or are they figments of my eyes.  And im feeling close to where the race is run, waiting in our boats to set sail, sea of joy!

Ahh gentle readers, there is nothing truly greater or more enjoyable in my socially unattractive mind than to listen to the great classic rock music that paved the way for the trash that is on the airwaves today (to be fair, there is some substance out there but in my opinion, not enough to support the shit playing on heavy rotation on the air waves).

Hence – the gray matter jukebox.  I’ve had that jukebox since i was old enough to understand, appreciate and then love music.  Music is ALWAYS playing in my mind, some good, some bad, but its playing, and Traffic one of my all time favorite bands/supergroups has been on heavy rotation.  This song in particular lol.

Traffic.  John Barleycorn Must Die.  Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Shoot out at the Fantasy Factory, Dear Mr Fantasy – so much music by so many uber talented musicians in such a short period of time.

Ive oftimes wished i had someone guide me into the music business.  having perfect pitch has to mean for something lol.  But its too late for me now.  But music – soothes the savage beast within.  be it classical, jazz, blues, classic rock and roll (provided its not the same old tired crap i’ve heard over and over and over again) – gimme some lou reed and the velvet underground (NICO rocked)  T-Rex (20th century toy and jeepster (you know who you are lol).  so much wonderful music – so little time to listen and expand your mind.  Pink Floyds music takes you places (preferably when your not driving lol), Yes – a symphony for your ears on disc form.  Emerson Lake and Palmer – wow.  there are no words to adequately describe them.  poetry in motion perhaps?

no post about music would be complete without my beloved grateful dead.  Long may you play.  Jerry, you are still missed today.  The world is just not the same without you.

I’ve always wondered what would have become of me had i gone the music route and to be perfectly honest, i’d be dead now lol.  That kind of flash, that kind of dope – and little ole socially unattractive jenny cant say no when there are lines on the mirror…… so perhaps its for the best that i didnt find that route.  But i wonder in the quiet of the night.

Since im on a traffic gig, i will leave you with this:

Come down off your throne and leave your body alone, somebody must change.   You are the reason i’ve been waiting so long, somebody holds the key……

but no matter how toasted i got, i ALWAYS made it home.  i have a very strong homing instinct lol.