lol my stalkers baaaack and in desperate need of a psychiactric evaluation


ahh good evening gentle readers.  its been one uneventful event after another, or an event after another depending on your perspective.  we’ve had several very nice days with no rain, until of course this mornings newscast which screwed the pooch and told me that yes, virginia there’s rain in our forecast, heavy rain starting tomorrow thru friday – with a flood watch in effect.  and the rain is not going to end there, its going to rain in some fashion for god knows how long.  so im back to feeling like im turning into a duck.  again.  quack quack.

lol my beloved rolled me some smokes, and as we roll our own and its saving us a fortune, he sometimes rolls smokes so that there is a lovely gap between the tobacco and the filter.  you have no idea how amusing it is to pick up a smoke and have it look like a limp dick lol and when you hold it, you are basically holding your fingers together.  good thing i have a sense of humor.

which brings me to the title of todays post – my stalkers baaack and in desperate need of a psychiatric evaluation.  im sure if you’ve followed my blog to some extent, you’ve read about suzanne arundale, my stalker.  at one time we were friends, good friends or so i thought.  i ignored the fact that she is a bully to those she, imo, feels inferior to for some reason.  i think she has an inferiority complex considering some of the things ive seen her do to people on delphi forums over the years.  she originally went by the nic bourquefan but that nic was permanently nuked, cascaded if you will for reasons you will read here.  she called one posters employer to determine whether that poster was indeed employed with that company!  i shit you not.  i watched it all happen.  she called another posters employer, who she hated, in an attempt to have that woman fired from her job.  she used one of her employers resources to purchase private and confidential information and plastered it all over delphi forums and assorted blogs she owns in order to humiliate and embarass this poster.  seriously.  she did.  several of use have the email she received from lexus nexus with her email address and credit card information for the purchase of that information.  not very bright if you ask me.  she was summarily fired from that position for misuse of company software, refused entrance to the company, her datebook held with company info redacted before having it returned to her.  if that doesnt tell you anything about how mentally disturbed she is…


so after she posted some seriously personal and confidential information on me AND my husband – all bets were off.  i am still not quite sure why she did that to me.  we were friends.  all i did that i can think of was to tell her and another poster on delphi to KNOCK IT OFF as suzanne, aka bourquefan, was hammering this other poster for not having health insurance.  thats pretty cheesy if you ask me and again, doesnt portray suzanne arundale in a good light.  but next thing i know, suzanne, writing under the nom de guerre sowslaughterer on her evilwebweave blog, posted my info (ref’d above) i had a major cow.  i filed a police report with my local pd, and per their suggestion and after some serious internet research, filed a complaint with the FBI’s internet stalking site.  every time she posted about me, or my family, i added that post to the complaint.  i then found out that her cousin is a DA for the state she was residing in and i contacted him with a request to muzzle suzanne arundale.  everytime she posted, i sent the post to the DA and it was removed by that night.  but the night i found the post with our info, i contacted her family, ALL of them, and informed them of what she was doing and asked them to put a muzzle on her.  i included the link to her blog and told them that if she kept it up, i would file suit with a request for psychiatric eval.  i had previously been told that they were aware there were issues.  i told them that they apparently had no idea how serious these issues were.  after that, suzannes internet access was severely restricted, to the relief of most of delphi forums.

so i have a fbi stalking complaint, a police report and a da who knows what is going on and is willing to tell his cousin to knock it the fuck off or she’s liable.  i do not talk to this psychopath.  i have no desire to talk to this psychopath. and today… i get this in my email lol:



“Consider this your official Legal notice of legal action.”

lmmfsao – only an attorney can send this.

:This is a demand not to delete or modify any records to me or any of my friends or family on any server, including Facebook.
T**** will be served separately at work as will T***** and S*******. ”

again, only an attorney can send such a demand, and here she made a very bad mistake. she threatened my husband and children.
not a very wise idea dont you think?  i dont intimidate easily suzanne arundale.  you are now known in the public arena for threatening my husband and children.  they have done absolutely nothing to you, they dont know you, they dont give a flying fuck about you.

so, what does every socially unattractive chick do?  she responds to the psycho, and cc’s her cousin, the DA noting that i will be happy to provide the copy of the federal fbi internet stalking complaint, a copy of the police report, etc etc etc and told the DA that it is now past time to press charges against the nutjob for stalking and internet harassment as i have had absolutely no contact with this lunatic and that i am now requesting a full psychiatric evaluation as evidenced from above, suzanne arundale is mentally unstable and threatening my husband and children.

you made a very bad mistake suzanne arundale.  i dont give a flying fuck what you think you can do to me.  but you messed with my husband and children and that in itself shows just how mentally unstable you are, and every time ANYONE does a google search on you, they will find this blog, and determine for themselves just what a fucked up nutjob you are.   everything i have said can be proven in a court of law.  lol her own former employer fired her and refused to allow her back in for her personal belongings.  what does that tell you?  she purchased confidential information on myself and several others, posted it on a public blog and sent invitations to hundreds, necessitating a fraud watch on the credit bureaus.  we have the email in which she bought the confidential information with her name and credit card information on it.  and thats not mentioning the OTHER blogs she has that we monitor and mentioned to her cousin the DA.

suzanne arundale is been back on delphi, where she is a total pariah, posting illegally lately as edeloferie, but that nic was fortunately nuked as tos was finally able to kick her out.  each subsequent nic of her’s has been nuked as well.  again, she is the ultimate pariah of delphi, utterly hated by all but a few losers who know who she is and give her “shelter” while she is permanently banned from delphi for posting personal information illegally obtained.  i think that was the reasoning for her ludicrous email to me.  she’s afraid the people she’s trying to cultivate will find out about her illegal activities, or more precisely, will realize that she’s collecting information on them on the sly, the better to blackmail them with like she tried to do to me and others.

oh what a wicked web we weave suzanne, when we practice to deceive.  you’ll never be able to best your betters.  karma’s a bitch suzanne, remember that.

September 11 a date which will live in infamy a day of remembrance not a day of community service dumbass

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good evening gentle readers.  i had planned on writing something totally different as behold – what light thru yon window breaks, it is the sun – not rain! but as i’d put it off a couplea days or few, it turned into today, Septermber 11, the 10 year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on my country in my lifetime.  its hard to write anything funny or amusing when you step back into the wayback machine mr peabody and remember that day, where you were, who you were with and what you had to tell your children who were watching the telecast over and over and over of the most horrific event ever seen.

and as i woke up from a night of serious drinking with my beloved (we rarely get a night out and it was our girl kel’s going away party)- the sobering reality set in, as after church, the memorial services began. and i will give a shout out to those dignitaries who had the balls to give props to God in the face of liberal, athiest and democratic whining and moaning about the mention of anything even remotely sounding of God (get ’em Rudy!!) but i am frankly surprised that bummer didnt choke on air for mentioning God. i would have been amused to see it considering his attendance at the right rev wrights congregation (a more american hating church has yet to be found).

but back to the services. wow.  if they didnt choke you up, or give you goosebumps, i dont know what is wrong with you.  the memories today’s memorial services brought back ripped me to the core.  the clips of those who chose to jump to their deaths rather than let those terrorist bastards take their lives will always be remembered as heros to me, despite the horror those very images brought. the stories i’ve heard over the last few days leading up to today ripped me apart.  i guess thats what being a human who cares (despite being socially unattractive) means.  and i’ve spent a lifetime doing my damndest to avoid feeling things.  feeling things hurts and if you dont feel……. but thats a post for another day should i decide to explore that aspect of life and being socially unattractive <seg> and perhaps i’ll let klonopin chronicles in on it lol.

ahh i can feel my meds kicking in – medhead approaching medhead approaching – danger gentle reader, danger!  but i dont feel like ending just yet as i still have to address dumbass’s recent comment that today, 9/11 should be a day of community service rather than a day of remembrance.  ok – the fact that the imposter kenyan doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground kinda works for him in the sheeples eyes, but for us sheepdogs – we see the wolf in sheeps clothing and anything that he can use to distract us, those he considers a threat, from his plan to destroy OUR country, are totally outraged and beyond up in arms.  how dare that bastard try to destroy the memory of those innocent citizens of this country, not to mention others, with “community service”?  someone please explain to me how community service honors the memory of the lives lost 10 years ago today!

ok, i gotta stop talking about that bastard or i’ll get extremely pissed off and not sleep, meds and all.  cloward and pivens, along with soros and that other socialist bastard 70’s wanna be domestic terrorist reject who’s name i cant remember right now are very proud of their little protege.  but despite his very public endorsement of jimmy hoffa jr’s teamsters union vocalization to be his “army”… which, imo will work very much against him and the kenyan with the lemmings.  oh mr hoffa – your daddy’s waiting.  im sure you’ll be meeting him very soon.  you think us tea partiers will roll over and play dead to your threats? dumb fuck.  c’mon over jackass – im heavily armed, waiting and have a get out of jail free card. and i guarantee you, you wont make it past the end of the driveway… <veseg>.  you obviously didnt learn very much from your dad before he mysteriously disappeared lmsao.  those who refuse to learn from the past ARE doomed to repeat it.

but back to community service – seriously?  what would you have us do?  clean streets?  clean up restaurant parking lots?  will you provide the trash bags?  hell you cant even pass a fucking budget you dumb fuck so how do you propose to have us perform community service?  you certainly dont provide an exception to follow with your constant golfing vacations and inability to make an executive decision much less ANY decision.  we wont discuss your world apology tour which, imo you should have been shot for or at the very least should have been tried for treason.

but despite the stupidity of our administration – today was a day to soberly reflect on the tragedy that was September 11/2001. when muslim extremists hijacked four airplanes.  Two flew into both world trade centers causing the collapse of both and the senseless death of thousands.  the third flew into the pentagon killing many.  the fourth was downed in a field in pa – heroically stopped from being flown into he white house by the passengers who were courageous enough to say fuck this shit, we ARE going to stop this.  they overpowered the terrorists and downed the plane in a field in western pa knowing full well that they were going to their deaths.

today was a day meant for sober reflection, moments of silence and remembrance.

those who passed deserve nothing less than that.  that is the best tribute we could ever give them

tourists and amish and combines oh my

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or perhaps gentle readers it may be (in a singsong voice) earthquakes and hurricanes and what the hell next, locusts????  ok so it didnt really flow at the end but you get the gist im sure. im debating as to whether to continue this as a too stupid to live post, or stupidity should be painful post or just utter amusement at the world around me and the curve-balls it continues to throw my way. or just throw for shits and giggles.

it happens.

as you all know gentle readers, ive been drivingly challenged the last several weeks, yes, i know drivingly isnt a word but you dont think i really care do you – each week brought a darwins award candidate to me in the form of drivers pulling out directly in front of me, causing me to lock up the brakes of my beloved larry. sigh.  i dont like that.  it annoys me.  i lke my morning commute quiet, dark and uneventful,  it is usually 5.20am after all.  dark thirty is dark thirty!  but that was a one time occurance.  the others… (dum dum dum dummmm)

im sure if i flip back a few posts, i’ll find my rant about tourists.  i HATE tourists, even though tourists keep me working.  sure i am amused when i see zooks carriage ride filled out of state families with big smiles on their faces. but driving behind them, at least once they get out of intercourse, paradiese and bird-in-hand, i wish i had a .50.  with laser scope.  again – dont fucking drive 10 – 15 miles UNDER the speed limit and for the the love of god people get a garmin and pick up the pace already!

the amish are still out, naturally, they live here.  they havent really pissed me off lately, only a couple of times have they refused to ride down the shoulder (which is wide enough to acomodate them on purpose, or when closer to here, several deliberately ride more in the road so as to slow down traffic…) and sunday is ALWAYS sunday go to meeting day. they are a year round known hazard so you cant really complain about them in anything other than a casual way.

which brings me to combines.  sigh.  yes gentle readers, combines.  what the fuck are you bringing up combines for SU?  well, again i live in the country, a very rural area -amish land near lancaster county. this is farming country. cow country.  horse country!  so its not unusual to be driving down the road, round the curve and come up behind an amishman driving a team of anywhere from 2 to 6, or a combine.  today was combine day.  not only did i have to negotiate 2 hopefully someday soon darwin awards, but also 2 combines!  as its the beginning of september, the corn will be ready to harvest very soon and the end of produce season fast approaches.

crap the beginning of september. that means its getting time to layer on clothes.  i HATE layering on clothes, i much prefer wearing as little as possible, soaking up as much heat and sun as i can! i already put a quilt on my bed as its actually getting cold at night and im wearing a sweat jacket to work.  i realized it about the quilt the other night.  i realized that i was waking up tense and it was chilly so that day i pulled out my handmade quilt from my aunt and that night i slept like a babe! thats woot worthy!   being an insomniac is bad enough.  being chilly and sleeping tensely because subconsciously you’re cold as well, sucks big time.  i cant focus well when i dont sleep.  THAT pisses me off.

its 8pm and im ready to go to sleep now, which im sure gentle readers, its early for you.  but for me, and seeing that i have to work at 6am tomorrow, its late lol.  ive taken my meds – the meds which keep me from from taking care of business lol and helping me sleep, which frankly is far more important than anything- are kicking in and i can feel the nice relaxingness spreading throughout my body.  muscles just limping.  tis a wonderful feeling <g>  you just think of the bed and you get that neat googly moogely feeling 😉  and on that note, i bid you, my gentle reader, a fond adieu.

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