and we are supposed to get snew tonight gentle readers and those of you who have been with me from the dawn of time know how much i hate snew, much less shoveling that white crap.  the only thing that ever made it worth while was coming in from a few hours of back breaking labor was to mix up a nice strong white russian and to sit back and watch it snew.  yes, snew.  somehow that makes that white shit less irritating.  while i do enjoy watching it snew, its quiet, soothing in its suhshhhhhing sound while falling.  the earth and trees are pristine in their cleanness and everything is renewed in its cleanness.  ok i know i used cleanness twice in a single sentence but i was too lazy to dig out my thesaurus. hmm and in thinking about it, i dont think shoveling is in my foreseeable future seeing as i recently fell down my hill and screwed up my back and neck, not to mention almost dying of hypothermia.  oh well. that which doesnt kill me amuses the hell out of me lol.

so the question remains.  do i take a ride to the liquor store for a bottle of booze and kamora (cheap baileys lol)?  i do not know.  i do know however that judging from the weather troll, we’re looking at around 3-5 inches of that crap along with freezing rain and sleet.  i dont mind driving in the snow, my beloved larry is 4wd on command and we can go anywhere lol.  i get myself into trouble in 2 wheel drive and get myself out of trouble in 4 lol.  but 4wd aint gonna do shit in freezing rain/sleet.  with a $500 deductible and a half hour drive to work – its not worth it for me to try dark thirty or not.

i see satans tormenter has made his visit to my blog and commented on poor nigel.  he’s assumed room temperature. i wonder what is to be done with him.  toss him about like a rag doll perhaps?  turn him into the lastest entree at the local chinee foo restaurant perhaps?  i guess only the shadow knows….  opie certainly doesnt lmsao.  oh poor poor pitiful opie.  out classed, out of her league and doesnt know when to quit lol.

speaking of satans tormenter’s last comment lol, i am constantly amused at the number of spam comments i get in my spam queue (spam spam spam spam).  everything from ugg boots, chanel and or coach bags, posts that make simply no sense and the only thing that goes thru my mind is monte python’s Spam skit lol. i’ll take spam, eggs, nigel and spam spam spam and spam and potato’s.

i was going to submit a poll for you gentle readers but i didnt like the way it turned out, so i will leave it to you to figure out on your own:  are stop signs with white lines around them optional at dark thirty?  its just something to think about when you’re bored and have nothing better to do, as its something i think about when im on my way to work at darkthirty.  traffic lights are definitely not optional no matter what the time, but stop signs with white lines…. its something to ponder.

im sitting here, comfy in my jammies, robe and nice black fuzzy slippers (that i got for christmas yea!!!) listening to the hounds knock on the door cause they want to go out, which means naturally i put down my computron and get up to let the heinous hounds out. and i totally forgot where i was going with this thought lol.  yet i sit here listening to my beloved playing his keyboards in the bedroom and i find it soothing as he plays well.  music is an integral part of my life, i do not function well without it in about every aspect of my life.  larry naturally plays when she feels like it and im threatening her with a new stereo as i dont do well with the silence and the voices in my head. but when its just my beloved and me, if im not listening to rhapsody when im online, i have a front row seat to a private concert but so help me god if he doesnt stop playing ghost riders…..  O_o

aaah wonderful </sarcasm>  aint no way im going to work tomorrow.  by the time i will be leaving for work, it will be snowing fairly heavily. by the time i would be starting and have been there two hours, it will be freezing rain and i would be leaving for home in dangerous road conditions.  calling out now but it would be nice if he answered his fone lol.  again, 4wd does no good in ice.

for the love of god, i am so sick and tired of the republican primaries.  will they ever end and it doesnt really matter because i dont see bummer giving up power without a fight which would give him the excuse he needs, oh who am i kidding he’s drooling over it, to declare martial law.  as it is now, we’re living in a totalitarian state, our republic has been shattered and our constitution shit on and destroyed.  homeland stupidity and the terroristic stupid assholes (tsa) are scaring the sheeple and basically destroying our 4th amendment rights to illegal search and seizure.  little by little, bummer and holder (jeebers dont get me started on that incompetent fool who sold guns to the drug lords in mexico…. and then lied about it in front of a grand jury, dumbfuck), napolitano *rolling eyes at another incompetent fool* are turning our country, which once was the greatest country in the world into a third world totalitarian state.  socialism be damned – they’ve gone beyond that little community organizers pipedream.  and any government that considers a large portion of its population as domestic terrorists and is authorized to kill on sight – now thats pretty fucked up.  people like my husband and i – bible believing born again believers (christians if you will, but we dont agree or subscribe to the touchy feely christians of today who only believe in certain parts of the bible), who believe strongly in the 2nd amendment and the constitution, and my husband being a veteran – well according to bummer and co – we’re domestic terrorists and will probably be locked up in one of femas concentration camps.  do a google search.  they’re there and there are 3 in pa, one in camp hill…  you would not believe the things you are not allowed to do in this day and age.  i lift this from an article i copped from

The real 2012 doomsday, u.s falls to tyranny

“the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790, with only 17 recognized Federal crimes, it may have been reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of intrusion. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

Last year was a very busy one for all of those interested in ending American life as it is and has been known. The United States that was a Republic has already collapsed and has very quietly become a totalitarian regime, complete with a dictator named Obama and a Congress that bends to his will and continually legislates in such a way that would make any totalitarian regime proud. Together they have done everything in their power to undermine the Constitution and name themselves as the all-powerful ruling class. And with the undoing of the ideas of the Founders and the ruination of but a few more checks and balances, they will effectively claim their supremacy.”

now if you dont agree with this, you need to get your head out of the freakin sand and open your eyes. if you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.  and if you are not paying attention, you deserve what you get.   and i am utterly terrified at the prospect of the republican contestants for the doubtful election – as they all are frightening to me.  the only one i could vote for with any semblance of confidence would be ron paul.  not like it matters anyway….