good afternoon gentle readers. yes i know, its been a while (mebbe that should be a blog title and not just an excellent tune) but im just slowly coming up for air after the last several months.  losing friends can take a lot out of you, yanno? and to lose 5 in just 4 months – well that just sucks great big donkey dick.

so lets start with muscle spasms lol.  i had the muscle spasm from HELL oh, about a year ago. my beloved butthead and i were chillin on the couch watching tv and i got the most agonizing pain in my lower back.  i honestly thought i got shot and reached around to feel for blood.  nope, no blood and not sciatia.  so i began trying to find a position that would not cause me any pain and dammit – there wasnt one. i was not pleased.  i woke up the next day and discovered i could barely walk let alone get dressed.  putting on jeans was an exercise in excruciating agony as i could hardly bend over.  we wont discuss taking the heinous hounds to the vet (kilo’s 100lbs….). long story short as this is a brand new muscle spasm im dealing with lol it took 2 visits to the doc  and 4 different meds and a visit to a chiropractor to get rid of the pain.

so this new muscle spasm…. im at work yesterday and out of nowhere i start getting the same pain, except instead of it feeling like ive been shot, it started out slowly and i notice im limping.  and my coworkers start noticing im limping.  for kids, i was impressed, they were helping me out on the things i couldnt do in the shape i was in.  or at least the things i wasnt about to do in the shape i was in, i didnt want to aggravate the spasm to nuclear symptoms.  after work, i called my doc and got in for a 2.30 appointment.  YIPPEE!!!  my doc is awesome – and always has a time for me to see him.  i make it home, play on delphi for a while (i have excellent friends there on fantastic conservative forums and dammit its raining, again. sigh) till its time to head on out.  i see doc and told him whats going on and that it wasnt like the last one but i have to work thanksgiving and thru the weekend so i have to be proactive about it and have to nip this one in the bud.  i cant go down, my boss is counting on me.  lol i told him doc, we should just shoot dilaudid right where it hurts!!!  he gave me some better meds than the last time but warned me of the sedative effects.  lol im sure they have them, but not for me. <seg>  took ’em at bed time and woke up this morning feeling half decent.  its a beautiful thing.

<weg> ahh the ladies who wished they lunched..  the isle just provides me with hours of amusement, and not just at their forum.  to be fair, i will give them props for their compassion to each other, but thats about as far as it goes.  they scream the liberal/democrat mantra “tolerance” but i’ll be damned if they practice what they preach to a forum that is not tolerant of the fag agenda.  if they were so tolerant, they would accept the fact that there are people out there who do not accept the fag agenda, will never “tolerate” it and thats the fact jack.  but these ladies who wished they lunched went crying and whining to TOS (terms of service, ie the delphi police) in an effort to get us either booted off the platform, or closed down. and they went en masse, whining and crying like the little babies they are. cuz if they were truly adults, they would accept the fact that conservatives are allowed to have their own views and will not tolerate the fag agenda and will not be forced to by a bunch of whiny women. if only they would actually practice what they preach with regards to tolerance.  but we all know they wont, they’re incapable of doing so.

it pissed us off as the ladies who wished they lunch, and every liberal forum attack those who do not march in lockstep with their pro-everthing goes agenda and get away with it with out even so much as a slap on the wrist – and ive been attacked for asking a fucking question lmsao.   all i wanted to know was why, when the church one went to stayed with the bible in regards to homosexuality – the people she was friends with for years, etc etc etc were now bigots.  i honestly dont think she ever answered that question but i got gangbanged lol. and i wonder if kiata ever found me the verse in which god said that pedophilia is ok, bestiality is ok, fucking the dead is ok – since she specifically asked ME just where Jesus said homosexuality is wrong.  so i asked HER where in the bible it says the above is ok.  those who spout the liberal agenda believe that anything/everything goes – the pedo’s are now trying to get their sickness legalized.  we said it would happen while the gays all said no it wont.  they should have stayed in the fucking closet where they belong.

oh yeah – the ladies who wished they lunched also have a remarkable inability to actually stay on topic lol.  case in point – speak english.  one chick started a thread about speaking english.  apparently a friend of hers (who may not be a friend anymore due to the post she put up) put up a post on facebook about speaking english.  now the chick didnt give all the information (they never do at the isle) but i can bet that the actual post said something along the lines of SPEAK ENGLISH OR GET THE FUCK OUT.  hey – works for me. i  tend to lean along those lines myself.  if you come to this country to live, learn the fucking language, learn OUR customs.  do NOT come here to start a little mexico, or little italy etc.  you came here to get away from whatever was going on in your homeland.  so learn our language dumbass.  but the ladies who wished they lunched instead went off on a tangent that the original posters friend was a bigot (i think, i got bored of that thread really quickly) and very quickly turned it into a thread that everyone should learn to speak a new language.  something that had absolutely nothing to do with the original post lol.

case in point #2…. thread topic florida welfare recipients to be drug tested.  my hand to my heart, not a single post in that thread addressed the actual title/post.  every single post dealt with drug testing on the job.  one chick whined up a storm – how it was a violation of her privacy yada yada yada. but none of them had anything to say about the welfare queens and drug testing.  me personally – im all for it.  if you are on the public dole – damn straight youre getting drug tested.  randomly and most likely by hair sample as its harder to cover that up than it is a piss test.

speaking of piss testing, that leads me to douchebag ex’s.  no post about douchebags would be complete without a shout out to my ex husband lol.  he takes the cake on lying, cheating and stealing and still, after all these years, his family and mine still believe the shit he blamed on me.  i could care less about my family, but his – well that sucks. he lied to both families incessantly and blamed every wrong we had and done on me.  i got into a rather heated discussion with one of his family members about my kids being abused after we split up. his girlfriend did the beatings but he was responsible for their welfare and couldnt have cared less what happened to my kids.  guilt by neglect. at that time he was still whacked out on crack. but they refuse to see that. “oh he couldnt have done anything to the kids, or let anything happen to them”.  well donnygal – i have the pics taken by cys. they and the er totally supported me.

on cheating – well, that subjects already been covered in previous posts so there is nothing left to say.  which brings us to stealing… lets see –  he made me sign our tax return for over a grand, promised to bring my part back (i was home sick as a dog) so i could go clothes shopping.  well, did he?  noooo. he went downtown and copped an oz of coke.  he didnt come home for several days.  he sold my guitar, but did i get the money?  noooo, he went downtown and copped some crack.  i still think he stole my engagement ring and check from the back of my checkbook.  do we see a pattern forming here?  and i saved the best for last – he is still screwing me over even though im remarried!  oh roughly 2+ years ago, his mom was in the hospital and i took the kids to go see gram.  he was there with his girlfriend (who looks remarkably like his mom. freud would have a field day with that).  they followed us when we left and cornered me by my car.  he told me that merryland or pa was going to take his drivers licence due to non payment of support. i told him i wasnt surprised, i had to fight him for years to get him to pay up, remember and you still owe me arrearages.  so he all but begged me – if you will help me out with this, i promise to pay you the $7000 (something around that amount) i owe you.  now butter wouldnt melt in his mouth and when he says he promises… *rolling eyes*.  i told him he didnt owe me that much, he only owed me $3300.  he said according to merryland he owed me the $7k+.  i told him look, if i do this, i do expect you to pay up brain – but i will not accept anything over the $3300 and the difference you can pay to the kids.

so guess who went to domestic, with a note dropping all arrearages?  yes, you guessed right. im the idiot who did it.  and i knew that it would be a pain in the ass to get any money out of him, hell, he wouldnt pay when ordered by the court to do so.  i had to call him to get him to send money – and i only did that when we needed it.  id say he only paid me mebbe $800 total in the last 2 years.  and i know damn well he wont give the kids anything either.  so on the lying, cheating and stealing scale – my ex takes the douchebag award.  even now – when we’ve been apart and im happily remarried, he’s still doing his very best to fuck me over and he wont be happy until every family member – both his and mine hates me with a white hot passion.  *shrugs* i dont care anymore.  yes, im a little sad that ive lost a family that ive known since childhood, but perhaps this is a sign that its time to move on. i’ll be sad though when gram and aunt jean pass on and im sure they wont tell me.  i only found out that gram was very sick a few months ago from my kids.  now thats fucked up – ive known her since i was a child.  that shows a serious lack of character and grace on their side.  but again, its to be expected.

so thats my story and im sticking to it.  it sure beats sitting here watching martha stewart.  god i hate her.