to change your clocks forward…. or for loving.  well, didja?? i made damn sure not to get screwed again this year an at round 4pm changed all the clocks and Glory Be Praised, my beloved didnt notice a thing.  i did however screw up hte bedroom zone, i woke up at what seemed to be 2.30 am.  i thought this cant be right and walked out to the living room and et voila – i was indeed correct, it was 7.30am not 2.30am

i felt much better about my self about that.

i do enjoy reading the stats my blog gives me- apparently the foulmouthed pourqball is in here daily using a vpn (which my foresnicis team is already tracing – i have better geeks than you). ive already got her traced to billerica maine -which, according to by buddy who LIVES in bahston, is only a slum block of billerica. but dont worry pouquebutt,  you’re being skiptraced as i gather my information and then the wrath of jen begins.  and it never ever ends.  you fucked with the wrong bitch lardass. enjoy your live while you have it, you and the municipal plow boy toy george…..

but it was amusing how they searched my copywrited blog for any info on my son, which if you have any sense, you WILL leave him out of your pathetic pathetic attempts  at revenge. same goes with my daughter -one of whom you should ALL be jealous of.  in  a short time she will be writing the “drafts’ that you claim to have written and those ‘dearie” are obsolete and out of date.   she is far superior than you pourquebutt.  your a has been and always will be a has been.. as when the copy write notice comes back that you are using my childrens info, all hell will brake loose and i will come in on top. bit speaking of keeping an eye on your children on the net – crassy – do a google search for johnny tripp.  you are without a doubt a sterling parent =- apple,. tree -short distance between.  you post hootie shots on the net and claim your om says its ok – no self respecting man would EVER allow their old ladies post nekke pics of them.  and theyre screenshotted crassy. think jonathan would like to see them?  i wonder what he’ll be thinking when he sees them…. much less your kids, but you have already set the example by you pathetic parental parenting skills.

i can only wonder why their search report are the same, they search for my son, for socially unattractive (uh, here is  the conundrum is -its the title of the blog…..) bourquefan, lyrical to shinedowns version of simple man.  basically the same old song and dance- no originality.  this just just shows how pathetic my staker (pourqubutt) and her flying monkey’s are.  because crassy is afraid of bourq becuase bourque would turn on her in a flash and all her private info would be on their blog and sent ot to delphi’s members.  same with the collossallyinasnitycalamityjean.  both of them have harddrives full of posts from damn near everyone on delphi so crassy walks a fine line waitng for dollyshitcakes to protect her from the toxic duo – but htat wont last long either and crassy will be out in the open with no one to portecter and will have to confess her part in it – why else is there a sassys place 2????

never fear “ladies” to quote uncle ted – ive got you in a strangleholdbaby, im gonna crush your face.

btw morons – THIS is what a real alpha male looks like.  not like the pansy asses your call your other half, better half lmsao.  hell  i have bigger balls then any of you – or your oldmen put together! rotlmffsao