thats why i’ll always be around!  you are the apple of my eye, forever you’ll stay in my heart!  ahh gentle readers, this is a special day, a very special day indeed as 22 years ago, my beautiful minime made her entrance into the world (after 11.5 agonizing hours of labor – YOU OWE ME! lol) and i’ll never forget the first time i held her, i was terrified.  a typical brand new mom utterly terrified at this incredibly tiny infant i just gave birth to.  i had no idea how to be a mom and i learned by trial and error and with a whole lot of help from my mom, my kids gram who utterly adored them both and worshiped the ground they laid on, rolled on, rocked back and forth on, learned to crawl on, learned to walk on and then to run, skip, jump and play on!

i think back to those days so long ago when my baby was little and i smile.  oh the fun we had my sunshine and i.  i wanted so badly to name her sunshine but her dad had a hissycow about it so i exercised my just gave birth to right, kept the paper and gave her the name she has today.  an old friend was annoyed as i lifted the middle name that she was going to name her soon to be daughter lol but i didnt know that so… *shrugs lol*  i had planned that for 20 years!  to bad so sad lol.  but i do remember my sunnyshine telling me “mom, why did you name me the most common name in school?”  i laughed and said well i didnt know that when i had you sunny but welcome my world, i had the most common name in the world when i was growing up!

oh sunny – the things i put up with for you – that damn purple dinosaur barney *growling*.  you KNEW when that damn thing was on tv and would be waiting in front of the tv and would then turn around and say mommy mommy BARNEY!!  sigh.  we had the barney sheets, blankey’s movies, stuffed animals – you name it, we had it and i HATE that thing.  still. 22 years later i HATE that thing and guess what sug – some day it will be YOU going thru that same torment with YOUR daughter and i will be sitting here, laughing and writing about it. paybacks a bitch sug and i warned you… lol.  im waiting……..  ok, take your time, seriously, i can wait to be a grammy!

and i’ll never forget when your father and i were at your grams restaurant and you looked at us and said do you know that dog spelled backwards is God?  honey – you werent even three.  we all stood there, with our jaws on the floor, shocked.  we knew then that you were destined for something very special.  and as you grew, your intelligence grew exponentially.  gifted class by what sunny, 3rd or 4th grade?  all i remember is that it was grade school and you took to it like a fish to water, and i LOVED the field trips!  and you also took to learning like nothing ive ever seen before and it made me so happy cause, well, i hated school lol.  you soaked up knowledge like a sponge and by the end of your grade school years, were debating your friends parents at their level.  they ALL raved about you and i loved it so much – i just smiled and smiled with pride!

ahh the middle school years. gentle readers – this is the beginning of the end for the parents lol.  your tween is beginning to flex her ovaries and start to fly away from the nest, but in sunnys case, slowly but surely as we live in the styx lol.  moms taxi was on call and yanno, i would do it all over again in a new york minute.  just for the joy of seeing her eyes shine, the excitement in her face when shes getting ready to open the car door, looks at you and says i love you mom.  and taking her and her friends to get her/their prom dress ( i wouldnt recommend taking 5 tween/early teen girls to the mall without either a) valium, b) vodka c) a whole lot of patience and the look on her face when she comes out of the dressing room).

then comes high school.  yes gentle readers – high school.  it still sucks when you’re a parent.  your kid is getting ready to fly away home.  but now, she’s older, wiser, sneakier and funnier!  oh yeah, sneakier and funnier.  she’s my kid.  aint no denying her at all, and not just because she looks  ive raised a good conservative republican (oh sunny, i HOPE you remember what we taught you) Christian – but holy shit she’s funny as hell. and has the smarts and evil genius to go with it so shes not only plotting your demise, but her alias, your final resting place that will never be found and how to spend the money lmsao.  she got the full family sense of humor and we are totally demented.  she totally wigged out one of her friends who i gave a ride home after school one day.  she told her i HATE left turns (well i do) this, that and the assorted thing.  I was wondering why her friend was sounding more and more upset as we were driving her friend home.  this poor child was literally shaking in her shoes by the time we got her home lol.  after i found out her parents would not be there, i had her call them to make sure they knew she was home, made sure she got in safe  before leaving.  we got a block away when minime told me what she had done.  while privately i couldnt have been more proud, i had to do the mom thing and tell her that was not cool…. but i knew she saw the pride in my eyes at the joke!!   i made her call her friend and explain and apologize!!!  i didnt want chicklet upset with me.  but it was funny as hell lol.  i have been known however to go miles out of my way to avoid some left turns.

then there were times i covered for her and called her out early and telling the school her brother was picking her up.  hey – every kid needs and deserves a mental health day off for good behavior.  she missed very little school, and missing school was the only way for her to be stimulated mentally, so i didnt mind.  i totally believe gentle readers that kids should be rewarded for good behavior and the reward should justify the behavior.  if they have excellent grades, a day off wont kill them.  if anything it will stimulate and encourage them to work a little harder to keep up.  if they are driven to succeed lie my sunshine…

i would so love to post a pic of my beauty (and my awesome son)because they are so incredible and i am the proudest mom in the world, but there are some truly disturbed individuals (you’ve read about them here) online that stalk and harass me so i will not subject my children to their illegal and pathetic activities, but please let it be said that it is a very bad idea to fuck with my kids.  if you do, you deserve EVERYTHING that will happen to you.  sometimes even just talking and jokingly threatening to mess with them can be a very bad idea.  if you are not a mom, you just cant understand.  its not like your kid is some fucked up jay tripp jugaboo that you have to write off because they’re just a lost cause.  your kid is totally incredible, well mannered and polite, EVERYONE, parents, neighbors, strangers in the stores tell you how well mannered your child is.  and still, at an awesomely cool 22 she STILL is awesomely well mannered and polite young lady.  she took all the best we had to teach her, sifted it all out, tossed what she didnt need, refined what she did need (and learned very well how to sign a chit at aronomink lol) and turned it all into a well rounded young lady well on her way to a graduate degree in a coupleafew semesters.

she will always be the sunshine of my life, my beautiful brown eyed girl, and my girl.  my girl. my girl. talkin bout my girlllll my girl!  ooooh ooooooooh