good evenin gentle readers.  i find myself back here again, with the wayback machine in full mode listening to springsteens growin up and thinking of a time long past.  my flag of piracy flew at first mast my sails were set wing to wing.  ahh my teenage years, full of sex and drugs and rock and roll, but with the promise of a future ahead just beyond our reach.  especially the golden days of summer at the park – i always find myself thinking of those days when spring hits.  memories of fun summer days spent throwing frisbee’s, drinking beer and creating general mayhem was so much fun, and now we ride up there and sit on hippie hill and look out over the field, and i look at the parking lot and remember those days and smile.  and then i lay back against the curb watching the tourists drive by watching us and i chuckle.  my favorite memory was a few years ago, grumps nad i were laying against the curb watching the tourists and along comes a fatboy motorcycle and as the gentlemen passed us, he hit his bicycle ringer *ring ring, ring ring* and i lost it – totally lost it, it was totally outstanding and i said we have got to get one of them!   but no, we have an air horn from a big rig.  its loud.  especially in the kitchen……

i have no musical memory that triggered this memory of smitty’s high old times party.  i happened to come across the flyer as the guy got to my driveway and after reading it, i told him that this was NOT the neighborhood to hand it out to unless you want to get busted lol but i’d be there happily and with friends!  several beer trucks, lots of bikes, band – in many ways the beginning of the introductions into a world i live in now.  i wouldnt trade it for anything. the party was totally jammin and a buddy of mine got into a disagreement with another buddy of mine, just stand back out of reach and wait for everything to clear up lol.  and get more beer.  what a party!

then there was millers field – which is sadly now the great valley corporate center.  isint it  ironic i used to work in the corporate center lol.  oh the memories i had when i’d go to work sometimes lol.  it was a great big field we had a place way inside we’d drive back into and circle the cars and crank up the tunes and get out the goodies..  there really is nothing better than being with your friends, hanging out – laughing, drinking good music in the background.  even now – getting together with your friends is a wonderful thing.  laughing, talking, good tunes in the background, bikes in the driveway and above all – good food!!!!  it seems that with age comes appreciation of good food at a party lol and i am blessed with friends who know how to cook and i make a mean potato salad and rockin deviled eggs!

I took month-long vacations in the stratosphere, and you know it’s really hard to hold your breath  I swear I lost everything I ever loved or feared, I was the cosmic kid in full costume dress  Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth, but I got me a nice little place in the stars.

when they said sit down i stood up!