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lol my stalkers baaaack and in desperate need of a psychiactric evaluation


ahh good evening gentle readers.  its been one uneventful event after another, or an event after another depending on your perspective.  we’ve had several very nice days with no rain, until of course this mornings newscast which screwed the pooch and told me that yes, virginia there’s rain in our forecast, heavy rain starting tomorrow […]

walkin the tightrope

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good afternoon gentle friends.  i’ve FINALLY kicked springsteen out of the graymatter jukebox for something far superior, stevie ray vaughans tightrope: Afraid of my own shadow in the face of grace,  heart full of darkness spotlight on my face,  There was love all around me but I was lookin’ for revenge, thank God it never […]

friends romans and countrymen

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you couldnt be more transparent if you tried: ‘Top Posts (the past week) Happy Birthday My Son 3 views Stuporbowl Sunday and its on 1 views Im a proud whack 1 views oh the tangled webs they weave 1 views im totally amused 1 views About Me… 1 views Top Searches: “bourquefan”, atheists isle of […]

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