they’re on their way…. yup gentle readers, our new neighbor moved in today.  thats the thing about apartment living i dont really like, someone living above us and getting to listen to them moving around.  well, that isnt that bad, i can tolerate and adapt, unlike my beloved who cant handle it at all and will shortly be sleeping in the living room lol. that is the only part of the hobbit  house that does NOT have a floor above it!  i love that because when it rains, i can listen to it and the music it brings is wonderfully cleansing to the soul and mind.

but back to the new neighbor… *rolling eyes*  we knew before hand he was moving in, but there was a rumor that the new ‘bor was a mom with small kids.  holy crap i thought, my beloved might actually flip the internal switch and revert to the jungle, we got the kids out of the house (send money).  we’re fortunate to have wonderful neighbors – very wonderful neighbors, 2 of which we’re having a cook out with on sunday and i get to make my potato salad! WOOT WOOT!  they’re kids, young and in love and it makes me feel good to see them and the love they have for each other that is palpable and happy!  or as my son used to say – it makes my heart feel big.  i think that is the most creative and wonderful explanation of love i have ever heard – it makes my heart feel big.  my son is incredible.  he doesnt jaw much but when he does, its something worthwhile and valueable.  and our other neighbors are just as cool, but they’re leaving us. im so sad. they are fantastic and we are really going to miss them.  hmm the great karnak senses another cookout night coming along before they leave!!!  but all that being said lol, i noticed a truck pull in and i called the landlord and she said it was ok, the upstairs apartment had been rented.  cool – can i ask a question?  rumor has it that our new neighbor is a mom with 3 kids (i had been inside that apartment and there was no logical or feasible way that 4 people could live there but i had to ask lol) and she laughed and said no- but she did inform me that our new neighbor was an older gentlement and was, well, “special” she said very kindly so i will put it as he is one of Gods special people.  my husband met him last week when he was here doing a walk about i guess and asked him to please check for the electric and to please call him and let him know (which we all know i would be the one doing it lol).  so yesterday the electric co came and turned on the elec and i’ll be damned if they couldnt be bothered to shut the fridge.  so i did it and called to let him know.  but my beloved did state he said he was special – slow if you will.

they didnt start moving in till later this afternoon.  i found it very amusing when i was out back with pez and kilo when the first load came in – im assuming one person was on the landing and pez started barking.  “Pez, other people are allowed to live here too” i shouted so whoever was up there would get the picture. kilo was just standing there watching. few minutes later, another person, same thing “Pez other people are allowed to live here too!” lol. third time was the charm, said the same thing but this time got up to go smile and wave at whoever was there.  i had been sitting back on the patio smoking.  and then brought the heinous hounds in cause i got sick of listening to the Pezzird, the Pezzinator, the Pezzilingo the Pezzilicious, The Pez lol.  they will get used to it, the neighbor and the dogs.

but i hate change. i really do.  i love the hobbit house and as our next door neighbor is totally awesome, he’s moving sept1 and is getting rid of everything he owns as he’s moving cross country. i managed to score 4 chairs for my kitchen table, dry erase board and i have dibbs on their nuker lmsao.  but all that sucks as we really like him and his girlfriend and her little dog.  we tried introducing him to the heinous hounds but as mine are well, a little exuberant at meeting new friends, they really scared her woofie. sigh – medhead is kicking in and i had more to say, but more importantly i wanted to say im sorry sunshine.  i was wrong.

and to thank klonnie for todays earworm supreme- cage the elephant – aint no rest for the wicked.  Oh, there ain’t no rest for the wicked,
Money don’t grow on trees, I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, There ain’t nothing in this world for free.
I know I can’t slow down, I can’t hold back, Though you know I wish I could, Oh no there ain’t no rest for the wicked,
Until we close our eyes for good.