here comes the sun, here comes the sun and i say its all right!   after what felt like weeks and weeks upon weeks of RAIN – the sun is finally out -with temps in teh high 70’s low 80’s  perfect workout weather!!!  im sorry gentle readers for not writing this past week, i’ve had a lot on my mind and socially attractive had to take back stage for a while. so i find myself sitting here with a few moments free and think its time to write again,

i do believe minime has finally realized that her mothers ex best friend alleyoop fucked her father while he was still married to her monther and i think thats a pedestal thats finally been busted -one can only hope alleyoop doesnt have the issues with my daugther that she had with me.  everything i had she had to have as well – so minime keep your boyfriend as far away from beefsuckerr as you can.  trust me on this,.  if she sees an opening she will exploit it for all its worth.  i know for a fact that she wants your stepdad. have no fear – that will never happen – physically repulsed is the only way to put it.

ahh but it is a glorious day – oh hello up to 90 today!!!  today i get the ultimate tank top out. i look stunning in it lol.  pat and i will do our curves circuit training then maybe hit the bar for lunch – dear god the food is awesome but i have tragic news -sonny, one of the cooks passed away then night before last.  Sonny gave me my first taste of bread pudding and it was utterly delightful!  and he gave me a big container to take home for tom who LOVED IT!!!! i just now have to find a recipe for it – i had never had it and wasnt sure what i was eating but it truly was awesome.  for some reason, i feel frankie is called for here – New York New York.  I also have a very drunken memory or being totally hammered in venice’s plaza and doing a kickline to NYNY lmsao.  hey – i was 15 and drunk as hell every night lol.  ok, so i was totally hammered all thru italy lmsao. damn good times, good times!!!   on easter they asked me if i was going to services and i said no – im not catholic i’ll just wander round and found all sorts of neat places i cant remember now while the catholic services were doing their easter mass.

i think back over my life and realize and appreciate the opportunities i have had, many tossed away but many were totally fun.  ive travelled overseas twice, been to the carribean more times i can count (and am considering retiring to aruba – very few hurricanes hit aruba and the trade winds keep you from overheating.) hawaii twice – very privileged upbringing.  some such as my stalker and now that i think of it, alleyoop, have always been jealous of me and the life i’ve been lucky enough to lead and had to have everything i had. granted it takes a special talent to throw away every opportunity handed to you on a silver platter, but i had that talent in spades. and despite it all, being married to my ex and getting two of the most awesome kids in teh world out of that family and now with tom, i think i came out on top.

well my friends, its time to go get ready for workout time -and damn circuit training works awesome, specially when i’ve got weights and am doing uppercuts and tricep punches., I LOVE IT. i just picture a face and it gives me something to focus on.  same with the kickbacks – i use what i learned in kickboxing but i may change up and do side kicks.   with my legs, someone will get hurt if im not careful lol.

and on that note i bid you a fond adieu!!!  have a fantastic day!