its missing gentle readers and if you find it, please return to SU.  i sit here, wondering what to diss, mock or generally make fun of (other than tourists, they really piss me off) and im at a loss for words.  thank god that doesnt happen that often (i just go for months without writing lol).

there is so much to do, so much to say and im having a hard time realizing that i have a kid old enough to graduate college this weekend (CANT WAIT), then waits a week and gets married while waiting for her ots orders (thats officer training school if you didnt know). my kid will rule the world if she has any say about it lmsao.  i know she’ll make my soon to be new son in law salute her – bwahahahaha.

but what i find disturbing is the fact that there are weekly searches for my stalker (by name) on my blog constantly. i dont know what her problem is other than being a sociopath psychopathic loser.  she did her damage, what little there was, to me, why is she or her minions hanging about?  it gets better – she and her “friends” or partners in crime lol read here and i for the life of me cant figure out why.  she’s nothing. she’s marginalized and is missing in action (oh i could only hope for real). so that makes me wonder what is that ignorant arundale up to?  i know she tried to charge her boyfriend with domestic abuse – but she was totally liquored up and caused it herself then tried to fry him. i helped his attorney in any way i could.  i hope you read that suzanne. yes, i tried to help the om get off on what were trumped up charges.  i hope some of hte info about you i provided to his attorney helped him you ignorant c*nt.  now dont you think its time to stay the hell out of my life, you lost – again.

ah snark. its coming back and it feels great lol.  so lets talk about tourists. my number one complaint. would someone please explain to me the wisdom of doing 35 in a 55 zone because you’ve never seen an amish team of 6 plow or even a buggy for that matter. does pulling over to the side of the road occur to you? and dont get me started about hats. the older the driver the worse it is. and before i say anything i will regret (yeah, right) i’ll leave this subject for a day when im stuck behind them and can really do it justice.

we took a glorious ride on saturday, oh how i missed being on the back of the bike. i may have an opportunity for a dyna low rider if the price is right and we can negotiate. i know my beloved wants another harley. he can deny it till he’s blue in the face but i.know.him.  but this bike shall be mine and if he’s a good boy, i’ll let him ride it lol.

snark – where have you been? ive missed you my friend.  you’re coming and going and i cant find my stride.

sadly… su