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just a song before i go a lesson to be learned travelling twice the speed of sound its easy to get burned


yes gentle readers, im swinging downward and im really hoping i don’t crash and burn. that really sucks.  but more than that, i just found that this tune by csny just fit my mood and some issues that happened recently very well.  the incidents i shall not speak about albeit to say there are some […]

lifes the same i’m moving in stereo lifes the same except for my shoes

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lifes the same, your shakin like tremolo, lifes the same, its all inside you….. hey, wait a minute, whats that about my shoes???  yo, i like my shoes, especially my 3 inch spiked sandals. thems some smokin shoes!  damn near all my shoes are 3 inch spikes which, when i think about it is kind […]

nice people swallow mean people spit

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aw gentle readers, the poor widdle wannabe pagans and bulldykes locked me out of their little forum – delphi keyword venomspitters. werent they ever told that nice people swallow and mean people spit???   we dont like bulldykes. we dont like pretend wiccans who think they have “power” lol. one of them, i think it was […]

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