good afternoon gentle readers.  i hope you all had a happy easter, we certainly did and i ate enough to not have to eat again for a week lol.  my beloved celebrated his birthday a few days ago, and it was wonderful to have him all to myself, no distractions, just to curl up on the couch watching whatever he wanted to watch, do whatever he wanted to do – it was his birthday you know.  as much as it is my lot in life to torment him as often as possible, its more pleasing to see him smile, with that look in his eyes that is just for me.

funny about men and that look that is just for you.  especially when you’ve had a friend all your life who’s lifes desire was to have everything you had, including your exhusband – but funnily enough, we were still married at the time when alips beefsucker dragged him out of the bar and said come with me.  she never ever expected that my ex and i would ever be on good terms again nor that he would ever tell me the truth and actually told me you werent all that good.  silly stupid beefsucker i always suspected.  im sure you thought that and it gave you a mini orgasm every time you thought about it.  and then she proceeded to boff another, but what i was told – i’ll keep to myself, i come out on top, literally, yet again <seg>.  no – no shit eating grin, im just smiling as happily as can be.  because the toxic 30 year “friendship” is over – a very large weight has been lifted from my shoulders and i find myself breathing much easier again, not wondering when the fone would ring and end up being on the fone for hours.  i would acutally have to have my husband call in on his cell so i could tell beefsucker that it was my dad and i had to go.  the quiet is fucking AWESOME!!!

lol the 8pm rule was invented because of her.  we would not accept any calls for anyone in the house after 8pm. that was family time and i wouldnt trade family time for anything back then.  my kids were young – you only get that once. and she took a lot of that away from me with the constant hours long calls.  i would much rather have had the time with my family.  but it was always about alips.  i learned early to let it go in one ear and out the other, making the appropriate noises when necessary and watch whatever i was watching.

i step back into the wayback machine and i remember friends telling me to ditch beefsucker, she was a leech and will want whatever you have.  hindsight… 20/20, however fortunately i have a husband who feels disgust when thinking of her in a sexual manner – we’ve discussed it lol.  i’d love to post his exact words, but….  yes, i know i am assassinating the character of someone i once cared deeply about.  oh well, thats what i do. its fun.  fuck me over and cowardly turn into a cunt and i will write all about it.  its also my way of processing it and again, i sit here smiling. oh poor casinator read something she didnt understand.  boo fucking hoo, life sucks, get a helmet, isnt that what you always say?  and to cowardly block me with no explanation – says more about your character than mine.  but those of us who know you know you have no character.  your all talk.  and what i never understood, proud to be a cheater.  but again, more lack of character.  yes i have issues.  never said i didnt and quite frankly, a 13 year old should never have adult friends even if they are “related” or long time friends of family.   you know how i am – what happened is your fault totally.  it sucks that she was hurt or upset but…. get a helmet for cryin out loud.

when alips walked away from me, when she moved to brookhaven- or mebbe that was when she met walter, i should have said sayonara sucker, see ya, dont want to be ya, dont let the door hit you when the good lord split ya, so long farewell alvedersein good bye.  when bitchie died, i shouldnt have looked her up, but then again, she couldnt be bothered to come to the funeral – and EVERYONE noticed that.  i should have let bygones be bygones but no, i missed her.  silly me eh?

i didnt renew the “friendship” until i was with my beloved.  who wasnt impressed with walt lmsao.   those were i think, the only good years i ever had with her and when she moved away.  i will, with clear conscience and in total honestly say that she beat the odds and made something of herself and for the casinator.  THAT AND ONLY THAT is the only respect i have for her.

and when i try to think of a song that goes with the theme of the post or my thoughts, the only thing i can come up with is bob dylans positively 4th street – as alips, that is you – to a T.  and it always has been.  it sucks – cause once upon a time, we had a whole helluva lot of fun.  now you can take over my daughter…..  again, did you think i didnt see it?  you are really fundamentally stupid regarding some things.