lmsao gentle readers, yes, that was really said in my household as a teen.  my dearest friend kimmy came from serious money and the first time she came up, we may have been going to a dead show, maybe not but she was coming in her famililies chauffered bently. i told my dad and i got the usual yeah sure, right. he never believed me lol. i told him pop, seriously a chauffered bent.  uh huh honey, im sure she will.  and when that bent showed up my pops jaw hit the floor.  the chauffer came out and opened the door for me, i said see ya pop, with an evil grin on my face to the stark amazement on his face, got in and off we went.  the dead show came later now that i think of it and that was a riot in and of itself lmsao.  picture me gentle readers crashed out on the stairs up to the spectrum blowing doobs, wasted as can be, and the bent shows up and kimmy rolls out drunk as a skunk.  good times good times lol. every dead event was a great time!

im still suffering from teh head cold from hell.  dizzy, lightheaded and weak as hell. id like to know who gave this to me so i can beat them half to death. the bronchitis was bad enough, like i really needed this?  im not hungry at all but i know i need something to eat and cereal is just not cutting it. dont got no bakey so thats out. guess i’ll try a ham and cheese omelette. blech.  fevers going up again too.  double blech.  ive been up since 1 am and im about sick of this non sleeping gig ive got going on. im an insomniac to begin with and heavily medicated for everyones protection and so i can sleep so when this happens it pisses me off royally. its been three days in a roll and the donald is back and our week fo peace is gone. it was so quiet when he was gone and now i hear the thud thud squeek squeek squeek of his heavy foot steps at all hours of the night, he is one of gods special people but that dont mean shit to me, squeek squeek squeek of his heavy foot steps usually starting when we go to bed.  at 4am i hollered GO TO SLEEP DON, ITS BED TIME QUIT WALKING AROUND AND KEEPING US AWAKE and he got quiet for a little bit. he got loud again and i hollered it again and he’s been quiet ever since,  i was outside at 1am and sho nuff, his light was on.  sonofabitch.  that bastard keeps us up all freaking night and already has 2 strikes against him and i dont want to be the one who have him kicked out considering a friend of mine is very interested in the apartment come august when don is rumored to be moving out YEAH!!!  the question remains is can i tolerate donald that long.  ive already gotten my invisible shotgun out and followed hims as he lurches across the apartment saying he is right about here BANG!!!.

but that enough of my nutcase neighbor getting tired as it is, its been a long night. and on that not, i think i will bid you a fond adieux my gentle readers  i cant thank you for enough.  it means the world to me!

and on that note i bid you a fond adieu gentle readers!