nice people swallow mean people spit

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aw gentle readers, the poor widdle wannabe pagans and bulldykes locked me out of their little forum – delphi keyword venomspitters. werent they ever told that nice people swallow and mean people spit???   we dont like bulldykes. we dont like pretend wiccans who think they have “power” lol. one of them, i think it was opie even went so far as to threaten to shoot me! oh -im so frightened that i may not be able to leave my house for the foreseeable future rotflmmfsao.  *back of hand to forehead* im feeling faint gentle readers, the world is going black and spinning….. snorts.

so some troll went in and told them about my blog and that i have *gasp* an ip tracker. apparently these mental midgets (or as my late father would call them dumber than whale shit losers) have no clue that EVERY website has an ip tracker – especially delphiforums. how do they think that people can get banned from the forums? delphi ip banns them, like the do bourquefan that unlamented loser and jitteryinsanejane of whom the less said the better as she suffers from yellow bile out the ass. yes, i know thats gross but it is what it is. but in thinking about it, they all belong together as they scream undesireable.  and suzanne is STILL reading my blog at every opportunity with her blackberry – research in motion. and thats not to mention the visits from taunton mass, seakonk mass and merrimack pharmaceuticals etc.  her parents are going to be receiving some information very soon as she is STILL up to her pathetic tricks and desperatly needs a psychiatric time out. im beginning to think she is disturbingly obsessed with me and mebbe the county snowplow boy should be made aware of her goings on as well…..

but enough on that psychotic nutcase – this is about a bunch of bulldykes and pretend pagans who think that with their inverted and stretched pentagrams, they are to be “feared”, BUT they only pick on men.  i honestly believe that they’re afraid of men and have a serious case of penis envy.  i wonder which one uses the strap on.  is that the one who deep down inside, wishes she was a he?  they dont have the balls, no, ovaries to go after me, im “piddling” according to one of those nutcases, because i am not a man and therefore, not to be intimidated by.  ok, that didnt come out right, but the only way i can think of it is that these “women” are secretly afraid of men – and truly strong women, which they are not.  so they make up troll names in violation of delphis tos (terms of service) harassing a dear friend of mine and annoying his wife which then pisses me off because i care a lot for them. so i do what i do best… destroy reputations and well, mock and have fun at the expense of the most deserving of others <seg>.  ok, so i dont do that best, writing about things i enjoy is what i do best, writing about my life is what i do best, gentle self mockery etc is what i do best. but the venomspitters…. <seg> some people just leave themselves open to mockery! =D  and when a door is open, i just have to walk on thru.

so….. lets see – since opie threatened to shoot me – the dumb cunt, who is overwhelmingly out classed in every direction – over under sideways and down, i thought i would give you all some innocuous information on some of the losers from venomspitters. i hope you enjoy….

helsinski southern finland near finlandia hall….

near s golf course drive good year arizona…

maple grove minnesota near garland ln north…

jensen beach florida in a nice wooded area. google earth will help me with this

dayton ky near mary ingles highway

looks like they’re posting from work at Devry around somerset new jersey

bideford devon, england on royston road <weg>

denver colorado between pearl and washington streets…

buffalo new york, between trenton and busti ave

linden new jersey, near w simpson ave

sale, cheshire england near the park near barnber road.

luxemborg, near chem d lintgen and rue du puits

graham north carolina lives near the woods

near ang queensland lives in the woods

dallas texas tsk tsk tsk looks like your posting from work moron and right near newman ave….

aol and using a proxy = but i’ll crack it anyway lol.

levittown pa =rose arbor lane.. oh how original lmsao. must be opie lol.

tuscon arizona… e broadway blvd…

now these are just a sampling of the hits i had on or around the first of december which was when the spitters came, en masse to my blog on orders from frank, imo.  mebbe it wasnt him that dropped the dime but i wouldnt put it past him – he always finds himself square on the sideline of every fight on delphi lol.  now if i really felt like being a bitch, and i do… i’d be posting a whole lot more info on them because well, i can.  but they’re harmless dumb fucks who are truly dumber than whaleshit and not deserving of the shit i can cause for them.  and their little potions, tarot card bullshit and “spells’ cant touch me.

now they’ve been smart enough to leave us alone.  we fire on trolls on sight. we will not let a bunch of touchy feeley nutbags stop us from expressing our opinion, as we are NOT politically correct and we will NEVER BE.  and we will take them down if they start up and take them down hard.  we show no quarter and will never apologize for our beliefs as our beliefs make us the strong men and women we are.  we will never compromise.

and that gentle readers, is something they will never understand.  they are to wrapped up in their entitlement, socialist, sucking their thumbs singing kumbaya mentality to realize that nice people swallow.  its nice to be nice. <g>

i’d rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave.  the harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all.  remember that little children. i’ll be waiting. <weseg>

its the time, of the season

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to change your clocks forward…. or for loving.  well, didja?? i made damn sure not to get screwed again this year an at round 4pm changed all the clocks and Glory Be Praised, my beloved didnt notice a thing.  i did however screw up hte bedroom zone, i woke up at what seemed to be 2.30 am.  i thought this cant be right and walked out to the living room and et voila – i was indeed correct, it was 7.30am not 2.30am

i felt much better about my self about that.

i do enjoy reading the stats my blog gives me- apparently the foulmouthed pourqball is in here daily using a vpn (which my foresnicis team is already tracing – i have better geeks than you). ive already got her traced to billerica maine -which, according to by buddy who LIVES in bahston, is only a slum block of billerica. but dont worry pouquebutt,  you’re being skiptraced as i gather my information and then the wrath of jen begins.  and it never ever ends.  you fucked with the wrong bitch lardass. enjoy your live while you have it, you and the municipal plow boy toy george…..

but it was amusing how they searched my copywrited blog for any info on my son, which if you have any sense, you WILL leave him out of your pathetic pathetic attempts  at revenge. same goes with my daughter -one of whom you should ALL be jealous of.  in  a short time she will be writing the “drafts’ that you claim to have written and those ‘dearie” are obsolete and out of date.   she is far superior than you pourquebutt.  your a has been and always will be a has been.. as when the copy write notice comes back that you are using my childrens info, all hell will brake loose and i will come in on top. bit speaking of keeping an eye on your children on the net – crassy – do a google search for johnny tripp.  you are without a doubt a sterling parent =- apple,. tree -short distance between.  you post hootie shots on the net and claim your om says its ok – no self respecting man would EVER allow their old ladies post nekke pics of them.  and theyre screenshotted crassy. think jonathan would like to see them?  i wonder what he’ll be thinking when he sees them…. much less your kids, but you have already set the example by you pathetic parental parenting skills.

i can only wonder why their search report are the same, they search for my son, for socially unattractive (uh, here is  the conundrum is -its the title of the blog…..) bourquefan, lyrical to shinedowns version of simple man.  basically the same old song and dance- no originality.  this just just shows how pathetic my staker (pourqubutt) and her flying monkey’s are.  because crassy is afraid of bourq becuase bourque would turn on her in a flash and all her private info would be on their blog and sent ot to delphi’s members.  same with the collossallyinasnitycalamityjean.  both of them have harddrives full of posts from damn near everyone on delphi so crassy walks a fine line waitng for dollyshitcakes to protect her from the toxic duo – but htat wont last long either and crassy will be out in the open with no one to portecter and will have to confess her part in it – why else is there a sassys place 2????

never fear “ladies” to quote uncle ted – ive got you in a strangleholdbaby, im gonna crush your face.

btw morons – THIS is what a real alpha male looks like.  not like the pansy asses your call your other half, better half lmsao.  hell  i have bigger balls then any of you – or your oldmen put together! rotlmffsao


aint nothing but a party


nothing but a party gentle readers – and what a party it was.  you see, my friend pat and i hang at the local watering hole after we exercise as we’re famished and the food there is fantastic (you really cant screw up a blt though) and its a nice place to chill for an hour or two.  there are several friends there that we shoot the shit with on a regular basis, one of which is dot, who is my friend pat’s husbands ex wife and her husband jbird.

one might find it funny gentle readers that the current wife gets along so well with the new wife, but both of these women have hearts as big as the state of texas and it was from dot that tom bought our first 76 sporty!  i find it funny that when dot was with pedro, she used to argue with the local dominant mc that since she wrenched her own ride, why couldnt she be a ph.  it was a running joke with them all.  but there is a sad side to this story gentle readers, dot has had some very serious health issues and is terminal.  she is aware of this and has, i assume as i never asked her up front, if she’s made her peace with being terminal, but i will, and tom is taking care of jbird for other reasons as well.

mondays are dottie smoothie mondays and the smoothies are a mystery.  butchie brings in the fruit and mixes up special drinks for dot – and the orange crush with tekilla, triple sec and orange sherbert was simply awesome.   so pat and i always look forward to mondays as dot is definatly there sometimes with her portable oxygen sometimes not.  but we watch her carefully and if her lips look blue we make her put on her oxygen.

so one day, pat, jbird and i were talking about getting all of dots old friends together, kind of like a its so good to see you dot type party. and et voila, the idea was born.  pat was going thru all her friends who’ve known dot forever, jbird was going thru his friends and pat’s husband pedro was tossing in names too – we’re setting up to have a rockin surprise party for dot.  pat did all the legwork calling everyone and letting them know what was going on – and this might be dots last big blow out.  everyone was in and many people were surprised that pedros current wife was doing this for his ex wife.  but again – with hearts this big – you dont find people like that in your life very often and when you do – you cherish them.

so pat’s got the list of confirms – we’re looking at 30 people coming to the party plus the bar regulars and now have to plan the food.  poor tim, what we put him thru lol.  we decided a cold cut platter, potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, veggies and dip would be perfect but we had to come up with something to distract dot and keep her away until 6 so tim decided to tell dot that he had a party at 8 and they wanted shrimp dijon and he needed her recipe and would she come over at 6 on saturday to taste test and make sure it was done right.  Tim called from jbirds fone and boom – mission successful!!!  we had cover and food and friends ready for saturday.

so friday came and we’re hanging around and dot shows up and had brought two samples of the dijon sauce for tim to make sure he got it right and wanted to start the shrimps then.  oh lord keeping her busy and telling her it has to be fresh – wow.  she can be like a dog with a fresh bone where food is concerned, dot can cook!!!!!  so we had friday’s excuse taken care of and knew that dot would take it easy on saturday, rest and keep her strength up for saturday nights “cooking” for the “party” tim was preparing for.

the plan was for everyone to be there at 5.30 and we were going to try to have like every 3rd person at the bar be a friend of dot’s but naturally it didnt work out that way, people ended up coming in as soon as they got there.  but what was really funny is that it didnt occur to dot that all these people from her past were showing up at her bar.  she kept saying – wow, i cant believe your here – and EVERYONE went with it – we just felt like going out tonight.  it wasnt until we went into the banquet/band room where the food was set out that dot realized the party was for her and her smile light up the room.  she just couldnt believe that everyone came out for her and was so happy to see all her friends from then and now.  and tim even went up one better and put out a hot plate with stuffed shells that were freakin fantastic!!!

tom got to see dot again and we brought the pic of her sporty he bought and how he cleaned it up and her smile lit her face!  she had asked me a couple months ago what happened to the guy she sold her sporty to and i told her dot, i married tom who bought your sporty.  my hair had been up at the time and she looked at me kind of puzzled and i said wait, took my hair clip down and shook my head and then recognition lit up her face and i got a big hug.

the party was a rip roaring success with dots face totally lit up all night long.  Troy (aka lube) got up on stage and played just for dot.  the drinks flowed freely and the laughter rolled.  at one point my beloved, who wasnt monitoring his imbibing had leaned over the table so i am enjoying the view from behind and copped a nice feel.  he didnt notice so i did it again and smacked his butt nice and hard.  still, nothing.  ah hell with it – i leaned over and bit him on the ass with dot laughing her ass off.  believe it or not gentle readers, he didnt even have a clue so i did it all again, and bit him on the ass again lol. laughter abounded – and he had no idea i had done that for 2 days lmsao.

we didnt get out of the bar until around 11 (which is very late for tom – he’s 2 hours lets go now lol) and both of us raved to each other all the way home and then after we got home about what a wonderful evening we both had and how happy dot was – and how much it meant to us to see dot so happy.  and then remembering jbird walking around the room, just grinning and occasionally wiping a tear from his eye to see his lady so happy.

its a biker thing.  its an old and trite expression, but if i have to explain, you really wouldnt understand. and to understand, even with my write up, you really had to be there.

We love you Dot and Jbird. So very very much.

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