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lol my stalkers baaaack and in desperate need of a psychiactric evaluation


ahh good evening gentle readers.  its been one uneventful event after another, or an event after another depending on your perspective.  we’ve had several very nice days with no rain, until of course this mornings newscast which screwed the pooch and told me that yes, virginia there’s rain in our forecast, heavy rain starting tomorrow […]

oh snark, where are you?


its missing gentle readers and if you find it, please return to SU.  i sit here, wondering what to diss, mock or generally make fun of (other than tourists, they really piss me off) and im at a loss for words.  thank god that doesnt happen that often (i just go for months without writing […]

spring, is it really you?

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welcome back gentle readers and please dont kick me for being away so long. its been a long, cold, rainy winter and i ABHOR the winters cold and well, until this winter snowy. THIS WINTER was however, rainy. rainy as hell i mighty say. if we got a total of 9 inches of snow over […]

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