Yes gentle readers, i know ive been mia the last couple of years. Ive just had some heavy socially unattractive shit that ive had to go thru.  Lol contrary to the comments of a narcissistic psychopath, no im not dead or nor have i been in jail. Lol. Some losers…

But i digress. Im getting the wild hair to write again. A little to be sure, but its there. Lmsao the loogie story which i just told my beloved will be featured lol. A 5 minute story that took me half an hour and 4 different side stories lol.

My children are growing up and flying high. My daughter mini me and ger husband just bought their first motorcycles (thats my kids)  and my son was discharged from the army honorably and is back in school on the gi bill. A mom couldnt be more proud!!

Well on that note i think ive caught you up on the life according to socially unattractive. Im sure there will be more to come lol.