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oh snark, where are you?


its missing gentle readers and if you find it, please return to SU.  i sit here, wondering what to diss, mock or generally make fun of (other than tourists, they really piss me off) and im at a loss for words.  thank god that doesnt happen that often (i just go for months without writing […]

the bitch is back, part deux.


i think its beyond time gentle readers to expose those nutcases who still are on my blog contstantly searching out my stalker posts – but now so me thinks they are being stinky and are searching by tags lol.  dumb and dumber still. and the guilty parties are: rumford rhode island: Browser: Chrome 23.0.1271.64 Browser Language: […]

the bitch oh the bitch oh the bitch is back….


stone cold sober as a matter of fact and now im mad as hell.  ive HAD IT with suxannes family and friends coming in here and doing daily searchs for her on my blog.  you are being warned and warned now. get the fuck away from my blog. you, her family, know she’s seriously disturbed, […]

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