when i say i do something, i do it!.  im finding solace right now in em, god love him. that and the fact that there is a strong resemblance to my son lol. i got these demons join jumpin jacks now.  i wish i could say the same but im manning up and putting my life back together and im too busy gazin at stars.  sometimes it seems like every lyric has a meaning that hits as im typing – i’ve always liked free association writing, putting down whats on my mind right at the moment but i think im trying to work something out and im not sure. so i think its time for some cowboy baby.  im flickin my bic up and down coast and keep on trucking till i fall in the motion.

lol this ones tough, i wanna watch the video and write at the same time but the tabs wont allow that lol.  stoned pimp, stone freak stoned outta my mind once i was lost but now im just blind,.. hell yeah i love this tune.  kid doesnt have quite all the necessary assholishness for me to be truly attracted to him but at times there have been glimpes of a chest i wouldnt mind  dancing on! <seg>

i have been reaping the benefits of working out every day, i cut off the first pair of jeans for swimming in YEARS. and i’ll be damned if my ass and legs dont look smokin.  perhaps a pic will be allowed and posted – i damn near have rockett legs, i mean c’mon im 6 foot tall – and all leg. hence the life long nickname Legs or Hollywood due to the fact that i wear giant oversize shades (long before hollywierd made them popular).

i do believe my mood has just changed and i dont know how or where i am or going with this, and i just heard the moody blues, legend of a mind and thats where im going….  timothy leary’s dead, nononono he’;s outside looking in.  seeing hte moody blues back in the 80s was so totally awesome, especially being backstage and being able to meet them and talk with them – and Justin and John were gracious enough to sign not only my backstage pass but my frisbee too!   ahh but timothy leary was my teeange hero – turn on turn, turn in and drop out.  all of which i did with as much gusto as a self destructive happy teenager could be lol. the moody blues  – just came to a screeching halt as i sat here typing, my beloved dear heart came over and started talking to me.  naturally, i asked him if he could get my sewing kit so i could sew his mouth shut and stopped typing so i could give him my full attention but with attitude.  he looked at me and said i dont know what to do when your like this. i said like what honey? im sitting here typing on what is, had you looked, obviously my blog and i have 3 tabs open and he sheepishly looked away which naturally makes me laugh lol because he wont say a word to me unless im ah – he finally got it i asked him if he would get my my sewing basket and when he said why i said so i can sew your mouth shut lmsao. then all the above happened, i said honey, if you looked at the screen you would see what is obviously my blog and 3 tabs open lol.

i find myself to be in a mayhem mood but too lazy to cause it.  lol old age is a bitch.  but i have a schedule that allows me time for friends at the bar and time at my friends pool this summer and since i took on this exercise regimen im feelin pretty damn good for 35.  shut up minime. i know your out there – i can feel the change in the force when you logon lolol.  but i’ve kept this regimen since october and am extremely proud of myself.  and there it is – my craving for deviled eggs!  i knew it was going to happen and when we went grocery shopping i got our usual eggs and i told my dear heart i wanted deviled eggs and he told me i had to get extra cause he needs his breakfast, he’s a growing boy. ok, technically he’s not but he acts like one quite often lol. but i make kickass eggs and the secret – anchint chinee secret mon.  – lol no, actually its horseradish.  not in the yoke mix, but in the cup after lightly salting with kosher rock salt.  you can thank me later.  i also use dijon mustard along with the regular mustard.  i wish i could hand you a platter for you to try – but they went over real good at the last party we threw at the maple.  matter of fact they went first from what i was told and we put out a big spread!

im talking my way around something i dont want to deal with yet, something that really sucks.  eventually i’ll get there.  just not now. and now i’ve lost my train of thought and desire to write anymore today.

so, in the ever immortal words of dr rittenmeyer – have a large day!