good evening gentle readers.  i had planned on writing something totally different as behold – what light thru yon window breaks, it is the sun – not rain! but as i’d put it off a couplea days or few, it turned into today, Septermber 11, the 10 year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on my country in my lifetime.  its hard to write anything funny or amusing when you step back into the wayback machine mr peabody and remember that day, where you were, who you were with and what you had to tell your children who were watching the telecast over and over and over of the most horrific event ever seen.

and as i woke up from a night of serious drinking with my beloved (we rarely get a night out and it was our girl kel’s going away party)- the sobering reality set in, as after church, the memorial services began. and i will give a shout out to those dignitaries who had the balls to give props to God in the face of liberal, athiest and democratic whining and moaning about the mention of anything even remotely sounding of God (get ’em Rudy!!) but i am frankly surprised that bummer didnt choke on air for mentioning God. i would have been amused to see it considering his attendance at the right rev wrights congregation (a more american hating church has yet to be found).

but back to the services. wow.  if they didnt choke you up, or give you goosebumps, i dont know what is wrong with you.  the memories today’s memorial services brought back ripped me to the core.  the clips of those who chose to jump to their deaths rather than let those terrorist bastards take their lives will always be remembered as heros to me, despite the horror those very images brought. the stories i’ve heard over the last few days leading up to today ripped me apart.  i guess thats what being a human who cares (despite being socially unattractive) means.  and i’ve spent a lifetime doing my damndest to avoid feeling things.  feeling things hurts and if you dont feel……. but thats a post for another day should i decide to explore that aspect of life and being socially unattractive <seg> and perhaps i’ll let klonopin chronicles in on it lol.

ahh i can feel my meds kicking in – medhead approaching medhead approaching – danger gentle reader, danger!  but i dont feel like ending just yet as i still have to address dumbass’s recent comment that today, 9/11 should be a day of community service rather than a day of remembrance.  ok – the fact that the imposter kenyan doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground kinda works for him in the sheeples eyes, but for us sheepdogs – we see the wolf in sheeps clothing and anything that he can use to distract us, those he considers a threat, from his plan to destroy OUR country, are totally outraged and beyond up in arms.  how dare that bastard try to destroy the memory of those innocent citizens of this country, not to mention others, with “community service”?  someone please explain to me how community service honors the memory of the lives lost 10 years ago today!

ok, i gotta stop talking about that bastard or i’ll get extremely pissed off and not sleep, meds and all.  cloward and pivens, along with soros and that other socialist bastard 70’s wanna be domestic terrorist reject who’s name i cant remember right now are very proud of their little protege.  but despite his very public endorsement of jimmy hoffa jr’s teamsters union vocalization to be his “army”… which, imo will work very much against him and the kenyan with the lemmings.  oh mr hoffa – your daddy’s waiting.  im sure you’ll be meeting him very soon.  you think us tea partiers will roll over and play dead to your threats? dumb fuck.  c’mon over jackass – im heavily armed, waiting and have a get out of jail free card. and i guarantee you, you wont make it past the end of the driveway… <veseg>.  you obviously didnt learn very much from your dad before he mysteriously disappeared lmsao.  those who refuse to learn from the past ARE doomed to repeat it.

but back to community service – seriously?  what would you have us do?  clean streets?  clean up restaurant parking lots?  will you provide the trash bags?  hell you cant even pass a fucking budget you dumb fuck so how do you propose to have us perform community service?  you certainly dont provide an exception to follow with your constant golfing vacations and inability to make an executive decision much less ANY decision.  we wont discuss your world apology tour which, imo you should have been shot for or at the very least should have been tried for treason.

but despite the stupidity of our administration – today was a day to soberly reflect on the tragedy that was September 11/2001. when muslim extremists hijacked four airplanes.  Two flew into both world trade centers causing the collapse of both and the senseless death of thousands.  the third flew into the pentagon killing many.  the fourth was downed in a field in pa – heroically stopped from being flown into he white house by the passengers who were courageous enough to say fuck this shit, we ARE going to stop this.  they overpowered the terrorists and downed the plane in a field in western pa knowing full well that they were going to their deaths.

today was a day meant for sober reflection, moments of silence and remembrance.

those who passed deserve nothing less than that.  that is the best tribute we could ever give them