here comes the sun, here comes the sun and i say its allright!  after days and days and days and days, yes i know im over exaggerating but get over it, and days i think that was the sun i saw when i put the dogs out.  i dont think im turning into a duck anymore!  woohoo! and hte weathertroll is saying…. blue skies overhead, currently chilly, 52 at 9 close to 70 later this afternoon and SUNNY!!!  i think its time to do the happy dance!

we have decided last night that one of our furry kids has the digestive system of a nuclear reactor with a compost heap tossed in for good measure.  sitting here last night with tom, we both looked at each other and said – did you do that?  uh – neh.  then who did and we looked for the remaining culprit – which ever animal happened to be in the living room at that time – there are 3 suspects.  turns out, the culprit was bones, the mighty hunter. dear god, the stench that cat let out last night rivaled that of kilo who could be related to my ex solely by virtue of the ability to clear a room with a fart.  lol my ex was proud of that once upon a lifetime ago lol.  we sure had some good times.  but in all honesty, ALL my furry kids have toxic digestive systems.  but they love their mommy most! 🙂

completely unrelated note – the empire state building was struck three times by lightning in a recent storm. so freaking cool!

im listening to the story of catherine zeta jones who suffers from bipolar disorder II. i can relate.  the doctors on the show give conflicting information, as usual – but they got it right when they said they used to call it manic disorder.  never try to diagnose yourself from a tv show lol..  or from someone who took a class in psychology and thinks she knows it all.  i have bipolar – a very severe form along with other nasties and have some serious demons to exorcise.  it only took 30 years to finally get serious about getting treated for something i’ve suffered from all this time.  i find it to be very painful at best and there have been a few emergency calls to my shrinker and i’m just hanging on doing the best i can, which, considering the circumstances, is all i can do.

ahh i think i’ve found my way out – eminem we made you. holy shit this is one of hte funnier vid’s he’s made in a long time and honey got a body to stop a mac truck!  i hope the link comes thru right, i lifted it from my facebook.  and i think i’ll listen to it again.  been listening to a lot of em lately.  recovery is going to be a fantastic album. but i already found a tune that hurt too much to listen to.  but we made you is fucking hysterical.

im finding that every day the hurt isnt as bad, yet i wake up thinking dads still in the hospital. then i remember.  and then i thank god for my meds.  again – severly bipolar with an assorted bunch of nasties thrown in.  i have a patch on my riding vest:  HEAVILY SEDATED FOR YOUR PROTECTION.  people laugh at it, i do too and tom tells them its the truth.  i am heavily sedated for your protection lol.  between the psych issues and the mentalpause issues im likely to hit defcon5 with no warning.  that is not a very happy place to be.

but then i look out the window and i see SUNLIGHT.  real honest to god sunlight. and like music it calms the savage beast within.  i just realized that it was too quiet and i didnt really feel like listening to the today show so off to the music channel i go. i was joking with pixie yesterday that back in the day we used to party HARD to tunes and i realized again, that now – i clean to the tunes i partied HARD too lol and she laughed her ass off and agreed whole heartedly.  crank up the stereo and get out the vacuum and go to town lol.  and dance.  a lot.  its more fun though when you can keep the windows and doors propped open and let the spring air come in and get the winter funk out.  we had that day on monday when it hit 70.  today we get sun then the fucking rain comes back and apparently one day comes back with a vengeance and i dont know when we’ll see the sun again.

ive had several things validated for me which i am utterly delighted by to the detriment of an old friend.  i always suspected and now i know the truth.  from two sources lol.  it feels good to be the King – the inferiority issues i had with this particular bitch are gone forever now that i know what i know. jen, do not drop your smoke on the laptop. that is not a good thing.  but now that i know the truth from 2 people who have absolutely no reason to lie to me i come out on top (sometimes <seg>) and can close that door forever. oh what a good feeling this is.   it definatly makes working out much more fun for me lol.

the animals when i was young is playing (about over) – the memories that song gives me. i have to stop whatever im doing no matter what and listen to it and watch the film in my mind.  its funny – thinking as a teenager that the song is signficant then when in fact, its significance comes when you hit 45 (OK, 40) and are sitting on your couch listening to the sountrack of your youth and realizing just how significant when i was young really is. sky pilot from the animals is another stop and listen tune.  i never could figure out why those tunes did that to me.

ahhh csn – southern cross.  someday.

my butthead friend best get on skype – i warned him i’d be waiting lol.  and on that note gentle friends, i will bid you a fond adieu as after that, its time to go get ready for exercise – and to spend some time outside in the SUNSHINE!!!!!  hello vitamin D!!!   have a great day everyone!   😀