well gentle readers, im finally back again and i apologize for the delay. its been one thing after another and then we got hammered with stupor storm sandy (aka the hurricane that was HUGE) that left millions without power for well over a week, left the barrier islands of southern jersey uninhabitable with homes that were destroyed, boardwalks destroyed and we here in the hobbit house about 3 hours west got howling rain and wind – 70mph winds.  i had to call out the day it hit, my truck is rather high and there is no way i was going to risk it.  i did it in hurricane Irene, slaloming down 340 laughing my butt off the whole way (no radio and man that sucked). but that was nothing compared to sandy.  we lucked out and didn’t lose power.  we prepped for it to some extent, 13 gallons of water but then realized we didn’t have nearly enough food. only us. and that leads me to

nor’easters. for those of you unfamiliar with a nor’easter- it sucks. it sucks so bad that i would have use some of my finer cuss words and im trying to get away from that. but picture me cussing like a drunken sailor (i excelled at that lol). the nor’easter starts in the gulf of mexico picking up as much water as possible then moving up the northeast corridor (think I95) dumping rain along the way but some how, some way, some thing happens because when it gets to the Philly area, it becomes a stalled front. it STOPS. RIGHT OVER US. and dumps rain rain and more rain on us and the flooding begins again and im getting sick and fing tired of paying for people to live in flood prone areas.  c’mon already. you know its going to flood. move. now.  i don’t think you deserve any help if you choose to live in a flood prone area. you asked for it and im done paying for you to live there. and all of this leads me to

snow (hisses). that damn dirty nasty word. this is the real reason i hate the winter, not just because of the cold (cold physically hurts me). i hate snow. i hate ice. i hate shovelling it (don’t have to anymore praise the Lord). but snowball fights are fun. 🙂 and getting a romantic tackle…  but i do admit to thoroughly enjoy watching it snow, that quiet shusshing sound the snow makes when its falling, when everything is pristine, pure and clean. fresh and new.  then the plows eventually make their rounds and in some places they barely leave you a lane and pack the end of your driveway in with heavy plow snow which pisses you off as you’ve just dug your drive way out of 3 foot of snow…  animal tracks start appearing (ok thats kinda neat) but the snow starts getting ugly. slushy, dirty, icy roads- IT SUCKS. i can tolerate snow for 1 day and one day only.  after that i want it gone and i want it gone now.  my patience is had.

which leads me to the reason for this post. all three events happened hmm – lets see about within 4 weeks.  we got hammered and hammered hard. we here in pa are used to this nonsense. well, most of us are, not the lemmings who hear about my title and run to the grocery store and empty it out in minutes as if they are going to be snowbound or hurricane/nor’easter stranded. they panic and i honestly don’t think they know how to think critically. i think they are of the ‘i will survive at any cost’ sect, not realizing that we know where they live and only the strong survive.  only the strong survive has been evolutions best friend, well that and the Darwin awardees’.  we’re not descended from the short fat cavemen who were eaten by dinosaurs, we’re descended from the tall skinny ones who got away!   i know i am.

so now i have to find a way to get thru the next 4 months which will take me thru to march, which comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. my ass lol. it’ll be cold. once the cold sets in here its loathe to leave. but once i see the crocus’s and daffydoodles come up, i know the winters back has been broken and spring is on her way here. that gives me hope. and in my mind, hope is a rarity and is cherished. as is calmness and peace. but im working on it. every day i try as hard as i can to get thru it the best as i can. it’s all i can do and every day is different, some good some bad. its to be expected and im learning more and more.

and that’s a good thing.