good evening gentle readers.  ive been thinking about it for a while and im beginning to think that a midnight ninja raid or three is overdue.  what is a midnight ninja raid you ask SU?  a midnight ninja raid is when you (we) or i (you) get dressed in dark clothes and go to the various and sundry farms in your (my) or my (your) general area and free the mini moo’s from their bondage.

but SU – what is their bondage and the purpose of their bondage you ask?  the sole purpose of this horrible practice is that the farmers are “raising veal”.  i am so diametrically opposed to this practice that it makes my skin crawl.  i havent eaten veal in well over 30 years.  but what is “raising veal” you ask.  veal is the product of containing a baby cow in a pen barely as large as it is so that it can not move, and therefore not toughen the meat.  that is why veal is so tender and forkable.  the baby cow simply can not move around.  i am so totally against that practice that it infuriates me as an animal lover and as far as peta is concerned (and i have little use for those assholes), im a person who eats tasty animals. but not veal. gimme a excellent cut of filet, or a strip steak (when im in the mood for steak, which isnt all that often) and im as happy as a pig in shit.

but there are times when midnight ninja raids are just for shits and giggles and they used to be my mischief night days.  oh, those were the days… (sings archie and edith lol).  pop would stock us up with toilet paper, soap and eggs and off we’d go into that dark night <seg>.  i also have a fairly distinct memory of a bunch of us walking to our buddy daves house with a case or two, thru a field of cows, there may have been snow at the time, of that i am not sure and stopping to go cow-tipping lol.  yes, cow-tipping.  it was a long walk to daves, we had to have some fun you know.  and the 1984 new years party at his house totally rocked!  lol aint nothing like waking up covered in dried champagne the next morning!  thank god for cold pizza!

i do have some ideas for midnight ninja raids however, but those i must keep to myself <weseg>  my motives are not always pure…  like the dog down the street that needs to be rescued as its owners dont give a fucking crap about it.  i’ve already called the spca on them twice because of the treatment of the dog.  first the dog was unleashed and running out into the street in front of me or after my car (and others – pa is a leash law state).  well – that got the poor thing chained up as far from the house as possible, with what looks to be a 10 foot chain attached to a dog house – and i mean this dog house is as far away from the human house as can be.  and since then, i have NEVER seen the kids or ANYONE playing with the poor thing.  then, i cant tell you how many times ive seen that poor thing pacing at the end of his rope with his food dish in his mouth with the owners on the porch just sitting there.  even in the rain, that poor dog would be pacing with its bowl in his mouth and the owners sitting their porch bullshitting and ignoring their dog, the kids nowhere in sight.  if thats not neglect, i dont know what is.  so im thinking of a midnight ninja raid to free that poor thing and finding a home where he will be loved and cherished like a dog should be.  i simply can not tolerate animal abuse.  personally i would like to see done to the humans what was done to the animal.  times 10 of course.

lmsao im watching two and a half men, the episode where one of charlie’s ex’s comes back, as a man!  charlie, look at me.  charlie looks – noooooo.  jill?  no, bill.  noooooooooooooo lolol.  this is one of my favorite episodes, after squab.  SQUAB is a classic!  and we’re now getting close to stuporbowl time and socially unattractives 3rd annual stuporbowl blog, which will naturally feature the puppy bowl!!  we like the puppy bowl, if you didnt figure that out already.  im kinda bummed that tim tebow and co didnt make the bowl but the fact that they made it as far as they did and that he was getting slammed by the assholes of the country who have problems with people of faith, publicly expressing their faith is heartwarming to me.  tim is an inspiration to so many people, especially baby believers, and even believers like me who sometimes have problems with their faith because he lives his faith in such an unassuming way, despite what he does on the field.  i would like to be more like him in so many ways.

some of my ninja raids do require road trips, but its all good and the end result is so worth it.  but more importantly, i have some excellent sites that i frequent, and you all should go take a look at them.  if you are into art, bob venosa’s site is beyond incredible along with michael im too lazy to go check one of my books whelan, he did the illustrations for heinlein, stephen kings the dark tower etc.  ive listed delphi forums if you are into the gladiator style of current events, but there are far more other subjects to find and enjoy.  drageara is about one of my favorite authors, steven brust – his books are outstanding.   im hoping that i have terry pratchett there as well, if not he will be there shortly.  i wouldnt put those links there if i thought that you all wouldnt like them, as well as showing some insight into the mind of socially unattractive.  so please, go check them out.  they’re pretty righteous!

and with that, i bid you adieu!

eta good lord my dog kilo farts like my exhusband.  he, and the damn dog could clear out a room!  jeez kilo, that was rank!