welcome back gentle readers and please dont kick me for being away so long. its been a long, cold, rainy winter and i ABHOR the winters cold and well, until this winter snowy. THIS WINTER was however, rainy. rainy as hell i mighty say. if we got a total of 9 inches of snow over the entire season, id say we were lucky.  it was always rainy with a chance of snow. now you out there who actually know me know i hate rain more than snow and we had some serious rain a few times so that my neighbors parking lot turned into lake andrew lol.  he split for a couple days to wait out the storm.

this winter was also particularly COLD. i.hate.the.cold.more.than.anything.else.in.the.entire.world.  i prefer to take clothes off rather than layer them on. you know, like t-shirt, sweat shirt, heavy coat just to go outside for a smoke. and considering we dont smoke in the house, my smoking habit diminished greatly over the winter but now its picking back up again with the incoming warm weather. ahhhh warm weather. after the winter from hell, its a beautiful thing. lets see if i can import my smoking apparel for this winter: and nope, it wont allow the file type. but picture this – 6 foot of jenny in a real full length light brown paisley fully faux fur lined (all of it sleeves and neck) exceedingly warm coat with my hat and cowboys scarf on lol. oh lets not forget leather gloves as well. tole you it was cold outside. bitter cold. and i was warm lol.  i could pull up the fur lined collar which came up to over halfway up my head and turn my back to the wind (oh the wind rat bastard) and stand there in relative pleasantry smoking away with a smile on my face lol.  although its much milder taking the dogs out back, the building blocks a lot of wind and because of that i was grilling during the winter.  dinner grilled just cant be beat.

but now, recently actually, ive seen the daffydoodles breaking ground and crocus’ making their appearances. that sealed it for me, spring is on its way. it was still fairly cold those weeks but yesterday, oh yesterday it was glorious. we hit the 60;s and i was actually out in just a sweatshirt – NO JACKET.  no jacket you say SU?? yes by god gentle readers, i was out without a jacket. and it gets better. my morning routine starts with me getting my coffee and a smoke and sitting out front listening to the days music. i didnt even think about it, i just walked outside in my jammies and robe and sat comfortably outside with my coffee and smoke. it took me a few to realize it but i was out there in my robe and jammies and it was warm.  yes virginia, IT WAS WARM! i felt no need to run inside to get my coat. and i smiled.  the weather troll predicted the 70’s for mon and tuesday. hell i might go streaking its been so long since i’ve seen the 70’s lol.  i might even be able to stop double socking it from now on! i hate socks. it bothers my toe ring lol.   hmm i think i need a new pair of sneaks too.

well my creative writing has come to a screeching halt. ive been up since 1.30am, again. apparently chili and i are not sleep compatible lol. well sleep and i are not sleep compatible lately despite my meds.  i get up 3 hours after going to sleep and say oh hell no im going back to sleep then 3 hours later im up again. this time the oh hell no doesnt work. with the absence of sleep comes my nastier side so i think in my next post im going to bring to light the assholes who come searching for my stalker – and dig this, one of them is from the dod in iowa. we pay his salary and he’s searching a blog for that dumb bitch lol. so coming soon to a blog near you will be some amusing info that any hacker would love to have.  if you know one, send him my way after reading my next post   they deserve what they get. they arent here for casual reading.

i have no tun to leave you with for a spring day. and that really sucks. and holy shit does my cat stink. poor thing, the rainbow bridge is going to claim him soon.  we will be sad.   so on that sad note, i bid you all a fond adieu, cause i really want a smoke lol.  until we meet again gentle readers – you have a most righteous day! i know i will!!!