im an insomniac and heavily medicated for everyones protection.  i also get up at around 3.30a for work (i start at 5a).  i get up and the house is dark, cept for toms nightlight – the kids bathroom lol.  his tea is on the coffee table but the tv’s not on.  tom is always up before me. so im getting a little nervous here, i think he forgot to leave his tea in the nuker and somethings wrong. i went to see if his jeeps in the driveway, i couldnt see it and could barely see larry.

ok.  im getting really wigged out by now and *hand to heart* i start thinking tom passed away in his sleep and ive been sleeping next to a dead man.  i swear it – that is exactly what i was thinking and im 3 ways to terrified thinking i’d been sleeping next to a dead man.  so i go back to the bedroom with my heart in my throat to check the bed.  and no – i did NOT turn on the light – i didnt want to see it.  i go over to the bed and anxiously start reaching out for a lump, completely terrified.  but there was nothing there but kilo.  whew.

HOLY SHIT (i thought) TOMS BEEN RAPTURED AND I’VE BEEN LEFT BEHIND!!!! (was my next thought). i almost died, i was shaking in my slippers and close to crying.  but i went back to the living room and grabbed my cell and went to chirp him, just to be sure and in a very shaky voice:  t o m, are you out there?

instantly he chirped back – im here babe.  i almost collapsed lol.  i said babe, where are you?  he told me he couldnt sleep so he went in to work early for the overtime.  i said why didnt you kiss me good bye?  he said he did and i told him to be careful. i told him oh – ok, love you and i’ll see you after work.

so thats why jenny was scared to death yesterday morning and was sitting in the bar after exercising and telling the story to everyones amusement lol.