or perhaps gentle readers it may be (in a singsong voice) earthquakes and hurricanes and what the hell next, locusts????  ok so it didnt really flow at the end but you get the gist im sure. im debating as to whether to continue this as a too stupid to live post, or stupidity should be painful post or just utter amusement at the world around me and the curve-balls it continues to throw my way. or just throw for shits and giggles.

it happens.

as you all know gentle readers, ive been drivingly challenged the last several weeks, yes, i know drivingly isnt a word but you dont think i really care do you – each week brought a darwins award candidate to me in the form of drivers pulling out directly in front of me, causing me to lock up the brakes of my beloved larry. sigh.  i dont like that.  it annoys me.  i lke my morning commute quiet, dark and uneventful,  it is usually 5.20am after all.  dark thirty is dark thirty!  but that was a one time occurance.  the others… (dum dum dum dummmm)

im sure if i flip back a few posts, i’ll find my rant about tourists.  i HATE tourists, even though tourists keep me working.  sure i am amused when i see zooks carriage ride filled out of state families with big smiles on their faces. but driving behind them, at least once they get out of intercourse, paradiese and bird-in-hand, i wish i had a .50.  with laser scope.  again – dont fucking drive 10 – 15 miles UNDER the speed limit and for the the love of god people get a garmin and pick up the pace already!

the amish are still out, naturally, they live here.  they havent really pissed me off lately, only a couple of times have they refused to ride down the shoulder (which is wide enough to acomodate them on purpose, or when closer to here, several deliberately ride more in the road so as to slow down traffic…) and sunday is ALWAYS sunday go to meeting day. they are a year round known hazard so you cant really complain about them in anything other than a casual way.

which brings me to combines.  sigh.  yes gentle readers, combines.  what the fuck are you bringing up combines for SU?  well, again i live in the country, a very rural area -amish land near lancaster county. this is farming country. cow country.  horse country!  so its not unusual to be driving down the road, round the curve and come up behind an amishman driving a team of anywhere from 2 to 6, or a combine.  today was combine day.  not only did i have to negotiate 2 hopefully someday soon darwin awards, but also 2 combines!  as its the beginning of september, the corn will be ready to harvest very soon and the end of produce season fast approaches.

crap the beginning of september. that means its getting time to layer on clothes.  i HATE layering on clothes, i much prefer wearing as little as possible, soaking up as much heat and sun as i can! i already put a quilt on my bed as its actually getting cold at night and im wearing a sweat jacket to work.  i realized it about the quilt the other night.  i realized that i was waking up tense and it was chilly so that day i pulled out my handmade quilt from my aunt and that night i slept like a babe! thats woot worthy!   being an insomniac is bad enough.  being chilly and sleeping tensely because subconsciously you’re cold as well, sucks big time.  i cant focus well when i dont sleep.  THAT pisses me off.

its 8pm and im ready to go to sleep now, which im sure gentle readers, its early for you.  but for me, and seeing that i have to work at 6am tomorrow, its late lol.  ive taken my meds – the meds which keep me from from taking care of business lol and helping me sleep, which frankly is far more important than anything- are kicking in and i can feel the nice relaxingness spreading throughout my body.  muscles just limping.  tis a wonderful feeling <g>  you just think of the bed and you get that neat googly moogely feeling 😉  and on that note, i bid you, my gentle reader, a fond adieu.