i certainly do gentle readers (and who can guess the artist, title and album) and sho nuff there was another shark sighting off the joisey shore!!  some how this chick and her friends where fishing and she was reeling in her catch and sho nuff one bigass shark surfaced, took her catch and split.  im sure you’ve all seen the story so i dont need to post the video but it was big news around here and funny as hell.  yes i know, i find humor in the strangest things.

well it seems we survived that bigass cme ejected by the sun (from my research it hit at 1am edt) so i am up and running.  hell, i’d find a way, i always will <seg>. coffee wheres my coffee….  ahh found it. someone, anyone could have gotten hurt!

but – i recommend walkin around naked in your living room – swallow it down (what a jagged little pill?) it feels so good, (swimming in your stomach) wait until the dust settles…. you live, you learn, you cry, you learn, you lose, you learn, you bleed, you learn, you scream you learn (aaa ya ohhh).

ive been on an alannis kick for a few days now. she replaced hot tuna acoustic (which is one of my desert island discs),  not just for her badass tune – but for the other songs that fit the feelings i am experiencing and can let loose when the windows down, the volume cranked up and me singing along like a madwoman.  and you know what – i dont give a fuck if people dont like car singing cause im car dancing as well.  trust me – car dancing is muy bueno, epsecially if you got some  bb king on and your stipping bar bluesy and watching the guy in front of you watching you cause the traffic’s at a standstill lmsao.  its my cross to bear… <seg>  (sorry Lord).

I recommend bitin’ off more than you can chew to anyone, I certainly do, do I recommend stickin’ your foot in your mouth at anytime, Feel free, Throw it down (The caution from the wind) Hold it up (To the rays) You wait and see when the smoke clears….

aw Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy i cant count how many times i’ve bitten off more than i could chew to anyone (yes alanis i most certainly recommend it too!) and ive stuck my foot in my mouth hmm.  cant count it and cant count the times ive been mudchecked lol.  im learning now to throw it down (my caution from the wind – ie not being so self reserved) and to hold me up to the rays and God help us all when the smoke clears….

isnt it ironic, dontcha think?  but i remember when this disc came out one of my co-workers (a guy) naturally asked if i liked you ought to know?  i said what the hell do you think? of course i do – its about time a chick let the man have it with both barrells. but i also told him (oh god sammy hagar 3 lock box – yes, im listening to the classic rock station as im writing) she’s more than just that song that defines her.   i caught one of those interview the musician last night (and the other day when tom wasnt home lol) with alanis.  its amazing not only to see the growth of not only the woman but the artist as well.  she looks fantastic and the music she played was not only some of her older tunes (not just jagged little pill) but some of her newest tunes.  methinks me is going to be buying some music soon.

Wear it out (The way a three year old would do) Melt it down (You’re gonna have to eventually anyway) The fire trucks are comin’ up around the bend…

ive recently been told therapy doesnt work and that i live in the past. its an interesting aspect from someone who doesnt know or understand therapy and that the majority of my demons are from my past.  and with some of my demons (who are particularly vicious) – the fire trucks will becomin up around the bend.  will they get there in time is the question that remains because i cant answer that question.  ive had some pretty hefty things thrown my way by that person.  almost sounds like bribery to me and it hurt, which is was probably meant to.  for someone who thinks therapy doesnt work, it looks like they’ll get their way.

You live you learn, You love you learn, You cry you learn, You lose you learn, You bleed you learn, You scream you learn, Hey hey hey hey, You grieve you learn, You choke you learn,  You laugh you learn, You choose you learn; You pray you learn, You ask you learn, You live you learn.

quite frankly, it doesnt get any more real than that. and im learning.  but i’d like to leave the following to those who dont think therapy doesnt work and you ALL know who you are. and you’ll be eating my dust one daay:

Hello Mister Man You didn’t think I’d come back?  You didn’t think I’d show up with my army, And this ammunition on my back.Now that I’m Miss Thing, Now that I’m a zillionaire, You scan the credits for your name, And wonder why it’s not there!

I see right through you,I know right through you, I feel right through you, I walk right through you.

i’ve come a lot further than you think i have.