and yes gentle readers, that heartless bitch got me good.  my fever goes from 102 to 100 to 102 and back. it just wont break.  coughing hurts terribly and i think a lung may make its grand appearance soon and the sneezes – oh the sneezes. i can stop some of them but the ones i cant stop, i think my sinus’s will explode lol.  illness and i do not get along well and fortunately im good at describing them picturesquely .  hey, if i have to suffer, so do you my gentle readers. HA!

i started getting sick about last wednesday i think and by friday i knew i was screwed, and screwed hard.  i shouldnt have been working in a food environment and i told my back up that i AM NOT handling food and he’s going to do his job or im going to kill him. thank God he listened. i really didnt want to have to kill him. i wouldnt have had back up had i killed him lol.  but i also got to teach him the way of jenny with regards to the coffee pots and how to run them properly. and he listened.  good kid. do NOT mess with my coffee system. it works and it works well. now i have to break the rest of them of their bad habits….

but i left a half hour early – i hit the wall. i was close to passing out, my fever was on the rise and i was getting dizzy.  when you have a 40 minute drive to work/home, you really need to be on your best game and i wasnt.  thankfully i made it home safe and passed out on the couch in my jammies and several blankies. i still couldnt get warm and i cranked up the heater. screw the electric bill. i was cold.  so eventually tom gets home and i tell him he’s got to call me off work tomorrow as its patently obvious that i can not work. if you could see me and hear me – you wouldnt want me at work either. hell, i cant even stand up straight!  he was sweet about it rather than being a dick and called me out.  im even considering calling out tomorrow and going to the doc. cant really afford it, but im to the point now that i need cough syrup, something to break up the ick inside the lungs, something for swollen tonsils, snuffly nose/sinus’s and something to kill me as bronchitis, thou art a heartless bitch. and a doctors note.  i havent been this sick in a very long time.  i figured once the gruesome twosome grew up and left for college, the germs would be few and far between – and i was correct in that assumption, but what i didnt consider was that my immune system would weaken due to them being gone so while i wouldnt get sick often, when i do get sick i go down hard.  thanks kids.  dont worry, i’ll get even.

so i sit here now, sunday morning wishing for death. or a cough medicine that will make me forget im sick 😉 and stop the coughs and pain. the tussin i have doesnt cut it and its basically the same as delsym.(?)  that was the only med that stopped my sons coughs. or was it the one that starts with ‘m’.  i cant remember – but its not working and thats all that matters. and im cold again and thats telling me that its time to sign off.

so my gentle readers, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, eat vitamin C like its going out of style, drink ginseng and echinesea (sp) tea and lots of it and try that zinc med thats supposed to stop a cold quick. dont know what all of that will do for bronichitis, that heartless bitch, but i’d really hate to see any of you get sick and wishing for death like i am lol.

and on that note, i bid you a sick but fond adieu….

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