yes gentle readers, i faux pas’d. i began writing yesterday and when it was time to stop, i being the socially unattractive fool that i am, hit publish, rather than draft.  yes, you read right, i hit publish not draft.  so a post that i was working on went viral rather than hiding behind the scenes and i have several messages waiting for me today basically saying what the fuck jenny – what happened to the post????  weeeellll, i deleted it and started over.

so, in answer to my buds questions, i fucked up lol.  this is just a post to let you know that i, in my most intimitable, screwed up way have a post waiting to be finished so i wanted to let you all know that well,… i pulled a jenny lol.

this is your two cents worth, your mileage may vary!

socially unattractive! (who promises not to faux pas again!) (and if you believe that, i have a bridge to sell you, real cheap lmsao)