into the misty morning sun.  nobody ask you where you are going, nobody knows where your from.  and im waiting for someone to shoot me down.  i’ve loved this song for years – ever since stubbornass told me she thought of me every time she heard the song.  and here i sit 35  years later and think does this still represent me in any way like it did then?  ok so im playing it again, gimme a break, its an excellent tune.  paul rogers was the premier frontman for bad co. and yes, this song is still significant in my life.  very much so.  and i think i have to keep it this way.  i’ve never asked why, just listened, the town’s secret repository.

damn, i had a whole post when wordpress went down lol.  i had let out all my disgust and contempt for my friend alix who blew me off on facebook with no explanation, fone call, email – nothing.  i call that cowardly behaviour and she’s nowhere near as bad as she thinks she is. she talks a good game thats all and is a world class cunt when pissed off.  if you dont like what you ‘ve just read, remember i’ve known her for around 30 years, i’ve seen it all.  and then to have a mutual friend drop me on her orders says more about him than it does her and i find that sad.  he’s so crazy for her and she uses him like you wouldnt believe.  its a shame cause richard is good people.  he just made the mistake for falling for her.  its a shame as i’ve heard how she talks about him.  and others but… again, the town secret repository.

ive had a large suspicion confirmed -which i had figured on all these years – alix did you think i would never find out?  you really are a steppin out ho, perhaps not those words but in your words you are a cheater whenever given the chance.  you cheated on rick, bitchie, walter, jimmy pick a name and you boffed him and now your go to guy has a Lady in his life, something you will never dammit they said snow tomorrow be, or understand.  leopards cant change their spots.

you think that because you took a class in psychology that you have all the knowledge and a degree and are able to “diagnose”  lol with only a small part of what is going on in my mind.  i have never, in all the years we’ve known each other told you everything or even half of anything. im not that stupid.  i just listen to you with half an ear while watching tv, making hte appropriate sounds and the right times.  you crossed the line and thats why i hung up on you and called my daughter. i was sick of listening to ms knowitall as well and your pretty damn lucky i didnt show up there and beat the shit out of you  you were that way out of line.

so all i really have left to say to you is WERE YOU BORN AN ASSHOLE?. YOU lost the ONLY person who ever listened to you, the person many people told me years ago to ditch and couldnt believe we were still friends now lol.  in thinking about it now – i wish i never tracked you down when bitchie died – you couldnt even be bothered to come to his funeral – and that was noted by EVERYONE.

oh well, lessson learned.  time for the next lesson to begin.  Karma – its always been my friend.