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i just read the most amazing blog post gentle readers. you probably dont know this about me, nor wouldnt believe it when you read it, but im a conservative capatilist constitutionalst. i believe in freedom, liberty and justice for all. you work for what you have. and the second amendment FIRMLY. now when i say you work for what you have, there is no excuse for you not to. hey – i work at a convenience store to make money, i do what i have to do to pay the bills. whats your excuse welfare baby momma, crack daddy, unemployment ho?  i didnt go to college and ive had very good jobs in my time. there is no excuse for you NOT to get up off your duffs and off the dole. all that being said (thats one of my pet peeves and one of my deepest truest beliefs is that if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

so lol.  i read this most incredibly awesome post called it cant happen here. it put my political/social scientist beliefs into words so perfectly, i had to share it with you – and give serious props to a) dr robert owens, the guest writer and b) the lonely conservative blog, who i just bookmarked.  its freakin awesome.  i wont discuss politics on socially unattractive gentle readers cause thats not how i roll but occasionally i will find something that just screams ME and share it with you.  so on that note, i bring you:   IT CANT HAPPEN HERE (gentle applause):

It Can’t happen Here

Revolutions happened in other countries.  The USSR, their satellite countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, African countries, and of course those banana republics somewhere down south, but one thing is for sure, it can’t happen here.  Following in the footsteps of giants who have used these prophetic words of Sinclair Lewis I want to examine how it did happen here.

In the America of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, in theAmericawe inherited from our forefathers we knew that there could never be a revolution.  We had the Constitution with its checks and balances, its separation of powers, and its Bill of Rights.  These were rock solid, carved in stone, and strong enough to preserve the Republic and safe guard the freedom of its people.

Besides the American people would not stand for some wannabe dictator and his brown, black or whatever color shirt followers marching through the streets and into the White House.  The sons of the Pioneers wouldn’t sit still for any attempt to curtail limited government, personal freedom, or economic opportunity.  No way!  No how!  Others might accept censorship, surveillance, and rigged elections, but not us, not Americans.  We had fought wars to defend our independence, wars to defeat totalitarianism; we had even fought wars to spread freedom.  No, we wouldn’t quietly allow homegrown tyrants to grasp the levers of power.

I sounds so comforting, “It can’t happen here.”  If you take a beginning Political Science class in either High School or College you will learn how the government works. How bills become laws, how the legislature is made up of the freely elected representatives of the people, how the President runs the executive branch and the Supreme Court sits atop the judicial branch.  You will learn about the Declaration of Independence and how the Constitution was written to replace the Articles of Confederation which were too weak to work.  Yes, you will learn all about how it’s supposed to work.

In most schools you will also learn that the Constitution is a “living Document” that can be re-interpreted to fit every generation and every age.  The results of 100 years of re-interpretation have led us to the brink of ruin and me to recommend that the study of the Constitution be moved from Political Science to History, since what rules us today is legal precedent and bureaucratic regulation.  The courts use foreign laws and traditions to interpret our laws and traditions.  The legislature passes laws they don’t read filled with thousands of pages of vague platitudes and goals that the bureaucrats fill in with no oversight and the force of law.  And the President does whatever he wants and no one says a thing.

So how did America fall for the oldest con in the world: “Give me your freedom and I’ll give you security?”

Those who wished to gain power had no ideology or theology which inspired them.  They only sought power for power’s sake.  They espoused whatever populist themes gave them the broadest support.  To bring as many interest groups as possible into their coalition they embraced an “I’m okay you’re okay” relativity that rejected absolutes and extoled the fringe as the mainstream.

And all the while the decedents of the blacksmiths and farmers who once congregated on corners to discuss the latest political pamphlet or to debate the merits of economic policy snoozed on the couch waking up long enough to go to work or watch the game.

The Revolutionaries of the New America first took root in the faculty lounges of academia providing the intellectual and cultural cover for an American movement that promoted the opposite of everythingAmericastood for.  From the classrooms of our colleges, came the next generations of teachers, journalists, lawyers, artists, and politicians.  Soon it was common knowledge that our once rock-solid Constitution was a Living Document to be twisted and changed whenever those in power found the need.

From here it was just a matter of time until a revolution was accomplished through evolutionary change.  Once the centers of power were secure in Washington, Hollywood, and the media the trickle of change became a torrent and the torrent became a tsunami.  Two wings on the same bird of prey, perpetually re-elected representatives from the twin headed party of power pander to the lowest common denominators, buying votes, using taxes to punish enemies, and tax money to reward friends.

Our tyrants-in-training have captured the government and the economy, created a dependent class of motor-voters, convinced people that a continually growing debt is sustainable, and turned the government into the one who picks winners and losers instead of a free economy.  The slow slide down a slippery slope has accelerated into a precipitous procession over a predictable precipice.  To those who have seen this coming it is like watching a slow motion train wreck.  The coming destruction is not mitigated in the least by the decades or warning.

Our prideful boast of it can’t happen here has become a heart wrenching analysis of how it did happen here.  How did the Progressives capture our land and subvert our Republic?  They did it gradually inch by inch, step by step.  When they lost a round they held their gains and as soon as possible recovered their long march toward a totally transformed nation.

How they changed it brings us to the question, “How do we change it back?”

Violent revolt is both repugnant and obviously suicidal to people who understand that once that genie is out of the bottle there is no way to know which way it will go, except that the odds are heavily against it ever landing back in a stable land of limited government and personal freedom.  The power of the state is overwhelming.  Millions of shot guns, pistols, and even those terrible assault rifles we are constantly being lectured about would make no headway against Abrams tanks and F-18s.

There are only two ways to have a successful peaceful revolution.  One: the vast majority of the people must go on strike and refuse to operate as a society until the changes have been made.  Or two: it must happen gradually line upon line verse upon verse always keeping the goal in sight and moving forward at every opportunity.  In other words we must do to the new establishment what they did to the old: not overthrow it, supplant it, and replace it in the hearts and minds of the people.

We can rest assured that all people at all times eventually yearn for freedom thus the stage is set by the very nature of man that God imprinted on us in His creation.  Free choice is the natural state of man and in the end we will return to it.  This pall of totalitarianism which is falling like a shadow across the land will one day awake to find the light of liberty cannot be quenched forever.

What should we do?  Education is the key.  If you are not a teacher become one.  Learn to show yourself approved.  Teach anyone who will listen of freedom, of the true History of the American experiment.  Become involved in any way you can to retake control of our education system so that we can train the coming generations to love freedom, truth, justice, and the American way.

And don’t lose hope.  God created us to be free, and though tyrants always seek to ensnare people in their self-serving systems we will one day be free again.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Remember what we thought couldn’t happen here has and what they think can’t happen to them will. Freedom will rise from the ashes and one day the light of liberty will once again burn brightly in America the beautiful.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2013 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

i told you she’s picking me up in a chauffered bently pop


lmsao gentle readers, yes, that was really said in my household as a teen.  my dearest friend kimmy came from serious money and the first time she came up, we may have been going to a dead show, maybe not but she was coming in her famililies chauffered bently. i told my dad and i got the usual yeah sure, right. he never believed me lol. i told him pop, seriously a chauffered bent.  uh huh honey, im sure she will.  and when that bent showed up my pops jaw hit the floor.  the chauffer came out and opened the door for me, i said see ya pop, with an evil grin on my face to the stark amazement on his face, got in and off we went.  the dead show came later now that i think of it and that was a riot in and of itself lmsao.  picture me gentle readers crashed out on the stairs up to the spectrum blowing doobs, wasted as can be, and the bent shows up and kimmy rolls out drunk as a skunk.  good times good times lol. every dead event was a great time!

im still suffering from teh head cold from hell.  dizzy, lightheaded and weak as hell. id like to know who gave this to me so i can beat them half to death. the bronchitis was bad enough, like i really needed this?  im not hungry at all but i know i need something to eat and cereal is just not cutting it. dont got no bakey so thats out. guess i’ll try a ham and cheese omelette. blech.  fevers going up again too.  double blech.  ive been up since 1 am and im about sick of this non sleeping gig ive got going on. im an insomniac to begin with and heavily medicated for everyones protection and so i can sleep so when this happens it pisses me off royally. its been three days in a roll and the donald is back and our week fo peace is gone. it was so quiet when he was gone and now i hear the thud thud squeek squeek squeek of his heavy foot steps at all hours of the night, he is one of gods special people but that dont mean shit to me, squeek squeek squeek of his heavy foot steps usually starting when we go to bed.  at 4am i hollered GO TO SLEEP DON, ITS BED TIME QUIT WALKING AROUND AND KEEPING US AWAKE and he got quiet for a little bit. he got loud again and i hollered it again and he’s been quiet ever since,  i was outside at 1am and sho nuff, his light was on.  sonofabitch.  that bastard keeps us up all freaking night and already has 2 strikes against him and i dont want to be the one who have him kicked out considering a friend of mine is very interested in the apartment come august when don is rumored to be moving out YEAH!!!  the question remains is can i tolerate donald that long.  ive already gotten my invisible shotgun out and followed hims as he lurches across the apartment saying he is right about here BANG!!!.

but that enough of my nutcase neighbor getting tired as it is, its been a long night. and on that not, i think i will bid you a fond adieux my gentle readers  i cant thank you for enough.  it means the world to me!

and on that note i bid you a fond adieu gentle readers!



sick again are you fucking kidding me?


like the first time wasnt bad enough gentle readers but this time i seem to have caught one helluva headcold (and i cant type for shit).  snuffly nose, bronchial cough (its familial), fever, headache, swollen tonsils and sore throat, i just cant win for losing.  ive got enough bills coming up this week that a doctor appointment isnt feasible so im back to my tried and true herbal remedies.  but in the mean time gentle readers, im going to die. yes you read right, im going to die i feel that bad.  grumps tells me to think positive and i tell him im positive im going to die .  dontcha hate it when you get the itchies on the roof of your mouth? lord almighty i hate that.

but on a happy note, i was blessed to talk to my minime, my eldest daughter who is so freakin scary intelligent you dont want to mess with her lol.  she takes her physical for the armed forces next week and is going in as an officer (she passed officer candidate school – c’mon, like i expected any less?????) and asked me to get her medical records as she had an appendectomy at 4 and thought they may ask for that.  my darling daughter, i doubt they’ll care about what happened when you were four but i got your back anytime, anywhere and i’ll send them out next week.  she’s also getting married in may and i could not have picked a better husband for her if i tried.  her intended is her match in brains, humor etc and is her perfect mate and son in law.  he even had the balls to stand up to me once and that aint no little thing lol.  he earned my respect then and has it now.

m’boy is doing wonderfully in his finance major – considering he has no problem making money, this should be a breeze for him lol. in many ways his is my minime (not in looks like m’daughter” but in personality, oh lord…) and is as brilliant as his sister and now that he’s found his way, i can only hope he learns to use his powers for good. please son, use them for good lol.

ive had so many lyrics going thru my bwain that ive not known where to turn, and i didnt want to do another whah im a bipolar bitch post.  there are several very excellent bipolar blogs out there that there really didnt need to be another one, im more fun in talking about my life, telling stories out my life (i got a ton of them lol) and maybe an occasional bipolar gig.  kinda like the time we were in st thomas… my bud screwball managed to cop along for the ride with us on that particular trip.  my dad had been talking about it and screw said can i come? and my dad, not thinking said if your parents will pay the airfare.  next day screw comes over and said my parents will pay airfare and what was my dad to do – bwahahahhaha so we had our adopted brother come along.

during the trip we met this kid who had some righteous smoke, along the lines of mowi wowi and he got us WASTED.  we were trying to take the elevator back up to the hotel (the hotel was on a cliff and you had to take an elevator down and up) and we were so stoned that the kid, looking at the button board saw the term westinghouse and pronounced it wessssstinnngggg hhhoooouuusseeee, to our complete and utter amusement (suffice it to say when the elevator opened we were still shrieking.  ahh that was a great trip, one of our best.  we ordered a case from room service and played quarters one night.  if my parents only knew – but they did catch us with a bottle of champagne and i told them it was mine – they all got sent back to the room and i was let go with the bottle – woot woot!!!

ive just downloaded an app on the recommendation of a friend – google sky. it shows you the constellations/stars/planets in the night sky and the planet i thought was venus turned out to be jupiter – how cool is that?  i get to figure out all the constellations and the m-class planets, its awesome.  and even during the day what stars/planets/constellations are still up there (just because its not night doesnt mean the stars go away!!!).  its weird though to be able to see planets from earth with your naked eye but its cool at the same time.

has anyone reading here watched the amish mafia?  holy chit its funny as hell and takes place right in my back yard.  i live seconds from lancaster county and i know exactly where lebanon levis office is – which in itself is funny as hell.  i know ok, i believe most of it is scripted – seriously how many people get away with blowing a hole in the windshield of a car on air, but still, its hysterical. then this freak from ohio – merlin? is his name? please what a pussy.  talks a big game he does and has a little midget to try to do his dirty work and an amish sidekick who aint all that bright if you ask me lol. so thats what he surrounds himself with.  i doubt he’ll take levi down. and i know where esther lives as well.  nickle mines is burned into the brains of everyone who lives around here and grumps and i used to ride past that school house frequently all those years ago.  but that show’s hysterical and amusing watching.  i laugh thru it.  sides theres nothing else on and i liked breaking amish.

like i said ive had many tunes running in the gray matter and this ones on high rotation – i am older now, i have more than what i wanted, but i wish that that i had started long before i did, there is so much time to make up everywhere you turn, time we have wasted on the way, so much water moving underneath the bridge, let the water come and carry us away…..

i send this out to my children – the lesson to learn, from their mother – its water under the bridge now. i love you two.  ya weirdos lol and you come by it honestly!!! ((((kidlings))))

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