yes gentle reader, i seem to have developed yet another muscle spasm in my back, which has since moved around to the front of my right leg and then back to my back, then back to my leg, then back to my back and im sure you get the picture here.  fortunately when it first started, it wasnt as bad as the first muscle spasm.  that was the big mama jamma of muscle spasms.  my beloved and i were sitting here watching tv one night (i think) when i felt like i was shot – seriously.  i literally reached around back looking for blood it hurt that badly.  other than my migraines, i have never had pain that severe, and i never had a muscle spasm before.  and honestly – yes im being redundant, i honestly thought someone shot me thru the house it was that bad.

i couldnt find a comfy seat to save my soul that night no matter how hard i tried.  but this time, this time.. it started out easy to put it mildly and got progressively worse as the day went on.  enough so that i went to the doc that day.  he gave me some righteous muscle relaxers and pain meds that, other than ripping my stomach to shreds, really didnt do squat for me.  i couldnt go down as it was the black friday weekend (argh) and i had to work it.  no can do when your leg and back isnt working.  thank god for meds and coworkers that saw me limping and helped out as much as they could.  they are really good kids.  and here i am, oh – two weeks later and my back and leg still arent working well (ok this post sat in drafts for a few more weeks lol).  the spasm had since moved to the front of my leg and there have been times where i almost went down much like my beloved when his legs go out lol.  oh how i wish i had video of that!

but suffice it to say, i am limpsaslot jenny.  sometimes i can walk with no problems, sometimes i can hardly walk and limp wherever i am going lol.  i had planned on going exercising today, but with the ache in my back and my leg, im not taking any chances.  mof i think im going to put this back in draft form and take a nap lol.  im off tomorrow so i get more time to write!!! <seg>

so tomorrow came several weeks later.  ive improved dramatically which is a wonderful thing but i still get twinges that lets me know that HEY DUMBASS, IM HEEEEERRRRRREEEEE….  ahh my beloved just gave me a nice piece of dark chocolate.  soothes the savage beast within – which comes in handy as im going to finish another post in draft <weseg>  and mebbe start another one lol.  but as for aches and pains go, i had the misfortune to fall down our hill the other week and woke up in the hospital in the icu’s hypothermia unit lol.  well, gee gentle readers, that was a lot of fun.

now i have the joy of having neck pain, perhaps i shouldnt have taken off that cervical collar when i came to lol.  my beloved is considering handcuffing me to the bed from now on when i sleep or nap as this was a sleepwalking incident.  he doesnt know – i LIKE being handcuffed to the bed. <seg>  i wonder what he’ll do when i tell him that lol.  i did realize though that i truly am a country girl (sans country music if you please) as we were coming home from civilization.  in the space of say 40 minutes, we went from pathetically over crowded self important yuppieville to wide open spaces (fuck you dixie chicks) and chickens cows and horses.  i looked at my dear heart and said honey, we’re home – smell that?  fresh air.  i could feel the tension, anxiety and unhappiness just melt away.  fresh air. horses.  cows. chickens. my other half sitting next to me.  im home.

so now gentle readers, i segue from limping, to tilting to starboard and now – trying to find a suitably comfortable position for my neck that doesnt hurt my head as well.  and they say that God doesnt have a sense of humor… im living proof that He does.