that you paid at the door, your giving till it hurts.  they gave, got a kiss and a hug and  i moved on to the next victim lol.  and i’ll be damned if my girl was there – sharon – i love ya sis!!!!  we sold tix for door prizes- lots of them and all of them were extremely nice, several tattoo’s, a couple piercing’s and a lot of neat stuff.  its what you do for your friends.  and if you dont, man you got something wrong with you.

but back to the snow.  i hate you now. i hate having to dig out the end of my driveway where the ever so polite plowers plow IN my driveway.  thats a good foot of hardpack snow.  lovely.  i dug a path to toms truck and broomed all the snow off it.  i dug a path to the shed and then a path for the inevitable river williams that comes with the meltdown and rain we get in april.  and march sometimes.  think of a river 6 foot across and around 6 inches deep.  you have to jump from the bottom step to make it to dry land.  but on a good note, the plowers actually plowed 2 full lanes instead of the usual 1.5.  amazing.  and it was fun watching the heinous hounds turn into snow dogs. pez rolls around in the snow, kilo noses down and throws it in the air.  i know they wish they were near me so i could throw snow on them but with ki being a runner, he has to stay on his lead and i dont particularly trust the pez NOT to try and chase a car.

i need to get a digital camera. i think i’ll do that soon so i can take pics of the things that amuse me and share them with you all. my life has changed dramatically from what i once was and now i can have fun. take pics.  scare the shit out of tom (need a pic for that).   then there is always the fun of pissing off a bunch of women who wish they lunched at delphi.  liberal ladies just cant handle the truth lmsao.  its like they’re allergic to the truth and facts and the name calling etc begins.  its almost too easy to piss them off.  but its still fun.  but their forum is actually a very good forum in some aspects – they truly care about each other (if your on the in group), they fully totally and completely support autism research (DAMN GOOD THING) and sometimes, they’re just funny as hell. i like to read there for the amusement factor.

huh. i have no song to leave you with. i was listening to phil collins i dont care anymore because, i dont care anymore about the snow!!!!  i cant take much more of it.  spring better get here soon or im going boomtown rats on someone.  i.hate.the.cold.  i wanna move south. i wanna move to the carribean where the people are excellent, the food fantastic and the smoke – remarkable.  but im thinking aruba as its rarely hurricane hit.  now to talk tom into it.  gonna take a while.

i am exceedingly proud of minime, she’s getting her gun license. naturally before she gets her drivers license……. but i told her that in order to obtain my blessing she needed to do a few things.  a) take a gun safety class where she will learn how to take it apart, clean it and put it back together, b) get a hammerless .38 – that way if need be she can shoot thru her purse with no issues and c)i forgot. lol.  a concealed carry is a must.  im looking into that for myself.    also a 16g and an 18g shotgun. cut down naturally – i’ll shoot you thru the wall if i have too.  id rather be tried by 6 than carried by 2. im not sure if i want a handgun or not.  a 9m is my kinda power.  i want to be able to stop an assailant. and if i have to empty a clip into him to stop him so be it. its me vs him and i will always win.

and my son, of whom i am exceedingly proud of is getting ready for college.  what an amazing kid he is.  we had a wonderful christmas with him that made me so very happy. we were able to talk, really talk and i think we got to clear the air about some things. my kid’s gonna go places. i just hope he learns to use his powers for good lol.

i still cant believe i have no tunes for you. probably because im still cold from the great dig out.  now that i’ve gotten myself back into writing, i feel good inside again so the tunes arent far behind.

and on that note, i shall bid you all a fond adieux gentle readers and hope that all is going well with you all.  i have missed you.