what the bloody hell happened to an early spring?  i got up this morning, got my cuppa and put the dogs out only to find 3 inches of snow on my yard and it was still snowing hot and heavy.  is this natures way of tellings us happy april fools day??  now granted, it turned to rain and has been raining since (but i’ve heard rumors of hail) but c’mon already.  we’re about sick of this cold damp and chilly weather.  enough.  please?  cause if you dont get this shit right, i’m making groundhog stew.  im sure you can guess who will be the main attraction.

march is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb but it seems to have decided to do it the opposite way, in like a lion, out like a lamb or something along those lines.  all i know is the weather sucks for a sunlover like me.  i need spring and summer, i long for spring and summer, it is everything i am made of.  bright sunshiney days that sometimes seem to never end when your out on the bike with no particular place to go.   the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, the potato potato potato of the bike – nirvana.  this song is taking entirely too long to end so i can go on with whatever is going to come out of my gray matter.    ahh pause, my friend.

the quiet is not exactly what im looking for either.  ive never been happy when there is no music (driving larry is teaching me patience and thinking about it, time to talk but nuff bout that)  the music keeps me going, im a dashboard keyboardist, i do the guitar on whatever im holding onto at that time as if to play with the band.  air banding isnt just for anyone you know…. lol

aaaah scrubs.  my generations M*A*S*H*.  and one of the funnier shows even though the shows ended year(s) and have been in syndication for years lol and have been watched, mash by me since i was a kid and remember the final episode *sad face here* and scrubs which i love as it is intrinsically different than mash and  im twisted and i truly believe that people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

now its time for two and a half men.  god love ya charlie – you are pulling off one of the best jokes i’ve ever seen.  i in all fairness yield to your greatness – i couldnt pull off a joke like this with your style.  i loved your cooking with witchcraft or something like that.  i wish i could find the video i watched – its probably on facebook, but i was very amused.  dude – you’re “melting down” with style. ok i found it and im loving every minute of it rothflmsao.   lindsay lohan and paris hilton be damned, charlie’s got you had and will always be  foot tall and bullet proof.  and i love it!  it helps me keep my mind occupied lol.

i still have much to do in cleaning out the kids rooms since they’ve gone to extend their wings and fly away.  it sucks.  had they told me it was going to hurt this bad in the orientation book, i may have rethought the issue.  pain and i are not on good terms and labor and delivery are pain such as you do not want to experience my male gentle friends. i can see you already, grimacing lol.  but i got two incredibly intelligent and awesome kids that no matter how crazy i get, i love more than anything.   my kids will be someone someday, i’ve always known it.  you can see it in minime she just oozes intelligence but with myson, i knew when he was little and looked at me with eyes so blue they were almost purple that he would be a force to be reckoned with some day.  i can only hope he learns to use his powers for good!  there is greatness in that boy – i’ve seen it from the beginning.  the privilege of watching them grow and flourish in their chosen fields is kinda in mentioned in the orientation book.

just had an interesting thought.  self – why dont you take pics and put more up on the blog, especially of hte kids rooms.  hmm i wondered quietly to myself.  do i really feel like getting the webcam out and take pics?  i kid you not- it is the pit of despair, the bog of eternal stench. (i love that movie and whoever doesnt is fucked up.)  the princess bride is one of my all time, deserted island things. yes the island will have electricity lol.  and im sitting here listening to my beloved butthead talk  and the only times he talks to me is whaen im on the computer telephone or forums. and he knows that becuase he just looked at my hands and said you already are doing it (typing what im doing) lol. i decided to leave teh errors in as i was typing as fast as i could to keep up with what he was saying. loll.

i must admit to a bit of sadness.  butthead and i had originally planned on getting married on april 1 – what better day for tom and i to get marrried than april fools day???  but his buddy, biker rick was having nothing of it nor the fact that we were not sending invitations (we told you, thats invitation enough lmsao) – gold love him he browbeat tom and i out of the 1st, into invitations and we decided on the 2nd as thats his daughters birthday and he can remember that.  and i WILL GIVE  BIG PROPS TO THE BAKERS OF BUFFINGTON in downingtown – they not only took on a small wedding cake on what was actually good friday, something else we did not know.  we were getting married on good friday lol.  the cake they gave us was absolutely lovely, i gave him artistic license as this was last minute cake.

i’ll never forget during the service, the preacher asked is there anyone who has anything to say about this union and we ALL turned as one to ricky and waited lol.  god love him and i certainly do.  he’s a damn good biker.  the look on his face was priceless and i never have a camera when i need it lol.

well gentle readers its off to that do you know who you think you are or something like that.  my mom was into genealogy and got us, on her side back to 1400’s france.  its cool stuff that i dig so i’m off to watch my show!  have a large friday!