yes gentle readers. you read right. i am now wandering the halls of wordpress, finding really neat forums (cooking nomnomnom) some humorous (but are they well, deranged like me – thats the real kicker), some both – cooking and funny as hell and well, i think its time to take my blog away from the few friends i have who read this (sometimes my daughter actually reads it – thanks brat), the friends my stalker has monitoring it for her (i think she’s in intensive psychiatric counseling, and its about fucking time.  nope i was wrong, she’s still on delphi 24/7, her santababy11 nic was outted and she’s now posting as stargazer661, and she thinks nobody knows its her the moron) and put it in the public eye.

and its scaring the shit out of me.

seriously.  it really is.  writing, knowing (what the hell was that sound? it sounded like fairy music jingling – hmmm) that there are now people who might actually read my blog and *gasp* like it scares the shit out of me.  cause im not just socially unattractive, i also post about the shit that goes on in the graymatter – ok so i am socially unattractive lol.  im bipolar – psycho on a good day and heavily medicated for your protection on a daily basis and my sense of humor has several different levels some of which will offend everyone and i dont give a fuck lol.

but what i want to know is how does this freshly pressed gig work?  is that something where you press the wordpress button on the bottom of a post?  how does one become freshly pressed? is it an award?  granted that’s where im  finding the blogs im liking – the humor ones are harder to find, not many people seem to have my sense of humor. dark, snarky, at times malicious, self deprecating, making fun of others and life you know, demented.  cause like my about tab says – ive had a very privileged life and a shitload of stories to tell.  but due to the life i’ve lead, i find it hard to remember them sometimes <seg>.  i am what i am and i will not apologize for it i had a crapload of fun getting here! *evil chortle*

but still, i am nervous about putting myself out there in front of all of you. but i figure, ive been at this for oh, around 2 years now, so why not?  i’m going to figure out how to put pics up here – in and around the text, as well as embedding vids (i hate it when they open in a new tab) and please someone, tell me how the hell i can get the “like” tab and all the posters who like my blog to show up. thats got me screwed 3 ways to nowhere and back.  i also want to segregate my posts like i’ve seen other blogs do.  i think i want a biker thread, a life thread, a mockery thread – something that will give some order to a disorderly mind.  mebbe not though. but mebbe so. i dunno.

but one thing about the next couple of weeks is i’ll be busy and not able to get here as much as i’d like. we’re moving. and i cant fucking wait. its just the packing thats making my neck and arm ache like hell (bulging discs).  i still dont know how we managed to accumulate so much crap in the last 8 years….  but before i start that today, im taking a nap.  its sadly my day off and tomorrow is too so why not? its not like i have anything pressing right now lol. the boxes will still be there when i wake up…

but i would like to thank you my new readers and hopefully soon to be new readers for giving me a chance.  socially unattractive is/was/will be cathartic for me at times, and a helluva lot of fun the rest and lets enjoy the ride together!