old man winter

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is finally yielding, though not without a struggle gentle readers, to Persephone, Goddess of Spring!  While we still have over a foot of snow in our yard and thought there is no sign of crocus’ or daffydoodles anywhere near my yard lol, the temps are slowly rising and the sun is gaining its strength and remaining in the sky longer and longer with each passing day.

It helps that daylight savings is next week <seg>.  Oh to gain that extra hour of daylight….

But march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and i’m sure old man winter still has a few tricks up his nasty little sleeve for us.  I’ve been keeping  a close eye on the weather and the El Nino and especially the weather in texas as that seems to be bringing the weather that dumps boucoup snows on us (thanks guys lol i love you too).  We were however fortunate to miss the last storm that just hammered new england with the stalled front that is technically a philly phenomenon.  Better them than us lol.  We’ve snoverdosed.

The last few days have brought us temps in the mid to *gasp* high 40’s!!!  HOLY SHIT BATMAN SAY IT AINT SO!!!  Yet the snowpack in our yard isn’t melting lol.  It’ll be there till April i bet. (May if our luck holds true lmsao).   Thats what you get for living in the woods, on a hill and facing north *g*.  Yet when i come down from my hill and go just a mile and a half down the road, i actually see green!  sigh.

But rumor has it that tomorrow we’re going to hit 56ish and i told my beloved grumpy we’re riding come hell or high water.  I need my zen time.  I need the quiet time on the bike (despite the drag pipes lol) putting down the road, seeing fallow fields getting ready for the plow, cows approaching calving time – all the signs that Persephone is coming back from Hades.  And of course hearing the potato potato potato of the pipes as we gently cruise down the back roads on a chill day.  I’ll be bundled up in my leathers, my legs wrapped around grumps with my head back, a smile on my face  so i can feel the weak sun on my face and know that life is good.

I noticed yesterday on my smoke run that the bikes are starting to come out of their winter storage.  It made me feel good.  We’re getting the itch – the itch to hit the ground running and feel the road beneath our rubber and watch the miles ride behind us.   Im hoping to meet some friends down at the Union Hotel in merryland this summer.  Its been a while and the Union is a rockin biker bar in port deposit merryland.  During the summer they have live bands on the weekends and i’d be remiss if i didnt give a HUGE shout out to their pit sammiches (roast beast and ham) and horseradish.  Its that good!  You can eat at the bar – they bring the food over from the restaurant and the food is really good as well, but a tad pricey imo.  Stick with the shots and beers and the pit sammichs and you cant go wrong.

Just remember to watch the weather if your riding down there.  Last time grumps and i and his friends rode down for an afternoon, we got caught in a horrendous thunderstorm with sky to ground lightning.  I dont recommend that for anyone lol and we dont own rain gear lol.  Yet.  At one point we had to pull over under an over pass and every few seconds another bike pulled over next to us lol.  I think we were there for a good hour sharing the camaraderie of the road!  When the torrential downpour finally calmed down to a drizzle, we decided we could make it home (we were still about 40 minutes from home lol).  We made it to the WaWa for coffee and i drained my boots of the water that was sloshing around my toes lol.

Ahh adventures in motorcycling.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Its the only place I’m truly happy – on the back of grumps bike.

I cant decide on which tunes to leave you with so i will give you several

Hot Tuna Sunny Day Strut

Hot Tuna Highway Song

and in honor of our torrential downpour lol i give you The Water Song

one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer

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I looked at the bartender and said, look man, come down here….

Ahhh how i love to hang at the bar gentle readers.  However, i cant stand bourbon, i refuse to drink scotch and my beer drinking days are over – it just doesnt sit well anymore.  Gimme my black cherry vodka and i’m a happy jenny.  But when i start doing shots of yukon (hello yukon my old friend, i’ve come to drink with you again…), i’m utterly useless for 2 days lol.  I have finally come to the realization (wisdom comes with age *snorts*) that when the shots start tasting good, its time to leave!  <seg>  Funny, but i cant take my own advise lol.

So im sitten there, at the bar, yesterday after work waiting for my bud patti to get there.  We have a standing arrangement now that i’m a *coughproductivecough* citizen again that we meet at the bar on friday’s at 4.  Sniff sniff – she didnt show.  So i did what any respectable socially unattractive person would do and began drinking anyway!  Jo, the bartender asks – want the usual Jen?  Ahh i love it, i have “the usual” lmsao.

But Jenny, what is your usual?  You know, i think i covered this in a prior post, but hey – who cares lmsao!  My usual is what we’ve termed the Black Cherry Matrix, and a large glass of ice water.

It was quiet in the bar, which at 4pm is fairly standard in any bar – happy hour doesnt start till 5 lol.  While i am a social whore, i also like my peace and quiet time at the bar to destress.    I drop a fivespot in the jukebox and depending on my mood at the time, play either mellow music, or i totally jam.  Yesterday i turned jo on to A3 – the band that rates in my top 5 all time favorite bands, well , mebbe top 10…  But for those of you who arent familiar with this band, they did the theme song for The Soprano’s – Woke Up This Morning.  That being said, this band is the epitome of Being Socially Unattractive and i want to keep Larry Love in my closet, only to take him out on a quasi regular basis to do illegal and immoral things with him.  *happy reflective sigh*.

I now have to find on one of my myriad of self burned discs, A3’s Sister Rosetta – a #cking totally awesome cajun/bayouish tune that is so freakin cool words cant describe it lol as Jo liked what i played for her (Hypo Full of Love; the 12 step program, Too Sick To Pray, Cocaine Killed My Community and a few others off Il Peste).

But… i totally enjoy chillin at the bar and swapping stories with the other patrons.  Stories of our kids, our glory days, bike accidents – you know, the usual stuff you talk about in a dive biker bar.

So im sittin there, at the bar (lol) waitin on patti to get there.  By 5.30, she wasnt there, i was tired (remember i’m a working stiff now) so i split for home.  With manboy not around, i get to strip my way thru the house in search of the jammies.  Home = comfy time.  no shoes, no socks LEAVE.ME.ALONE!

At 6ish, the fone rings (my cell rang twice – i didnt hear it.  funny, i only hear the text message alert, which is eminems lose yourself lol).  Patti was at the bar – where was i?  They told her i was there and had gone and she was checking on me (that is what real friends are for).  And hoping i’d come back out.

I was tired.  I was in my jammies (gorgeous tye dye tank dress), she said cool, get some rest.

After i hung up, i told my beloved that patti wanted me to come back out.  He said g’head honey, go shoot the shit with patti.  Just dont do shots, you’re useless the next day when you do shots!  I thought about (i hate this fucking keyboard) it and called my bud – be there in 15, let me get changed!

(Please excuse me, i’m taking a personal vacation in hell right now…)

I meet up with pat, at the bar (lol).  To which Jo said – Your Usual, again?  Heh heh heh.  As i had a raging headache, i had taken my meds, which specificaly states:  DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WITH THIS MEDICATION. (painkillers and booze…. need i say more?).

Remember gentle readers, i’m a professional abuser, dont try this at home.  Also, (public service announcement time) and i can NOT stress this enough, if you are going out drinking, PLEASE ASSIGN A DESIGNATED DRIVER, I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO COME KICK YOUR ASS FOR BEING STUPID AND GETTING A DUI AND PROBABLY, NOT POSSIBLY KILLING SOMEONE!.  (im the designated drunk btw).  So, i only had one drink with my water, the water i drank more of.  (for those grammarites out there, screw you, i’ll end my sentence with a preposition and you’ll just have to like it)!

It was open mic night at the bar last night (ok, every friday lol) so troy was on the stage playing  – and he plays a pretty good acoustic gitar.  We laughed, we cried, we drank.  Ok, no we didnt lol but we did laugh, alot when the request for Afroman’s Because I Got High was requested – and there i was, at the bar, waving my lighter up in the air like the days of old at the concerts i used to go to, waaaaaaaay back when!

But, as the gods would have it, neither pat nor i were really in the mood to be there last night, the vibe just wasnt right. So we decided to do a shot (yes, i know i told grumps i wouldnt do shots – but she twisted my arm.  I swear!) <eseg>.

So after toasting each other with our shots, we split.  But you see, as a regular, at the bar, you dont leave without telling your friends goodbye lol, which means many hugs and depending on how many friends are there, that could take a good 15 minutes lol.

Home again.  Jammies on, tired has hell and grumps is watching crank 2 – which fucking blew btw.  Off to bed i went, to sleep, perchance to dream (and dream i did… gotta email some friends to make sure they’re ok…).

I was up at 6.30am this morning, pissed off as all hell lol.

For those of you wondering at the “at the bar’s” – watch my beloved Three Chord George’s vid, link below.  LMSAO! Scratch my back baby… 😉

I was sittin there, at the bar….

i dont want a pickle…

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I just want to ride on my motorcycle…  I just love Arlo Guthrie – and despite having seen him several times in concert – i have NOT seen him do alice, but i have seen him do the motorcycle song – and it was always, and i mean always FUN!!

This one came to me while grumpy and i were out for a putt today, naturally lol.  Along with several other songs – and then finally, quiet.  Complete and utter quiet in my mind (cept for the sound of the pipes).  Thats one of the reasons i love to ride – my mind quiets, stops its racing, its stress, and I become one with grumpy, and the road.

There truly is very little that feels better than the sun on my face, the wind in my hair as we’re putting down a country road.  I am more alive – more a part of the world around me on a bike than i am in a car.  On a bike, you can smell the flowers as you ride past (and the dead skunk on the side of the road…), you can hear the horses snorting while they’re plowing the fields.  Maybe it has something to do with the thrill of that knowing death could be right around the corner, maybe not – but the freedom i have as a biker is something to be cherished.

I dont want to be bound in a life chained to the norm.  I never have.  I am an individual who likes, no needs to do things my way.  While that hasnt always been a good thing (chuckling quietly to myself in remembrance of some of my past escapades…) it beats living a cookie cutter life.  I need the stimulation that a bikers life gives, the camaraderie of the road and yes, i enjoy the oftimes envious looks i get from other women who know, deep down inside, that i’m living the life they’re too afraid to live.  Im actually living life to the fullest!  Ok, and i like the looks of hatred from those who think i’m a bad person because i ride, and have a patch on my leather that says HEAVILY SEDATED FOR YOUR PROTECTION.  *grinning*.  Sometimes the stereotype can be fun.

Today’s putt was a short one – only a 2 hour ride.  But grumps stopped at my favorite tye dye stand and bought me 2 shirts for my birthday!

You’re having a birthday Jen?

Well, sad but true.  I”m not too fond of it seeing as i think i’m turning 44 this year, but i’m mentioning it only as this is the first time in 14 years that my beloved actually got my birthday right – both month AND day!!!

It was a short putt as its labor day weekend (sigh) and the tourists are out in droves, heading to lancaster to see the Amish and get their shopping in at the outlet malls.  Traffic sucked.  Bumper to bumper on 30 so grumps decided to cut the ride short and stop at napa to pick up a light for Larry. She needed a new highbeam.  But once we got off 30 and onto the backroads, the traffic was gone but for locals – and once again, i could smell the fresh plowed fields and revel in the wind in my hair, the sun on my face.  Life has renewed itself in me.

The Motorcycle Song words and music by Arlo Guthrie

CHORUS:I don't want a pickleJust want to ride on my ]
And I don't want a tickle'
Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle
And I don't want to dieJust want to ride on 
my motorcy...cle

It was late last night the other day
I thought I'd go up and see Ray
So l went up and I saw Ray
There was only one thing Ray could say, was:


This song is about the time that I was ridin' 
my motorcycle.  Going down a mountain road, at 
150 miles an hour, playin'my guitar.
On one side of the mountain road there was a mountain, 
and on the other  side there was nothin' 
- there was a cliff in the air.

Now, when you're going down a mountain road at 
I50 miles an hour, you gotta be very careful, 
especially if you're playin'a guitar.
Especially if that guitar is an acoustic guitar.
Because if it's an acoustic guitar, the wind 
pressure is greater on the box side than
on the neck side, because there's more guitar 
on the box side.
I wasn't payin' attention ..

Luckily I didn't go into the mountain - I 
went over the cliff.  I was goin' at 150 miles an 
hour sideways and 500 feet down at the
same time.

I knew it was the end. I looked down, 
I said ''Wow! Some trip".
I thought it...well I knew it was...I knew it 
was my last trip, and in my last remaining seconds 
in world,I decided to write one
last farewell song to the world.

Put a new ink cartridge in my pen. Took out a piece 
of paper. I sat back and I thought awhile. Then I 
started writin':I don't want a pickle Just want to 
ride on my motorsickle And I don't want a
tickle' Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle.  
And I don't want to die, Just want to ride on 
my motorcy ...cle."

I knew that, it wasn't the best song l ever wrote, 
but I didn't have time to change it. I was comin' 
down mighty fast.

But as you all know, and as fate would have it, 
I didn't die. I landed on the top of a police car. And 
he died. I drove away on the road that he was on. 
I came into town at a screamin' 175 miles an
hour, playin' the motorcycle song.

I came into town, I jumped off my bike, the bike went 
around the corner by itself, went up on the stand by 
itself, turned itself off.

I walked over to my friend. He was standin' there 
eatin' pickles.  I said "Hi, what's happenin'?" He 
looked at me in the eye and said "Nothin'".

You gotta sing it with that kind of enthusiasm. 
Like you just squashed a cop...


©1968,1969 Appleseed Music Inc. (ASCAP)
I just want to ride on my motorcy  cle

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