gentle reader but that could ever so slightly be construed as a shout out to some serious car dancing bb king and me lurves me some bb king.  saw him oh how many years ago with three chord george (as he’s known around here) 0r as the rest of the world knows him as George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers.  the man can only play  3 chords but damn thems soom good chords lol.

my mental jukebox is rapid cycling manic while im depressed. lol my shrinks gonna love this.  hell its even giving me a chuckle now and then but its also making me very nervous.  i was dealing yesterday with some serious nin – not necessarily a good thing but hell, bow down before the one you serve, youre gonna get what you deserve.  i may post the vid as i do adore aw fuck whats his name again?  had it but its gone. hurt would be obvious but im not generally obvious.  even the johnny cash version which makes me cry would still be obvious.  now closer…. mad chuckle tom  made me get rid of that disc cause he was offended by closer lol.  hey – it made me dance rather provocatively <seg>.  hmm mebbe someday i’ll spell check.  i dont do it in real life since half the time i am having hard time speaking english anymore so why not let my writing reflect that?  ps i went out and got that nin disc again lol.

i like to come out side (out front) most mornings after ive taken the dogs out to do their bidness and sit here with my coffee as the traffic goes by,  i get a honk or two but thats only from those who know i live here as no one can see me sitting here. i come out and look for my little buddy, a hmmm id say over a yearling rabbit who lives i think under my shed.  he is not frighened when i come out, rather he just looks at me with his ears forward and i just tell him good morning and talk to him.  i look up, and there he is by the swing set – all of id say 30 to 40 feet from me.  i tell him mornin bud as he goes about his business of cleaning himself.  nope – i think this is a younger wabbit.  we have some very young wabbits.  my bud has been known to sit 10 foot off my door and not even move while i come out with my coffee and he is used to me- i can tell by how his ears change and now how he will clean himself around me with his eyes at half mast.  nope, this one is too small, i can tell by the ears.  but he’s learning its safe here.  lol the killer – i have a westie – a natural vermin predator. vermin in this sense, wabbit hunter,  my dogs are leashed out back when they want to go out a) pa is a leash law state and b) kilo is a runner. pez the westie was so totally focused in on something by the fence that a tiny and i mean tiny wabbit got its balls up and just flew right past him with me on the ground pointing and laughing at the incompetent vermin hunter. seriously, this wittle wabbit had to have skinned him and pez didnt even notice lol.  but i think im going to get some greens and lettuce – the carrots i threw out over the last few days didnt really seem to do the trick, unless the rat bastards took them at night,   we believe they nest under our shed so i have no problem with it.  wabbits are cool.

ahh but what is NOT cool is that todays high is to be in the 90s.  not cool Socially Unattractive? you live to be wearing as little as possible so as not to be arrested type heat.  well, tis true but according to the weather troll, this heat is foreshadowing some very bad boomers later today.  tru dat but…. these could be very bad and i dont like these that are very bad. from the outside that is.

well – i got a crapload and a half to do today so i will leave you with some bb – the thrill is gone..  he’s not playing lucille but still – its bb…